Top 3 Apps for Sports Fans

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There are millions of new apps being created every year. Especially in popular fields such as finance, social media and sports. A lot of the large sports media companies will have apps that have been developed over several years.

Some are instantly recognizable thanks to their logos and brand design. This would include marquee sports entertainment and media companies such as Sky Sports, Fox, ESPN and Eurosport.

The marketplace is fiercely competitive, with new apps being created online and available on the Google Play or Apple store. Developers and corporations are wrestling to have their slice of the pie in this vastly expanding market. Within these sectors, there are different reasons for developing an app.

For example, if you are an NFL fan and want the most up-to-date information, such as an NFL injury report for each team, this app would work differently from a sports gambling app. Other extremely popular apps include score update apps.

NFL injury report 

Currently, the top three apps for sports fans in the United States are the ESPN app, the Yahoo Sports: Scores & Updates app and the Major League Baseball (MLB) app. These markets are changing all the time, and they are ever evolving.

Other apps that sit just outside the top three could break into the top three in the future. These include the Bleacher Report app, the NFL app and the CBS app, which also provides score news and updates similar to the Yahoo app.

The ESPN app provides full coverage of most professional sports played in the United States. A media titan such as ESPN can develop a quality app over a number of years that benefits both the company, from an advertising perspective, and the user, from an engagement perspective.

Whether it be the National Football League, the National Basketball Association or Major League Baseball, the app caters to all sports fans. It also has sections dedicated to sports such as soccer, boxing and tennis. Providing comprehensive coverage of sports on a 24/7 basis is the recipe for a successful sports app. This isn’t the only recipe for a successful app, however.

The Yahoo Sports: Scores & Updates app currently sits in second place. This app provides constant coverage of the latest scores of games being played across the globe. This is a popular basis for an app and is driven by gambling companies, many of whom now offer in-play wagers for a multitude of different sports.

Other sports companies also offer these apps, which provide detailed statistics and score updates. The key thing to note is that, much like the ESPN app, Yahoo developed their app early and has the might of a large corporate company financing the development of the app. This has allowed them to stay ahead of the game with their coverage, and it has allowed them to become the market leader in an extremely competitive market.

You can find an app for almost anything in this day and age, including apps that can even reshape your to-do list. and the marketplace has become so saturated that companies must stay ahead of the curve and innovate whenever possible. If they fail to do so, they may get left behind by more creative and driven developers looking to establish a popular mobile app.


The final app that makes up the top three is the Major League Baseball app, which has an estimated eight million daily users in the United States. The Major League Baseball app combines some of the features of the two apps that are above it in the popularity charts. You can watch many Major League Baseball games and highlights on the app anytime, day or night. In addition to this, you can also find the latest statistics on teams, players and matches.

In the 90s and early 2000s, many of these sports were available on subscription-only channels, and the internet didn’t stream any matches live. The explosion of the internet and mobile app development has meant that even huge sporting outlets such as ESPN have had to adapt or face the risk of falling behind their competitors.

Even 10 years ago, apps were not known by many people outside of technological circles. Fast forward a decade, and companies need to have an attractive app that boosts brand engagement just to stay on a level playing field with their competitors. This doesn’t just apply to sports companies appealing to sports fans, it applies to any corporation looking to have an all-around package to sell to their customer.

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