Redesign: What is it And When is it Necessary for The Site

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Most often, the first thing a person evaluates is appearance. Subsequently, the opinion can be changed, or it can be confirmed. How to keep the first impression of the user when entering the site?

It is difficult to single out a formula that works for all people, but if the site is technically sound and the information on it is up-to-date, many of the users will already be positively disposed toward you. But if, for example, when opening a website from a smartphone, the design “floats”, then most people will simply close the tab. In this case, it is worth thinking about changes.

Website redesign is updating. And this concerns not only the design itself (pictures, colors, and fonts), but also the structure, functionality and content in general. By the way, the redesign is carried out not only to eliminate technical errors.

If you are not a master of programming and website development, you do not have time or you just want to trust professionals, then use the services of a digital product design agency. A high-level specialist will fulfill all the tasks you set, offer a way out of difficult situations, and treat their work with maximum responsibility.

How do you know if a website needs a redesign?

How do you know if a website needs a redesign

There are a number of reasons why you can understand that it's time to redesign the site. Here are a few of them:

  • Design errors when opening a site on different devices can certainly alienate the user. In this case, it may be necessary to adapt the old design for different devices – if the website was created a long time ago, then this will be quite difficult. Then you can use another option – to develop a new design for all devices at once;
  • Inconvenient or ineffective site usability can cause users to not get to the target action, leaving the site earlier than they would like;
  • If the brand style has been updated, the site also needs to be changed so that people recognize your resource at a glance;
  • Web design trends have changed a lot;
  • The position of the site in the search results fell. Probably, the design did not include the moments that are important for website promotion, such as the presence of text on the pages, a cross-cutting block with a mention/description of services or goods, as well as commercial pages.

Types of redesign

When the reason to redesign the site is found, it's time to think about what exactly needs to be redesigned. Let's highlight several types of redesign:


When implementing this type of redesign, the focus is on refining existing features and introducing new ones.


This type of redesign is aimed directly at the image that the user sees.



In the case when the site takes a long time to load, does not work properly, and is displayed on different devices, technical flaws should be corrected.


Needed to increase the conversion of the portal – the structure of the website, keywords, phrases, feedback forms, etc. are being revised.


Affects the entire resource, combining all types of redesign.


Before redesigning a website, think about why you need it and what benefits it will bring to your company and your target audience. Imagine yourself in the place of the user and analyze the path – is it convenient, how can it be optimized?

Stay up to date with rapidly changing design and market trends. Keep up with your competitors, but don't compete with them just for the sake of competition. Look for the best ways to grow your business. Good luck!

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