Will The Day Before Be the Next Zombie Blockbuster Game?

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With zombie games, movies, and TV shows enjoying huge popularity right now, everyone wants to know what the next blockbuster will be. Could the long-awaited The Day Before prove to be the next huge franchise to grab our attention?

The Current Zombie Trends

Zombie apocalypse content is at its prime currently, with the release of the first season of The Last of Us as an HBO TV series. The show gripped viewers with its heart-warming story and detailed world, full of rotting fungus-infected corpses and dangerous raider groups. ExpressVPN explains all the types of infected in the show, from runners to bloaters and everything in between.

The TV show closely follows the plot of the game, which was a hit on its own, but now thanks to the popularity of the show, The Last of Us has cemented its position within the cultural zeitgeist. Can The Day Before achieve an apocalyptic level of success, or is it destined to be another copycat?

This is just one of many zombie-themed games due for release in 2024. Game Rant names upcoming titles such as Wanderlost, Projekt Z, and Dead Island 2, as some of the most interesting ones in this genre to look out for. This follows on from the recent release of games, including Dying Light 2 Stay Human and a remake of The Last of Us that was subtitled Part I.

There are also some upcoming zombie movies to look out for including Zombie Town, of which, Hollywood Reporter states that Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase are set to be co-stars. Gangnam Zombie is set in South Korea, while Evil Dead Rise continues another popular franchise and is set for release this April.

The Details We Know So Far

The Details We Know So Far

The Day Before was first shown to the world in a gameplay trailer in 2021, but since then its release date has been delayed several times. The latest release date to be mentioned by Gamesradar is early November 2023, although this hasn't yet been confirmed as the definite date.

Created by Fntastic and due to be published by Mytona, this game is set in a post-apocalyptic version of the US and is an open-world MMO survival-type game. The gameplay released so far show the action taking place in crowded metropolitan areas where zombies have taken over.

Part of the reason for the previous delays to the game was the decision to use Unreal Engine 5 when development had already begun using Unreal Engine 4. Another issue arose early this year when the game had to be removed from Stream and the videos from YouTube after trademark issues were discovered.

Will It Be a Success?

Assuming that the trademark issues are resolved and the game is finally released at the end of this year, The Day Before could benefit from the current popularity of the zombie genre. The game was one of the most popular on the Steam wishlist system before being removed, showing that there was a great level of anticipation surrounding it in the gaming community.

Bearing in mind that zombies have been a massive part of gaming and popular culture for so long, it appears unlikely that they fall out of fashion before this game is released, but the publisher will be hoping to bring it out while interest in this particular game is still high.

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