The Easiest Way to Prepare for Microsoft 70-698 Exam MCSA: Windows 10 Certification

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Do you want to pass the Microsoft 70-698 Exam for MCSA Certification, How to prepare for Windows 10 Certification? I would like to share some of my experience here.

What is the MCSA certification exam for windows 10? 

Microsoft has designed the leading Operating System in the globe to enable us to execute various computing tasks.

The introduction of Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS had a profound impact on the business world. It is the latest OS that regularly updates to meet dynamic business needs.

In order to ensure the quality of services and stable operation of the OS, Microsoft trains IT specialists and grants them the MCSA: Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate.


  • Exam 70-697 – Configuring Windows Devices
  • Exam 70-698 – Installing and Configuring Windows 10

What is needed for Windows 10 Certification

This credential proves that professionals have expertise in configuration, management, and maintenance of a Windows 10 enterprise system.

PrepAway Exam Questions certifications are globally recognized because many organizations and individuals use Microsoft products for their daily tasks.

Earning any Microsoft certification involves a series of steps. Below we will consider what you need to do to obtain the MCSA: Windows 10 credential.

Step 1: Skills

Each candidate must have basic IT skills. If you need to get conversant with the foundational IT terms and operations, then taking at least one Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) credential would really help.

Step 2: Passing Exams

This is the most important step that every candidate should pay attention to. The MCSA: Windows 10 credential can only be achieved by passing 2 distinct exams which cover the administration and configuration of the latest Microsoft OS (Windows 10). The two exams are:

  • Exam 70-698: Installing and Configuring Windows 10

This test assesses the candidate’s skills and knowledge required to install and configure Windows. It covers installation, the configuration of core local Windows 10 services, and maintenance of core services. Ideal candidates must also know how to work with cloud-integrated services and enterprise scenarios.

  • Exam 70-697: Configuring Windows Devices

It validates the fundamental skills and knowledge in building identities, data loss protection, virtualization, application management, and mobile device management. It also evaluates the individual’s knowledge of integrated Azure features and Windows 10 security. Candidates must acquire the following technical skills before taking this exam:

  • Experience with maintenance, administration, and troubleshooting of Windows 10
  • Fundamental understanding of Windows networking technologies and security
  • Experience with Microsoft Intune and Active Directory

Before we move to exam details, you need to know one more thing. Microsoft retires and replaces their exams because technology keeps changing. Exams 70-698 and 70-697 are going to retire soon, and the following two tests will replace them:

  • MD-100: Windows 10
  • MD-101: Managing Modern Desktops

These two newly introduced exams are designed for the award of the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification. So, you need to check the official Microsoft website from time to time for any changes.

Step 3: Completion

This is the ultimate step of getting the MCSA: Windows 10 certification after showcasing your knowledge and skills in administration, configuration and maintenance of Windows 10 Operating System. Associate-level certification from Microsoft is yours now!

Step 4: Earn Expert-level Certification

Once you have earned the MCSA: Windows 10 credential, it is important to focus on broadening your skills and knowledge by achieving expert-level certification.

MCSA: Windows 10 is a requirement for the award of the MCSE: Mobility credential which validates your skills and knowledge to manage devices in the modern Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) enterprise.

Now, let’s take a step back and focus on Microsoft 70-698 which is a 2-hour exam that consists of 40-60 different questions. The candidates who want to register for 70-698 exam should pay a fee of $165. Here are 70-698 exam topics:

  • Implementing Windows
  • Configuring core services
  • Managing core services
  • ManagingWindows
  • Maintaining Windows

The test focuses on the configuration of device drivers, networking, storage, data access, data usage, remote management, updates, data recovery, management tools, authentication, and authorization.

It also includes questions dedicated to installation requirements, apps implementation, and monitoring of Windows performance.

Windows 10 Certification

Now, let me share my experience with 70-698 test.

Here is How I Nailed it…

Microsoft certifications are good for any professional in the Information Technology industry. I have always wanted to get the MCSA: Windows 10 credential as a starting point for the MCSE: Mobility certification. The most difficult thing is not registration, but preparation. I consider myself lucky because in my time I've found ExamSnap platform which helped me significantly during my preparation.

You too can join ExamSnap and make use of the following services:

  1. 70-698 Study Guides

These are professional guides which enable you to get a clear overview of Microsoft 70-698 exam topics and objectives. Truly, I got a better understanding of what am expected to do in order to pass Microsoft 70-698 exam.

  1. Video Courses

There is nothing more important than having a relevant video course for the test you are preparing for. ExamSnap video lectures for 70-698 test are so unique because they take you to the actual classroom environment. They also give you a precise demonstration of the concepts.

  1. Practice Exams

Practice exams are beneficial because they can immerse you in the actual exam environment (if only these exams are updated following the changing test objectives). ExamSnap practice test for 70-698 contains actual questions uploaded by real exam takers. VCE Exam Simulator is the latest software that is designed for candidates who want to create, edit, and take practice exams.

  1. Community

ExamSnap provides candidates with an exclusive opportunity to interact with fellow test takers and share enriching prep materials such as free exam question sets.

Career Prospects

  • Windows Administrator
  • Server Manager
  • Data Administrator

How much does MCSA certification cost at now?

MCSA: Windows 10 certified professionals earn an annual basic salary of $79,109 according to ITCareerFinder.

Microsoft Certification



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The MCSA: Windows 10 certification opens countless opportunities because many companies in the world require IT professionals to be conversant with the administration and configuration of Windows 10.

Let MCSA Windows 10 be your next step! ExamSnap is ready to equip you with the necessary prep materials to improve your performance.

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