Why Gaming Cheat Codes and Hacks Are a Good Thing

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Cheating has a negative connotation. It is thought of as something despicable and a tactic for lazy people looking for shortcuts. When you call someone a cheater, it is unlikely to elicit a pleasant reaction from them.

However, things are not as clear cut in the world of gaming. Using gaming cheat codes and hacks is not necessarily a negative thing. They do not always imply you are a player looking for an unearned and unfair advantage over your competitors.

On the contrary, cheat codes are popular with people who are fixated with a particular game and are looking to do well, despite running into seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

For instance, if you are a Roblox fan, try these source codes tutorials for tips and tricks to improve your game. In fact, the primary reason people cheat is to find a way out after running into a wall. Here is a look at these and other reasons why gaming cheat codes and hacks are actually a good thing.

Gaming Cheat Codes

Get Unstuck

All players will get stuck in a game at some point. It does not matter if you are a guru at strategy games or a beginner. If it is the first time you are playing the game, or the first time playing that type of game, you could be in for a long road to success in the game.

It’s also possible the developer hurried the game to the market before they could iron out any problems with the game’s design.

Every gamer expects to run into a challenge when they set out to play. It is all part of the thrill. But few would want to be stuck at the same level for weeks or months.

That’s especially so if you spent a significant amount of money on the game. In this scenario, cheat codes and hacks allow the gamer to continue playing. In this case, the game cheat code can make the difference between continuing to enjoy a play or completely abandoning the game altogether.

Learn from Those Who Have Gone Before You

Think for a moment about a book you have recently bought and have started to read. Somewhere along the line, you may run into a difficult passage that you struggle to comprehend. Perhaps you can’t completely understand the following chapters unless you fully understand this passage.

This frustration could lead to you putting down the book, since the content does not make sense to you. This logic mirrors how many games are designed.

What if players had access to elaborate, easy-to-understand walkthroughs on an as-needed basis that provided tips on winning each game level? These step-by-step directions would highlight trouble spots, share hints and provide an avenue for gamers to easily figure things out to successfully move forward. That is the essence of gaming hacks.

Players who have already finished the level can create a walkthrough to assist future players. Newer players will be learning from the knowledge gathered by their predecessors. It creates a camaraderie and new users are excited to be part of the vibrant community.

Enhance Value

Players may use cheat codes to unlock special powers or items, thus extracting optimal value from the game. This means that the gamer had so much fun playing that they wanted an opportunity to experience something new within the same game.

With that comes new opportunities for interaction with the game including making in-app purchases.

Cheat codes are sometimes hidden within the game and left for players to find or stumble upon. Alternatively, the codes may be awarded to the most successful players as a reward or to newer players as an incentive.

Either way, the cheat codes ensure the game remains fun while improving ad and in-app purchase earnings for the developer.

Kill Boredom by Creating Equal Opportunities

On the surface, it may be difficult to understand how the phrases “cheat codes” and “equal opportunity” can be used in the same sentence. But there is a connection.

Players can get bored. The reasons for boredom are diverse. Game designers do not want players skipping different levels in order to get to the end of the game more quickly. That is not in their interest as it deprives them the in-app purchases and ad revenue they would otherwise earn if the player followed the standard path from start to finish.

But does a game have to have linear progression? Linear progression could itself be a cause of boredom. What if players had the ability to choose what part of the game to move on to next? Gamers will not have identical skill sets so using cheat codes is one way to allow players to go where they think is best for them, meaning it creates an equal opportunity for them to do well.

Signal to Developers the Need for Change

Before they are made available to users, games are usually subjected to different types of testing, including user acceptance tests. However, it is important to always have at the back of your mind that gaming is a business.

The developer may make certain decisions as a means of outmaneuvering a competitor. One way would be rushing the game through the testing phases so that it is ready for the market before their rival’s game is ready. This, along with a genuine oversight during development can sometimes lead to a design that is difficult to navigate for players.

The existence of cheat codes and hacks can be a signal to developers that their game may be flawed. It could be the prompting they need to get back to the drawing board and roll out a version that is more acceptable to players.

Cheat Codes Will Be Around Well Into the Future

Make no mistake. There are people who use cheat codes to legitimately cheat or skip ahead, or to outsmart their competitors during game play. Nevertheless, gaming cheat codes and hacks can be leveraged for good, too.

They can keep players more actively involved, reward play and create opportunities for expert players to share their knowledge with newbies. The codes and hacks could also show developers the areas of their game design that need review.

Cheat codes and hacks will be with us for a long time. For these reasons and more, the hacks and cheat codes will continue to have a place in gaming communities for the foreseeable future.

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