Top 11 Worst Simpson’s Episodes of All Time

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The Simpson’s is a popular TV show among fans. Though some episodes have garnered negative feedback.These are the Top 11 Worst Simpson’s Episodes of All Time

The Simpson’s is one of the longest lasting cartoon shows on television. For anyone who has not yet seen this family show up on their TV screen, it’s about a family and many other hilarious characters living together in Springfield causing daily comeuppance.

It’s become so popular that it has been spoofed in other TV shows. A record of famous people has made cameo appearances on the show.

There are many memorable episodes of The Simpsons that have aired. They’re funny, heartfelt, funny, shocking, and well, yes, just plain funny. However, there have been episodes that have gone off the deep end or just didn’t make an appeal to fans eye. Here are the top 11 worst Simpson’s episodes ever.

Top 11 Worst Simpson’s Episodes of All Time

11. “Kill The Alligator and Run”

Let’s skip to the chase. Homer kills an alligator. As usual, Homer tries to escape along with his family covering his tracks or making useless excuses.

In the end, the Simpsons end up in a lifetime of labor work as punishment. However, there is a confusing twist in the end. Fans have disliked this episode to the point that they don’t consider the episode canon to the series.

10. “Black-Eyed Please”

Black-Eyed PleaseNo fan likes a depressing episode of the Simpsons. Even when living in the world crazy world of Simpson’s everyone needs to have a reason for their actions. Lisa’s teacher won’t give a reason to why she hates her student.

And Ned Flander’s father preferred Homer then his own son.
The episode has not been a favorite among fans. It placed the cheery Ned Flanders in a bad light. Not the episode fans want to watch after a hard day.

9. “The Greatest Story Ever D’Ohed”

The Simpson’s go on a trip. Where they destroy everything. This episode lacks a story and relies on filler to end the episode.

Homer’s plot is lame, does not make sense and ridicules Jerusalem Syndrome. The shows writers need to know when a joke goes too far. It could have been a better episode of the plot focused on the vacation.

8. “Smoke on the Daughter”

Smoke on the Daughter

Smoking is not a subject needed to promote to a young audience. In what seems like a good set up, Lisa decides to become a ballerina.

And then one of her classmates encourages her to have a smoke. The episode is cringeworthy. Although it does send out a helpful anti-smoking message to the audience if that was the main point.

7. “Little Big Girl”

Little Big Girl

Everything about this episode is just wrong and inexcusable. Lisa makes up her own Indian American Tribe while Bart earns a drivers license after saving the town from a fire.

To gift himself, the 10-year-old runs away with a 15-year-old, named Darcy, starting a relationship. Yeah…For the rest of the episode, Darcy reveals her pregnancy, the parents disallow a marriage, and then Darcy’s child has to pretend Darcy is her sibling. That is a revolting episode.

6. “Lisa Goes Gaga”

Lisa Goes Gaga

You’d think that a Simpson’s episode with Lady Gaga would be a terrific episode. ‘Lisa Goes Gaga’ is nowhere near that. It’s harsh the way Lisa treats Gaga, especially after hearing that the singer was bullied in her youth.

Lisa does find Gaga to apologize. Only, it does not work for fans. The writers could have written a better episode with Lady Gaga instead of having the characters pass off stinging remarks. After all, Gaga was only trying to help Lisa become more popular amongst her fellow peers in school.

5. “Man Goes From Rags to Riches”

I bet you’re surprised when you were told this episode actually exists. Yeah, it feels like an episode your mind creates when you’ve had a little too much to drink. “Man Goes From Rags to Riches” was panned for awful writing amongst fans and critics.

In the perspective of Moe’s rag, the inanimate rag speaks to the audience passing off a medieval story. The Simpson’s have done a better job presenting medieval stories. Where were the Simpson’s in this episode.

4. “Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou”

Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou123

Bart decides to adopt a little brother. That’s it. There is one noted funny joke, however. Fans did not enjoy the episode and found it boring.

The writers are hard at work coming up with ideas for Simpson’s episodes. Sometimes they try a little too hard to please their fans.

3. “What to Expect When Bart’s Expecting”

Bart was only trying to get out of art class. Instead, he becomes a wizard at making women pregnant. You can only guess where the episode’s plot goes from there. The episode is poorly written and just another cringe-worthy unneeded episode.

2. “Double, Double, Boy in Trouble”

Double, Double, Boy in Trouble123

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you met someone who looks exactly like you? But, they turn out to be everything you wish that you were. It’s not the best episode to sit through. The jokes are not funny.

1. “The Boys of Bummer”

The Boys of Bummer123

Bullying is not acceptable. And neither is broadcasting suicide. This episode disturbing, unsettling, and hurtful, too. The town of Springfield belittles Bart all because he lost his own little league game.

The bullying is so bad that The 10-year-old attempts suicide! What message were the writers thinking when they aired this episode to audiences, especially audience members who have suicidal triggers. Do yourself a favor and skip this episode.


The Simpson’s are meant to make fans laugh. Not make them want to cry and feel distressed. The Simpson’s is one of the longest lasting cartoon shows on TV. They’re quite popular and the jokes are funny.

Writers need to spend more time in their ideas and fleshing out an episode. If you are ever to have a day where you want to binge-watch The Simpson’s skip the episodes on this list. You won’t regret it.

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