Home Security: The Best Smart Home Apps for Effective Control

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With a home automation market valued at $46 billion in 2020 and more than 250 million smart homes worldwide in 2021, it's evident that the future of smart homes, along with their associated technologies, devices, and apps, is promising in the years ahead. In addition to providing entertainment, intelligent lighting control, temperature regulation, and hazard protection, smart home apps offer a valuable option for homeowners seeking to improve their security.

These apps enable users to efficiently monitor their property even when they are away, ensuring everything remains in order. Furthermore, they can rely on security systems equipped with alarms that can be activated through app signals whenever a potential threat is detected. This article presents some of the best smart home apps for security and control.

Amazon Alexa: Enhancing Smart Door Lock Compatibility

amazon alexa

Amazon Alexa is widely regarded as one of the top home automation apps, offering versatile management capabilities for a wide range of Amazon and non-Amazon devices. This includes compatibility with WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled smart door locks and various keyless entry options. If you're uncertain whether your current deadbolt works with Alexa or needs an upgrade, you can find the nearest locksmith specializing in home locksmith services for expert guidance.

A quality smart lock can eliminate the need for traditional keys, offering the convenience of voice control or a simple smartphone tap. These locks also enhance home security and enable you to grant instant access to guests by generating access codes, even when you're not at home.

One standout feature of the Amazon Alexa app is its unique voice command functionality, allowing hands-free control of most compatible smart devices for added convenience. This app can seamlessly integrate with compatible video doorbells, further enhancing security and access control. The best models include video doorbells equipped with two-way audio, high-definition video capabilities, and motion and chime alerts via the app.

Google Assistant App: Creating Smart Security Solutions

The Google Assistant app simplifies smartphone and app usage through hands-free functionality. Beyond setting alarms, providing updates, controlling lighting, and answering questions, it efficiently manages all your smart home devices even when you're not home.

For enhanced home security, consider pairing the app with compatible smart locks for Google Home. Explore the Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock for seamless integration with other Google Nest products, offering automation options like disarming the Nest Secure alarm upon arrival, auto front door unlocking with smartphone proximity, and a convenient number pad back up. Note that voice control is available for locking but not for unlocking.

The Kwikset Halo WiFi Smart Lock x Google Assistant can generate up to 250 unique user codes if you manage a rental property. You can easily disable or delete codes via the app, create schedules, and receive real-time lock activity notifications.

Opt for the August Smart Lock x Google Assistant for a budget-friendly choice. This third-generation smart lock automatically unlocks when your smartphone is nearby and includes a manual thumb turn for interior use.

Samsung Smart Home App for Complex “Leave Home” Protocols 

Samsung’s SmartThings app is a custom home automation app designed for Android users looking to establish deeper connections with their homes.

In terms of home security, the app automatically locks your front door, turns off the lights, and turns your security cameras on when leaving home.

Ecobee Smart Security for Advanced Break-in Sensors

Ecobee relies on technology that issues alerts to inform you of potential fires or break-ins while offering SmartCamera with voice control options, SmartSensor for doors and windows for close monitoring of your entryways, and even SmartSensors for your rooms that can detect occupancy and motion.

Danalock Bluetooth Z-Lock App for Standard Locks

Danalock Bluetooth Z-Lock App for Standard Locks

This wireless smart lock simplifies access control through smartphones. The motorized Danalock V3 lock can be seamlessly installed on the front door and is managed via user-friendly software, making it accessible even for beginners. Its compatibility with most common lock models makes it a versatile choice.

However, it's worth noting that some locks may necessitate the use of a specialized Wi-Fi bridge for full remote functionality, which is best handled with the assistance of a professional locksmith when selecting a smart lock for your smart home apps.

Final Thoughts 

The outlook for smart home technology is undeniably bright. These advancements go beyond entertainment and climate control, offering substantial security features.

As people increasingly seek sustainable lifestyles and technology progresses, these apps lead home security and automation, providing enhanced convenience and safety for homeowners worldwide.

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