What is a CPA Affiliate Program and Arbitrage?

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CPA is an abbreviation of the English words “cost per action”, which literally means – cost per action. What action is meant here?

This is a specific target action that implies the user's interest in a product or service. For example, subscription, purchase, download or registration. Now such a concept as CPA marketing is being actively introduced and developed – the promotion of goods and services on the Internet, in which the customer (advertiser) pays only for the targeted action of the user (which will eventually involve him in the purchase of a product or service), and webmasters receive a reward for them thanks to the efforts put into it. Such specialists are called CPA-specialists or arbitrageurs (arbitrage – traffic resale).

What is a CPA network?

What is a CPA network

Now we have come to the main thing – such a concept as a CPA affiliate program (or CPA networks). These are Internet platforms that are intermediaries between webmasters and advertisers. The advertiser places offers in the catalog, and the webmaster looks through all the offers and responds to the most suitable one. Further, the task of the latter is to encourage a potential client to take the necessary action for the customer. The more people he attracts in this way, the more money he makes. CPA networks receive their percentage (fees) for attracting traffic. In the end, all three parties win.

But there is one important nuance – the advertiser and the affiliate network must make sure that the affiliate gives real leads. Therefore, he receives payments after a certain period of time (hold).

Types of affiliate programs

Types of affiliate programs

CPA networks are divided into the following types:

  • nutra (beauty and health);
  • commodity (promotion of goods/services);
  • gaming (gambling, online casinos, etc.);
  • financial (loans, credit cards);
  • dating (online dating);
  • crypt;
  • mobile (applications, programs);
  • adventure (content 18+);
  • general (does not fit into any of the above categories).

In simple terms, a CPA affiliate is an intermediary site that allows webmasters (site owners) to earn income, and advertisers (partners) to increase their income by increasing sales through CPA marketing tools.

Affiliate advertiser – what is it?

However, if you wish to work without intermediaries, you can register on the site https://whocpa.asia/ is a Nutra affiliate program, a direct advertiser. That is, all the offers that are presented in the catalog are author's offers, from the CPA network itself. What does this give the webmaster? At a minimum, this is a guarantee of higher deductions for an approved lead.

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