5 Reasons Why Indie Games Are Better Than AAA Games

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Easy and exciting games have a leadership position in the smartphone market. But how realistic is it to create a good indie app, and will the investments be worth their money?

If we’re talking about the game market, most users prioritize indie games over expensive and burdensome AAA games. Why? They don’t make you concentrate on several goals and solve dozens of complex riddles.

Instead, the so-called time-killers allow you to relax throughout a tough working day, take a break from constant decision-making or make your waiting in line more fun and effortless. The main benefit of an indie project is project realization, easiness, immersive atmosphere, and quick integration into the market.

So why is a good indie game even more desirable than a high-end AAA game?

1. Affordability

Price is a key benefit of an indie company compared to a huge AAA enterprise. Why? Because you don’t have to collect a team of developers, allowing yourself to outsource part of the tasks. Some beginner developers volunteer to work for free for mere experience and don’t require a salary.

Others work because of pure enthusiasm and out of interest. Affordability is what makes an indie-game company superior because you can create a strong team of developers and skip the process of interviewing middle-specialists. Juniors can create similar environments and make colorful character development for less money. But what makes AAA games so expensive?

You can read this information right here: https://kevurugames.com/blog/why-are-aaa-games-so-expensive-everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-budget/


2. Short and Sweet Gameplay

Game mechanics is the closest term to gameplay and many game characteristics as seen by the player themselves. High-quality gameplay becomes why an indie game gets blown up by the market even faster than an AAA counterpart. Exciting gameplay, not too long or dreadful to walk through, is what indie developers always prioritize.

Catching the audience’s eye is not easy, but keeping them is even harder. With the help of creative strategies and options, the game can become more awaited and will get to the top of recommendations. The most important thing in indie gameplay is keeping gamers engaged with discounts, bonuses, and new levels. As a result, the customer gets hooked, wanting more and more.

3. Original Art, Story, and Characters

Colorful and bright original art is the first thing the target audience notices. Starting with an icon and finishing with a unique design, the original art will make your game noticeable from the scope of other AAA masterpieces like Kevuru Games. Then a user will check out the plot and original characters.

It’s easy to make these things remarkable with a small team of enthusiasts because, with a bigger company, offices of animators and illustrators don’t get too deep into the original creative concept as they have strict deadlines. In contrast, indie animators have plenty of time on their hands. Moreover, they often concentrate on a single project instead of multitasking.

4. Unique and Challenging Gameplay

Because indie developers are often new to the industry and young, they have a fresher taste and create unique gameplay without tremendous experience.

These developers are not bound by the industry’s rules or censorship, creating plenty of new possibilities for themselves and improving in their artistry as they go. Additionally, these devs work on challenging levels thoroughly and share insights to ensure a better gaming experience.

5. Developed to Perfection

Like it was said before, indie devs have plenty of time on their hands to perfect their craft as they go, working on a tech basis and adding corrections even after launch.

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