Why Do I Need VPN for Gaming: 5 Reasons It Makes Sense

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There are lots of people who love to play video games in their spare time. Whether someone is playing Temple Run, Candy Crush, or getting involved in the latest MMORPG, this is an excellent way for people to entertain themselves while spending time with family members and friends.

At the same time, everyone needs to make sure they protect their privacy. Sure, lots of people understand that they need to secure their financial information and browsing history; however, many people believe that playing video games is simply harmless in the online World. In reality, this is not the case. Everyone must make sure they use a VPN even as they play video games. There are a few reasons why gamers should use a VPN.

The Dangers of Being Swatted

While this may not be the most common threat, it is one of the most serious problems. It is critical for those who play video games in the Online World to make sure they protect themselves from being swatted. There are reports published of gamers becoming so angry with other people that they stalk other online world players.

If someone can find someone else's IP address, they could figure out their physical location. Swatting is a form of harassment where an individual calls emergency services and has them break into someone else's home. For example, they may call in a fake bomb threat or create a hostage situation. Therefore, everyone needs to conceal their IP address against this serious threat by using a VPN.

The Threat of DDoS Attacks

A more common but no less serious threat is called a distributed denial-of-service attack. Usually shortened to a DDoS attack, someone deluges a server with an overwhelming number of requests. Then, the server ends up going down, impacting someone's gaming experience.

Even though DDoS attacks are historically reserved for certain websites, they can also target individual computers and servers. Today, it is possible for just about anyone to execute a DDoS attack.

This includes gamers who might not be happy with other players. Therefore, everyone needs to use a VPN to mask their IP address. That way, anyone trying to execute this type of attack cannot find the necessary information to do so.

Stay Safe Even When Using Public WiFi

It is still important for those who might be playing less serious games to make sure they stay safe. Many people use public internet connections and hot spots when they are in shopping malls, airports, hotels, and restaurants.

Even though these free internet connections can be used for gaming purposes, the reality is that they are not that secure. Some of the major threats that come with using public internet access include:

Gamer Use a VPN 

  • The network might not be encrypted, meaning that personal data is available for just about anyone to see
  • Hackers might eavesdrop when it comes to online traffic, allowing them to listen in on someone's online activity, providing them with information on social media accounts and bank accounts
  • Using public WiFi, individuals make themselves vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Malware could be located on public internet connections and could be downloaded onto people's devices

Avoid Bandwidth Throttling

One of the major concerns that people have when the game online is having their bandwidth throttled. When an internet provider sees that someone is soaking up a lot of bandwidth, they start to throttle their connection.

This means that they may reduce their download speeds, making it incredibly difficult to game online. For example, those who play Destiny 2 could be using hundreds of megabytes of data per hour. If someone's bandwidth ends up being throttled, this can severely impact their game experience, causing them to lag.

Using a VPN can help to solve this problem. By hiding someone's IP address, it will be impossible for the internet service provider to see how much data someone uses. That way, they can prevent their bandwidth from being throttled.

Play a Game from Any Location in the World

Finally, there are some situations where gaming might be restricted in certain parts of the World. For example, games might be released in one part of the country but not others.

In this situation, it will be necessary for someone to change their location if they travel and want to keep up with their games. A trustworthy VPN allows people to access servers that are located in other countries.

They will then be able to play their video games because their IP address will make it appear like they are located somewhere else. Even online casinos like goldenslot also easy to play.

These are a few of the biggest reasons people need to use a VPN when they are online. This is an excellent way for people to improve their game experience and protect their privacy.

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