7 best Job Board WordPress Themes for Job Portals

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Are you Search For a WordPress theme for Jobs & Posting Jobs? Now you're getting the right place! We compared hundreds of Job WordPress themes and picked the 7 best WP themes for job board for you!

Businesses face a competitive online recruitment market. They must fend off other businesses using a plethora of job portals to attract the top talent and in-demand professionals.

This is why firms like InTouch Games use established job portals such as Indeed. These websites have compiled an easy-to-use and appealing job portal that has thousands of visits each day. They are home to the best employers, the best jobs – but they also boast well-built website design.

If you are building a job portal using WordPress, there are many design considerations to weigh up. A job portal does not need to be as expensive as you would imagine.

You can utilise the existing pre-designed themes on WordPress to tick off one of the most significant aspects of your website design – your website theme. To help you out, here are the best WordPress themes for job portals and job search websites.

Top 7 Job board WordPress themes to set up your Job portal website Now!

1. GNO Design’s Cariera

Cariera is super sleek and offers three different demo websites that are worth checking out. This theme integrates with WordPress plugin, Job Manager, meaning the website can come to life with useful job portal functionality.

That functionality can be extended by purchasing some premium extensions. You can enhance this theme with upgrades that will notify when new jobs are posted and manage CVs. This is as well as optimum customisation features that will give your site the right font, headings and overall aesthetic.

Demo | Download

2. Eyecix’s Careerfy

If clean lines and uncluttered professionalism is the aim with your job portal, the Careerfy theme may be top of your wish list, even if you don’t realise it just yet. The homepage of this theme is divided into clear sections which are completely customisable. Even if you don’t like the way these sections have been diced up, you can customise those as well given you even more DIY freedom.

One of the biggest perks of choosing the Careerfy theme s that you won't need to look for additional plugins. The theme is equipped with an arsenal of features perfect for job portals, such as job listing functions, CV building, and guest logins.

The only purchase you may want to combine it with is WPML plugin that will enable you to translate its content into a multitude of other languages.

Demo | Download

3. CSSIgniter’s Listee

listee of cssigniter

Although masking behind a general business theme, the Listee theme is capable of merging with the WordPress Job Manager plugin and thus, enabling the job directory functionality.

Yet, it goes beyond this plugin to make it an excellent job portal WordPress theme choice. The usability of the theme affords users a front-end experience. Users will be able to register their profile and their CV before being aware that they are on a WordPress site.

There is heaps of customisation on offer too. From fonts and colour schemes to even a blog which can be used to update site users on platform updates or share job-seeking hints and tips.

Demo | Download

4. Astoundify’s Jobify


It might be in the middle of our post, but Jobify is certainly not middle of the road when it comes to WordPress job portal themes. In fact, Jobify is the most used theme for WordPress sites of this nature and current figures show that the theme has been sold over 11,000 times through Themeforest already – and counting.  So, why the hype?

The aesthetics of the theme is very light and professional. It would be easy to see this theme being used by one of the most flourishing job portals on the internet – it’s that good! Although it houses many awesome job site features of its own, it works best when integrating the Job Manager plugin.

One of the reasons this theme stands out so well is because of its search features. Users can refine their job searches by location, keywords and even by the advertised salary.

Demo | Download

5. Templatic’s Job Directory

Job Finder does exactly what it says on the tin. This WordPress theme is a no thrills but an always professional theme that has gathered a large fanbase. It comes with pre-made pages for all aspects of the portal, including resumes, job listings and job specification pages.

The theme is of course highly customisable when integrated with Eliminator, a free page builder plugin. Some users find Job Finder a little complex but these teething issues can be overcome with the aid of the theme’s helpful wizard.

Demo | Download

6. Noo Theme’s Job Monster

Despite a whopping 200 reviews, Job Monster has held more than its own in the theme scene by scoring an impressive 4.76/5.0 rating between reviewers. This is due to the theme’s expert design and incredible customisation options.

The design has been made to work for both employers and hopeful employees. The interface for both parties is exceptional and makes easy work of applying for jobs or filtering candidates. The homepage comes with nine different variations giving you designer-like control over this highly functional theme.

Demo | Download

7. Pure Theme’s Workscout

This crisp, modern and spacious theme is the final option discussed here. However, the incredible aesthetics and usability showcased on this theme are enhanced with outstanding functionality. Alike the Jobify theme discusses above, this them allows excellent search criteria to find the perfect roles.

One of the best additions to the theme is that results come with an integrated map that allows users to locate the offices and locations where current vacancies are held. This is a nice touch and more of these cool inclusions can be found throughout the theme.

Demo | Download

A Quick Word on WordPress’s Job Manager

The Job manager plugin was frequently referred to during our look into the best WordPress themes for job sites.

This is because the Job Manager is the engine of sites like these and offers key functions that will be expected of said sites.

It encompasses job filtering, email notifications concerning jobs and more. The plugin also has ties to WordPress itself so you can rest assured that it will maintain its performance and reliability over time.

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