DAZN Not Available In Your Area? Just Use a VPN

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DAZN recently expanded to over 200 other countries (so worldwide, basically). Still, aside from the nine original countries, sports fans from all around the world can only enjoy boxing. For the moment, at least. The rest are stuck using a VPN to keep up with what their favorite athletes are doing.

See what VPNs are best to unlock DAZN and read on for some great tips on how to smoothen your experience.

unlock DAZN with vpn

Unblock DAZN From Anywhere in the World with a VPN

Unblock DAZN Effectively

DAZN and other streaming platforms control what their users can watch by selectively enforcing geo-blocks. They do this through IP address ranges – say, German, Austrian and Swiss IPs have access to Bundesliga matches, while the rest of the world doesn’t.

Since they only check your device for the correct IP address, you don’t need to be in the country physically to watch sports licensed in the area. By connecting to a VPN server in one of those three countries, your IP address changes accordingly, letting you access exclusive sports packages.

Unblock DAZN

The same leagues aren’t available everywhere, but luckily you only need to take a quick look over DAZN’s programming. You’ll find which VPN server you need to connect to for whatever sport you’re interested in.

Now, there are cases where something will be available in multiple countries. Make sure the server you’re connecting to is as close as possible to your location for the fastest streaming speeds. The less distance your data needs to travel, the better.

Most DAZN VPNs recommended above have a split tunneling feature as well. Use it to divert only DAZN traffic (from your browser or the Android/ iOS apps) through the VPN, while letting your ISP’s servers handle the rest of your network activity.

Can I Use a Different VPN for DAZN?

Different VPN for DAZN

You can, but it’s not guaranteed it will work. Free VPNs especially can be easily IP-blocked or otherwise filtered. The VPNs recommended in the beginning of this article are optimized for DAZN and other streaming platforms. Moreover, their obfuscation technology allows them to bypass filters that detect VPN traffic. DAZN will believe you’re just a regular old user from the “correct” country and show you the content you want.

On a related note, ProPrivacy have also screened them for any security issues. If you didn’t know, many free VPNs on Google Play were found to be infected with malware. Apple users shouldn’t celebrate, either. Many of the top free VPNs on the App Store still aren’t following Apple’s guidelines, even after Entrepreneur and a couple of research teams published this informative study.

free VPN with dazn

What about the secure ones? Surely not every free VPN is that bad? Well, you’re right – instead of security risks, you’d have to deal with the following:

  • Data caps – even SD-quality streams can push you over the VPN’s data allowance before you know it.
  • Connection throttling – free VPNs need to provide a relatively equal share of bandwidth for every user, so naturally your connection will get slowed down.

The only advantage (provided the VPN actually unblocks DAZN) is that they usually have servers in the main supported countries. If it’s not obvious yet, these limitations exist, so you have an incentive to get on the provider’s paid plan. Might as well skip the hassle and head straight to the quality providers we’ve linked to in the beginning.

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