10 Best Free WordPress CDN Services to accelerate your website speed

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Do you know you can improve your WordPress website speed with the content delivery network (CDN) WordPress plugin? Before choosing a WordPress CDN plugin, you have to make a decision to which trusted CDN Service you should use.

There’s no better way to secure and accelerate your website, APIs, Media Streams, and many other related services than with a trusted CDN service.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is basically an alternative server that is intended at improving content delivery speeds from the main server to the end user. There are additional security-related features that come alongside.

A Content Delivery Network, therefore, ensures your web visitors get the information they need wherever and whenever they want it; it hastens page loading speeds thus quickens access to information.

This review has sampled some of the top Free WordPress CDN Service brands with industry’s finest packages. Be sure to compare different providers and the packages they offer before settling for any.

Top 10 Content Delivery Network (CDN) to accelerate wordpress speed of your Blog For Free!

10. Cachefly WordPress CDN

Cachefly WordPress CDN for accelerate website speed

Link To: cachefly.com/

Cachefly Free WordPress CDN Service has a reputation for speed and security. This superfast web optimization platform gives your site 70+ points in Google lighthouse scores. With extensive date coverage centers world over, Cachefly guarantees a tailor-made solution that will address all your delivery-related concerns from trial to package activation.

Their performance experts are ready and willing to help with the configuration process for a ready-to-go custom platform for QA testing. CacheflyCDN helps you grow your business from the ground up. Eliminate CDN outrage, page buffers, and access new markets with ease. Cachefly WordPress CDN provides more than just faster page download speeds; it is your gateway to a world of business possibilities, opportunities, and markets.

Key features of Cachefly WordPress CDN

  • Extensive network coverage centers
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Lightning-fast content delivery speeds.
  • Affordable rates for different monthly plans
  • Real-time alerts on your site’s speed and content delivery status.
  • Image optimization feature.
  • Supports Multiple CDNs for a smooth content delivery.
  • 24/7 technical customer support

Cachefly WordPress CDN: Pros

  • It guarantees speedy content distribution, thanks to its many servers situated strategically in key geographical locations.
  • It comes with Cybersecurity features that protect your site against data breaches.
  • It has a solid 24/7 customer support team for all technical-related concerns and complaints.
  • Cachefly guarantees every new user a 14-day free trial period for all their premium plans. You can choose to opt out of the deal and get a full refund before the lapse of the trial period.
  • Cachefly is compatible with WordPress and other Content Management Systems.
  • It has a real-time alerts feature for timely notifications on your site’s content delivery speeds and associated problems.

9. Amazon CloudFront Free WordPress CDN Service

Amazon CloudFront Free WordPress CDN Service

Link To: amazon.com/

Amazon CloudFront has one of the best and most trusted Free WordPress CDN Service packages. It has high content transfer speeds and top security features, thus ensures your videos and sensitive data are delivered fast and in a safe web environment. The CloudFront is seamlessly integrated with the Amazon Web Services global infrastructure for smoother service delivery.

It provides the AWS shield standard protection for all plans absolutely free. To protect your applications from DDoS and other sophisticated web attacks, Amazon CloudFront has the AWS WAF. It is also compliant with ISO, HIPAA, PCI, and DSS security best practices, thus guarantee the safe delivery of sensitive web data.

Key features of  Amazon CloudFront Free WordPress CDN Service

  • Secure network and application level security
  • Lambda@Edge can be programmed and configured with the AWS Management console and APIs.
  • Has an AWS CloudWatch for performance monitoring
  • A highly optimized platform for superfast transfer speeds and minimal latency.
  • Interconnected with AWS network infrastructure and other ISPs for faster content delivery.
  • It has a simple and affordable pricing model
  • Integrated with key AWS services for a speedy DNS resolution of web applications conveyed by the CloudFront.
  • Easy custom logic execution throughout the Amazon Web Service global network, thanks to integration with AWS Lambda.
  • Supports Amazon API Gateway for faster API delivery
  • Supports static asset caching
  • The CloudFront WordPress CDN supports HD video streaming
  • It provides a Free trial package for all its plans
  • AWS management console guarantees easy content management and sorting.

Amazon CloudFront Free WordPress CDN Service: Pros

  • CloudFront WordPress CDN helps you save on bandwidth provided by your web host. This helps keep your website’s performance in top gear.
  • The AWS CloudWatch is an integral part of the CloudFront and it monitors your site’s speed performance and provides timely reports about the same.
  • It comes with an inbuilt network optimization tool. This ensures your web contents are dynamic and customized to suit the target end users.
  • For high-end security, the CloudFront CDN has an integrated AWS WAF and AWS shield for layer 7 protection and layer 3 & 4 for DDoS mitigation.
  • Provides a 24/7 technical support for performance-related problems and other queries.

8. Incapsula Free WordPress CDN Service

Incapsula Free WordPress CDN Service

Link To: incapsula.com/

Incapsula WordPress CDN is designed to improve your website’s security and still delivers contents fast. The Imperva Attack Analytics tool provides real-time security alerts thus guaranteeing top performance. It comes with a DDoS protection feature that mitigates against all application and network related breaches.

The CDN caching and content optimization features ensure all web contents are optimized and customized for speedy delivery. It has a number of data centers spread all over the globe. These ensure smooth site operation and improved server health by making use of its load balancer feature to distribute the workload to different centers.

Key features of  Incapsula Free Word CDN Service 

  • 24/7 customer support for all plans
  • It has the DDoS protection feature for protection against network and application associated breaches.
  • CDN caching and optimization features.
  • It has a load balancer to keep the server healthy.
  • Operates over 44 data centers with at least 5Tbps processing capacity
  • A 14-day trial for premium plans
  • Two-factor authentication procedure for heightened security.
  • SSL support
  • It has a URL- beautification feature that makes your site’s URL simple.
  • It integrates easily with different content management systems like WordPress.

Incapsula Free WordPress CDN Service: Pros

  • The Incapsula WordPress CDN has very affordable premium plans compared to other CDN providers.
  • All the premium packages come with a 14-day free trial period for all new clients.
  • Its CDN caching and optimization features support a speedy content delivery to clients.
  • Its load balancer allows easy content distribution across different servers. This helps keep the server healthy and in top gear.
  • It supports faster processing speeds of up to 5Tbps. Together with its load distribution capability across 44 data centers, the Incapsula WordPress CDN guarantees quick content delivery speeds to target clients.
  • Its SSL support feature provides an additional layer of security, protection against unauthorized access.

7. CDN77 Free WordPress CDN Service

CDN77 Free WordPress CDN Service

Link To: cdn77.com/

The CDN77 provides the best platform for delivering and sharing Hubble images. It supports HTTP/2 server push, Instant SSL, and Brotli which guarantee a safe and secure image delivery. It supports seamless HLS, HDS, and MPEG-DASH video streaming.

The CDN77 comes with a redundant network design; expertly designed to absorb high traffic peaks of up to 4.48Tbps. It has more than 32 PoPs worldwide for excellent load distribution. This ensures absolutely no buffering and super-fast page loading speeds. It accommodates WordPress caching plugins and a horde of other content management system plugins.

Key features of CDN77 Free WordPress CDN Service

  • Absorbs daily traffic peaks and processing capacities of up to 4.48Tbps
  • 32 PoP data centers worldwide
  • Provides a 14-day free trial package for its PAYG and monthly premium models.
  • Supports TLS 1.3, Brotli, HTTP/2 Server Push, and Let’s Encrypt
  • It has a 24/7 live chat customer support
  • Supports WordPress caching plugins
  • Real-time reporting and web analytics tools for timely status updates.
  • IP and domain blacklisting feature

CDN77 Free WordPress CDN Service: Pros

  • The flexible and affordable PAYG and monthly premium models all come with a 14 day free trial period.
  • It has a maximum of 4.48Tbps daily traffic capability. This ensures that the CDN77 WordPress CDN delivers contents to end users at superfast speeds.
  • It comes with up to 32 PoPs for easy data handling and distribution. This aspect of load distribution makes it your webpage loading speeds fantastic.
  • For enhanced security of sensitive data, the CDN77 supports HTTP/2 Server Push, Let’s Encrypt, Brotli, and TSL 1.3.
  • Its 24/7 chat customer support is always on standby to help with any technical related concerns and performance issues.
  • It supports WordPress caching plugins as well as those for other content management systems.
  • It comes with a domain and IP blacklisting feature which protects your site from unauthorized access.

6.Microsoft Azure CDN

Microsoft Azure CDN

Link To: microsoft.com/

Microsoft Azure CDN service is a global delivery platform that is specially made for high bandwidth contents. By prioritizing speed, this WordPress CDN guarantees your clients the very best user experience. It saves you bandwidth, improves site loading time, and responsiveness.

Microsoft Azure CDN supports media streaming, site development, and management. In addition to minimizing latency, the Microsoft Azure also integrates well with media workflow. This supports real-time performance and video content streaming. It supports fast and localized content downloads thus enhancing roll-out speeds.

Key features of  Microsoft Azure CDN

  • Supports deep integration with WordPress, storage, cloud services, etc.
  • It supports heavy traffic spikes and loads
  • Microsoft Azure DNS is ideal for developing web applications
  • Comes with HTTPS-enabled domains for free.
  • Has very sophisticated security features
  • Has advanced site analytic tools for real-time updates on performance status.

Microsoft Azure CDN: Pros

  • The Microsoft Azure CDN works seamlessly with content management systems like WordPress. This functionality makes management of applications, storage, and even media services easy.
  • It comes with a massive capacity attributed to its wide geographic coverage. This makes it capable of handling high traffic spikes as well as heavy loads.
  • The Azure CDN’s APIs gives you the flexibility to tweak and optimize features for improved site performance.
  • The APIs and other developer tools accord developers the flexibility, security, and reliability needed to create good web applications.
  • It provides free HTTPS-enabled domains as a layer of security. It also includes features that protect against DDoS web attacks.

5. Google cloud CDN

Google cloud CDN

Link To: google.com/

Google cloud Free WordPress CDN Service works from redundant data centers. It makes use of Google’s global edge points to cache HTTP load balanced contents. Because of the wide global infrastructure, the Google Cloud CDN is one of the best channels to deliver contents fast and efficiently to end users.

Key features of Google cloud CDN

  • Extensive network coverage
  • Security features that block malicious activities in a moment’s notice
  • Integrated with other Google services.
  • Free trial for 60 days with $300 worth of free credit
  • supports the gcloud command line tool
  • Has a cached content invalidation option
  • Supports cache key modification and setting.

Google cloud CDN: Pros

  • Easy to integrate with Google cloud services. This makes content delivery and management very simple and direct.
  • It supports cached content invalidation. This management feature makes it easy to filter between contents and categorize them appropriately thus improving accessibility.
  • It supports HTTP, SSL alongside a horde of other security options. This ensures all sensitive data are delivered securely without the risk of unauthorized access.
  • The gcloud command-line tool makes it easy to make tweaks and adjustments to your site for improved performance.
  • It provides a 60-day free trial period for all premium monthly plans.
  • It has a user-friendly interface making content and website management very simple. This makes it easy to make adjustments to apps and other aspects of the website in order to improve overall performance.

4. Rackspace Free WordPress CDN Service

Rackspace Free WordPress CDN Service

Link To: rackspace.com/

This is a global Free WordPress CDN Service provider that has earned a reputation for a proactive and results-oriented approach. It comes ready and set with a holistic security apparatus to take care of the worst case scenarios. Rackspace WordPress CDN's hardware is ultramodern, scalable and optimized for high-level efficiency.

It has an environment that complies with FISMA, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS standards. This ensures all your sensitive data and information are under lock and key. Its infrastructure is specially made for speedy content delivery. This is attributed to its high uptime and fast processing speeds. The Rackspace WordPress CDN accords you the privilege to choose to migrate to either a private or public cloud storage for enhanced data security.

Key features of Rackspace Free WordPress CDN Service

  • Provides you the option of private or public cloud storage.
  • It has an environment that complies with FISMA, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS set security standards. This guarantees safety to all your sensitive business information.
  • It has consolidating data centers that have modern scalable and optimized hardware.
  • It has an Integrated holistic security approach
  • Customized infrastructure for improved website speed and uptime.
  • Easy integration with content management systems
  • It supports HD video streaming.
  • User-friendly interface for easy use and content management.

Rackspace Free WordPress CDN Service: Pros

  • Has different cloud storage options; private or public. This ensures your site's data is given high-level security in order to build trust with clients.
  • It has multiple servers in different strategic locations for fast content delivery. This also ensures efficient workload distribution for even better content delivery speeds.
  • The Two-factor authentication system provides an additional security layer. This protects against possible data breaches and DDoS attack.
  • Its consolidating data centers have optimized and scalable hardware for lightning-fast content transfer speeds.
  • Affordable pricing for different premium plans. Rackspace has very affordable pricing models in the industry.
  • It has 24/7 responsive customer support team. Get all your queries and technical performance-related concerns addressed.

3. KeyCDN


Link To: keycdn.com/

KeyCDN is an HTTP/2-ready real-time content delivery network that is built for the future. It is a simple, fast, and reliable CDN that guarantees the end users the best experience. It comes with highly optimized TCP track and 100% SSD coverage for top-notch performance.

It supports instant purge, RESTful API, and origin shield data protection feature among other cool specs. It is founded on a low latency based system and IP Anycast technology for top performance.

 Key features of KeyCDN

  • Multiple locations for easy delivery
  • User-friendly interface
  • Has data analytic tools for performance evaluation
  • Supports content purge
  • HTTP/2 and origin shield supported
  • Has a RESTful API
  • Supports easy WordPress integration
  • Comes with Image optimization tools
  • 24/7 technical customer support
  • It provides a 30-day free trial period for all its monthly premium packages.

KeyCDN: Pros

  • KeyCDN has servers distributed in specific geographical locations worldwide. This allows easy load distribution, thus keeping webpage loading speed at its very best.
  • It comes with a 24/7 customer support team for all your queries and performance-related concerns.
  • It supports content purge for easy web content management and speedy delivery to end users.
  • For the safety and security of your sensitive information, the KeyCDN has HTTP/2 alongside other security features. It also has a Restful API for optimizing web apps and making other site adjustments for improved performance.
  • It has image optimization tools for easy image modification. This makes it easy to have quality web images that will improve your site’s general SEO performance.
  • All the premium packages have a 30-day free trial period. The free package supports up to 2GB of traffic spikes.

2. Cloudflare Free WordPress CDN Service

Cloudflare Free WordPress CDN Service

Link To: cloudflare.com/

Cloudflare WordPress CDN is built to provide a quality content delivery network that integrates modern technological trends. The good design and performance guarantee end users access to advanced protocols.

The Cloudflare CDN is very easy and simple to setup and use. Its monthly premium plans are also very affordable. It offers a flat bandwidth pricing model, regardless of traffic spikes. The Cloudflare Workers supports improved cache hit ratio for otherwise difficult to cache content. In order to improve API and application response times, this CDN supports caching of output from Cloudflare Workers.

Key features of Cloudflare Free WordPress CDN Service

  • Easy Cloudflare CDN setup process
  • Very flexible and accommodates even the latest cloud computing technology.
  • Uses the latest SSD Hardware for high-end efficiency
  • Deploys small data centers in strategic locations
  • Supports affordable video streaming, thanks to the Cloudflare video stream platform.
  • It supports easy WordPress integration
  • Offers account audit logs for easy activity tracking.

Cloudflare Free WordPress CDN Service: Pros

  • The Cloudflare CDN is very simple and easy to set up.
  • It is designed flexibly to accommodate contemporary technological trends. As such, the Cloudflare is compatible with cloud computing technology.
  • It has a data analytics tool for easy tracking of web traffic. This info is very crucial in evaluating the performance of the site’s content delivery speeds.
  • It comes with integrated security features to protect your website from data breach attacks.
  • It deploys small data centers in particular locations. These are very important in load distribution for enhanced web content delivery speeds.

1. MaxCDN service

MaxCDN service

Link To: stackpath.com/

MaxCDN has all its features and performance integrated into the all-new StackPath platform of secure edge services. It has in-built security features and cloud-scale storage alongside its WAF, Managed DNS, and Content monitoring systems. It offers a 30-day free trial period for all its premium monthly plans.

Key features of MaxCDN service

  • Support: 24/7 responsive customer support
  • Free package: MaxCDN provides a 30-day free trial period for its premium plans.
  • Security: It supports sophisticated security features including HTTP/2 Server Push and TSL 1.3.
  • WordPress integration: MaxCDN easily integrates with WordPress and other Content Management Systems.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics tool: It keeps track of account activities and provides timely alerts on the same.

MaxCDN service: Pros

  • Setting up MaxCDN is very easy and direct, no complicated steps and hidden installations.
  • It has a 24/7 customer support team which is very responsive and ready to help with any concerns.
  • It integrates easily with most Content Management Systems like WordPress. This guarantees improved delivery speeds to clients.
  • It’s a safe and secure platform for transferring sensitive web data. It offers a Stack with an Edge delivery package which has the very good security features. The MaxCDN even has a firewall as an additional security layer.
  • It guarantees the availability of all your cloud properties, thanks to its secure DNS platform. It also provides real-time updates and notifications on your website’s performance status.


There are many Free WordPress CDN Service providers offering different packages and plans. Some of them are very good while others are not quite as good. Our review has summarized CDN service providers with the best packages and plans.

This summary constitutes a brief description of the particular product, the associated features, and some pros. Take the guesswork out of shopping by choosing from our list of affordable, reliable, and scalable Free WordPress CDN Service providers.

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