What is Traffic Bot and Why You Need to Know About It?

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According to the leading cybersecurity firm Imperva, 40.8% of the website traffic originated from bots in 2020. It is also the highest percentage of bot traffic since the release of this report back in 2014.



Different people are using traffic bots to generate traffic for different purposes. Whether it is for a good or bad reason, we should understand it and justify it later. Since bot traffic has contributed to a large portion of all website traffic nowadays, anybody involves in an online business should not ignore it by now.

According to Wikipedia, internet bots consist of many different bots, including spambots, scrapers, DDOS attackers, and many others. In this article, we’ll narrow it down to discuss the topic from an online marketer perspective, which focuses on bots that generate pageviews – traffic bot.

We’ll cover what can traffic bot software does and where you can buy it. Please note that the article is for educational purposes only. You should justify it yourselves if you want to use some of the services.

What is Traffic Bot?

What is Traffic Bot

Traffic bot is software, whether it is an online SaaS tool or a locally installed program that can generate artificial traffic to a website. Normally a user can set some basic configurations through the software and it’ll automatically generate tons of page views to a website.

Depending on how the software is designed, a traffic bot might be able to mimic human behavior in browsing the website. This includes IP address auto-rotation, geo location-specific visits, session duration randomization, page scrolling, link clicking, and others.

Traffic bots that are doing very well in mimicking human behavior might be able to deceive website trackers (For example Google Analytics) that it is a real human and capture it as a normal visit.

Why People Use Traffic Bot?

Although a traffic bot can mimic a human to visit your website, it is not a real human. It won’t buy the product from your website, nor appreciate the content that you’ve written.

So why do so many people are still interested in generating bot traffic to their website? Below are the few main reasons they are doing this.

Inflate Visitors Report

Inflate Visitors Report

Although spending huge effort in building organic traffic is still the best long-term solution, traffic bot might be the quickest way to make your website visitors’ report impressive. There are many reasons for people to do this. For example, a website owner can show their advertisement partner that their website visitors’ count is growing fast.

A marketing agency can fake their result by inflating the visitors’ count of their client’s website. A website owner might be able to sell their website at a higher price if they can show a better visitors report. It might be unethical to do this, but the fact is many people are doing it in online business.

Engagement in Ads Fraud

Engagement in Ads Fraud

If you do not hear ads fraud before, you may refer to the article from Cloudflare for more info. Basically, ads fraud is any attempt to defraud online advertisement networks for financial gain. For example, some might signup for a referral program and use traffic bot to generate tons of fake traffic through the referral link.

Since the traffic bot cost is usually very low, they can still make money from the referral commission. However, it is hard to identify which traffic bot can deceive which referral program. This is due to many of the referral programs has a system in place to filter the artificial traffic.

Website’s Server Stress Testing

Website’s Server Stress Testing

Website stress testing or load testing is a way to verify the stability & reliability of a website. For those who have a website newly set up, they might need to simulate if their website can handle the amount of traffic that they might be having in the future and if their website hosting server can still handle it. Traffic bot is a cost-effective way to simulate the amount of traffic you want to stress test a website.

You can even increase the amount of traffic gradually and find out the peak traffic that your website can handle. With that, you can have a clearer plan for upgrading your server.

What is a Cloud-Based Traffic Bot?

A cloud-based traffic bot is an online service where instead of downloading software to your computer to run, you can access the traffic bot via an internet browser. Below are 2 popular cloud-based traffic bots in the market for your reference.



  • Features: Campaign schedule, unlimited website, geo-targeting, internal link auto visits, session duration, and bounce control, and more.
  • Cost: Starts at $9 for 65,000 page views per month. No expiring date for unused page views.
  • Free Trial: Unlimited bot traffic with basic features

TrafficBot.co is offering unlimited free bot traffic with 50 pageviews per request. The tool can intelligently mimic normal user behavior by randomly visiting different internal pages of your website, scrolling the mouse pointer for more content, and others to increase the success rate.

One thing that TrafficBot stands out among the rest is all bot traffic credits that you’ve purchased will not expire and stays in your account until you used them.



  • Features: Geo-targeting, keywords targeting, session duration, and bounce control, unique IP for each visit, and more.
  • Cost: Starts at $19 for 20,000 visitors per month. Which is around 666 visits per day.
  • Free Trial: 1-day free trial

UPSEO is another leader in the traffic bot market, specialized in SEO. The tool comes with a lot of features, for example, geo-targeting, keywords targeting, unique IP for each visit, bounce rate control, session duration control, language control, and more. It is a company based in Hong Kong and is especially convenient for those from Asia when they have any support issues.

You can find more traffic bots here, also traffic exchange websites are also nice to try.


Traffic bot is definitely a double-edged sword that can bring value or harm, depending on how it is being used. But with more than 40% of bot traffic on the internet today, it is definitely one of the tools that we should understand if we are doing online business.

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