Top 10 YouTube Subscriber Counter in 2023 [Real-time]

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Are you a YouTuber and you will like to keep a tab on the number of subscribers your account has in real-time? Then this article is for you. This article shows you how to track your subscriber list as well as offers you the top best YouTube subscriber counters you can use.

The success of your YouTube channel depends on a number of factors, but none are more critical than the number of subscribers you have. To gauge the success of your channel, look at your subscriber count. Creating channel content that is tailored to the interests of your subscribers requires an understanding of who your target audience is.

To keep track of how many people subscribe to your YouTube channel in real-time, you'll need a third-party counter or tracker. Using a live subscriber counter is an excellent way to maintain tabs on your channel's fluctuating subscriber count and the subscriber counts and views of competing YouTube channels.

The following are the top best YouTube subscribers counters.

1. Realtime Subscriber Count

Realtime Subscriber Count apps

If you're looking for basic stats like how many followers a YouTube channel has or how many videos it has, this Chrome add-on is a great place to start.

No new information is provided by this add-on if you're seeking more advanced data analysis. The best deal about using Real-time Subscriber Count is that it enables you to keep track of subscriber counts.

2. YT Count

YT Count

Whether you have an Android smartphone, iPad Touch, iPad, or an iPhone, you can download and use the YT Count app from their website. Using any version of the app, you can follow multiple YouTube channels at once, receive notifications when you hit a milestone, and personalize the app to your liking.

Using YT Count, you can view any YouTube channel's stats in real-time and see how they've changed.

3. FreeWebTools

FreeWebTools Overview

The third on this list is the FreeWebTools. This YouTube subscriber counter ensures you have an accurate count of any YouTube channel. FreeWebTools is also praised for its user-friendly interface. What I like about this subscriber counter is that it's effortless to find out how many people are following a specific channel by entering a relevant name in the search bar, such as its ID or URL.

Another amazing thing is that the counter can be accessed without logging in or registering. Its “Favorite Channels” tab is a useful tool that can make life easier for you. It allows you to keep track of your favorite channels, as well as the number of videos, comments, and views they've received. What makes it unique is that it is updated every two seconds to ensure accuracy and reliability. It's worth trying out if you want a convenient and reliable counter for your YouTube channel.

4. SubscriberCounter

SubscriberCounter Overview

Using the SubscriberCounter website, you can find out how many videos have been uploaded and viewed and when the YouTube channel was first created. Put in the URL or name of the channel you're interested in learning more about, and the results will appear.

To help you find new channels and fascinating content on YouTube after you've entered your search query, the website will show you a list of channels that are similar to yours.

5. RealTimeSubCount

RealTimeSubCount Overview

Using the YouTube Subscriber Count to acquire real-time stats on your channel or any other YouTube channel is simple.

All you need to do is type the channel's name into the search box. If you prefer to work on your smartphone rather than a computer, there is an Android app available. Soon, the software will be available for iPhone users as well.

6. YouCount

YouCount Overview

A real-time subscription count tool like YouCount will undoubtedly assist YouTube creators. In addition to a real-time subscriber counter, YouCount gives advanced statistics such as real-time trends with a 30-second refresh rate and data on total views or the number of videos the channel you are researching features.

You can compare a channel's recent success (based on the statistics of its most recent five videos) with the channel's overall popularity using some of YouCount's more unusual tools. Using this method, you can determine whether or not a channel is gaining momentum.


Grin co Overview

This subscriber count tool, a California-based marketing services provider, lets you see exactly how many subscribers a YouTube channel has in real-time.

In addition, you can effortlessly post the most recent information about your most popular YouTube channel on Facebook or Twitter with this user-friendly real-time subscriber counter. Alternatively, you can search the channels by entering a user's name or the name of a specific channel.

8. LiveCounts

LiveCounts Overview

LiveCounts is a good choice if you're looking for an easy-to-use YouTube subscriber counter. Since it solely tracks subscriber counts, LiveCounts may not be the best option if you're looking to discover more about the channel's content, such as the number of videos the creator has posted and the number of views.

Despite the presence of a views tool, it does not appear to be functioning. What I love about the platform's layout is that you can change the backdrop color of the LiveCounts display to what suits you.

9. Askat Mittal

Askat Mittal Overview

It's possible to get the exact number of subscribers for any YouTube channel in real-time using this tool. With Askat Mittal, you can gain an idea of the number of views and comments a channel has received and the number of videos that have been published.

Askat Mittal's YouTube Real-time subscriber counter allows you to search by YouTube URL, channel ID, and username. Askat Mittal's service has the benefit of showing you information about the YouTubers you're researching alongside their channel graphics.

10. Social Blade

Social Blade Overview

If you're interested in seeing how a YouTube channel's subscriber count fluctuates minute by minute, this is the greatest tool. You can also compare up to three different YouTube channels using Social Blade, as well as maintain tabs on the most popular channels' subscriber counts.

The number of videos they've uploaded and the number of times their videos have been viewed will also be displayed. Enter the channel's name and let the algorithm handle the rest to begin tracking live sub counts via Social Blade.


Q. Can I see how many subscribers a certain YouTuber has?

Yes. The YouTube Studio button can be found at the top of your channel by clicking on it. Look for the Recent Subscribers card on its dashboard and click ‘See More.'

Q. Which YouTube channel has the most subscribers?

As of March 2022, T-Series had 206 million subscribers on YouTube, making it the most popular channel in the world. Approximately 149 million people subscribe to YouTube Videos.


This article has been able to provide you with an overview of what YouTube subscriber count is as well as the top best YouTube subscriber counters you can use to keep a tab on the number of subscribers you have on YouTube. Each of these subscriber counters is real and offers a real-time count.

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