The Most Useful To-Do List Apps That Will Meet All Your Requirements

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A modern person's life sometimes runs in a crazy rhythm. How can this process be handled? The answer is simple – use the to-do list app. This article will uncover the best apps and help you choose the most convenient one.

Our life moves to apps, from the free hookup sites to medical care and nutrition plans. Keeping track of your to-do list or daily routine on a paper piece is no longer relevant and even less convenient. The solution may be a to-do list app for your tasks and plans, but how do you find the one that meets your needs?

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Fortunately, many task scheduling apps offer complete features that are often free and available for iOS and Android devices. What is the best free to-do list app for Mac? What couples to-do list app should you choose? We have selected 10 of the most convenient apps for planning a daily routine and tracking tasks, which are available for download in 2022. Stay tuned to find out more.

1. Todoist

Todoist is The Verge's top to-do list app. It allows you to focus on important and urgent things by sorting tasks for days and weeks. Tasks can be collected into lists and projects, marked with different colors and levels, and assigned to other users.

One of the main features of Todoist is the visual statistics of completed tasks. You can track your productivity on a particular day, week, or month, tracking the projects' relevance. The application can interact with Google Drive, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Dropbox, 1Password, Alexa, and dozens of other services.

2. Evernote to Do List App

Evernote aims to be a unique base for your ideas, thoughts, plans, notes, and more. It is achieved thanks to the extensive editing and note-taking capabilities. In addition to text, images and other files can be inserted into any note (the current plan limits the size).

If you don't have time to write something, the voice recorder function is always at your service. Just create a note and place an audio track inside it.

By creating checklists and links to notes, Evernote can be used for planning. For better convenience, a system of reminders and notifications is available. This to-do list app works on any platform, so a tour checklist is always at hand.

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3. Remember the Milk

The modern design is convenient for efficient solution of tasks and subtasks. The developers provide cloud synchronization with other devices, as well as tags, creating lists, and much more for business users. There is a quick creation of tasks with the ability to edit those already entered earlier.

You can enter the date of completion, the responsible person, tags, and notes. This fun to-do list app is suitable for solving work issues and interacting with colleagues.

By default, all tasks are placed in the Inbox folder if no corresponding folder is specified. You can move it to the desired section, attach it to a specific contact, geolocation, and add labels.

The notification system can be linked to various messengers, mail, social networks, so it will definitely be impossible to miss the notification. In the program's paid version, it is possible to display subtasks, use colored labels, and synchronize with the maximum number of other devices, like the to-do list app Chrome sync.

4. Wunderlist

This clear to-do list app is good for group communication and joint long-term task planning. It is available on various platforms, and it is suitable for personal issues and business workflow tasks. The application is synchronized, backed up, and can be used on various devices. It features a stylish design and a changeable background in the settings.

The list of tasks is displayed on the main page. They are easy to find or sort by date, tag, folder, or alphabet. You can create a chat for communication and comments right in the application. In addition to the free one, this to-do list app also has a Pro version, in which it is possible to create subtasks, permission to attach files of different formats, and additional widgets for collective use.

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This planner seems minimalistic, but many features are hidden behind the ascetic design. allows you to tag tasks, add reminders based on place or time. You can also attach subtasks and attachments to them.

In addition to the planner, a shopping list and calendar are integrated with, making it a great family to-do list app. If desired, you can share lists and tasks with friends or colleagues, add or change duties. can sync with voice assistants Siri, Alexa, and Slack.

6. Microsoft to-do

It is an easy to-do list app from Microsoft. There are not so many features: you can collect tasks into lists, share them with other people, and create reminders and subtasks. But on the other hand, To-Do can recommend tasks depending on what date they are scheduled for and which list they belong to.

The application also integrates with Outlook and Office 365, which is especially useful for those whose work is tied to Microsoft programs.

7. Errands to Do List

This to-do list app is freely available on platforms such as Google Play or the App Store. Tasks can be sorted according to certain criteria, such as priority or date. The application organizes all materials into folders and projects and provides important information even when the application is closed.

All your data is synchronized to the cloud to ease access across different devices. Even if the device is lost, all data will be retained. It has notes and makes it possible to attach large text to the task, making it very useful for those who need a lot of information about the tasks being performed.

The application is designed to remind you of the need to complete tasks, upcoming events, and important actions (like taking pills.) Data from the application can be exported to email so you can save a copy and mail it to another person.

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8. WeDo

The WeDo app is focused on ensuring that the user sets goals and achieves them, improving the quality of life. There are numerous opportunities for scheduling: to-do lists, folders, sub-tasks, priorities, and the share function. But most importantly, the app helps you form good habits and change attitudes towards work.

After completing a task, WeDo asks the user how long it takes, how important it is, and how you feel about it. These data are added to statistics: the program shows the categories you have completed more or less, how you have handled them and how much time you have spent. This way, you can track your life tasks and what emotions these tasks evoke.

9. Swift to Do List

Swift is an excellent to-do list app for PC, also available for Android and iOS. This is a more advanced version of the planner and is most suitable for business use. Multitasking and planning different projects with separation of duties make the team's work easier. You can assign tasks for each participant individually and create joint projects, notes to them, and track their progress.

It is also possible to attach files to tasks, creating a delayed mailing schedule. Fast navigation and a convenient search will make your work easier in many projects. Data is synchronized to any cloud storage, ensuring the system's security and reliability.


WEEEK is the best shared to-do list app, especially useful for those who use schedulers to organize workflows. It has three main types of tasks: meeting, calling, and action. The program has different notifications; for example, it will remind you of a meeting in advance. Tasks can be tagged by relevance, responsible people, date, and time.

The user can view tasks in the calendar, as well as within the projects to which they belong. In addition to the convenient features, WEEEK also has a stylish interface with dark and light themes.

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Of course, there is no ideal to-do list app to suit any user's taste. This is justified by personal preferences, opportunities, workload, various activities, etc. But, having spent some time trying out several options, you can choose the best app from the most popular ones or by testing a new product. This way, you can get a great personal to-do list app, which will act as an online assistant.

If you have experience in using task schedulers we have described or a more interesting option, tell us about it in the comments below.

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