14 Best UFC Streaming Sites to Watch UFC Fights in 2024

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The greatest free UFC streaming websites are undoubtedly what you would search for if you enjoy viewing live UFC fights. A few non-US states pay streaming services, and local TV networks have the exclusive right to broadcast UFC events. You can now view the live stream from anywhere at any time by using solely free streaming websites.

You will find that most live-streaming sites are simple when using the free UFC websites for streaming. On the other hand, some people may find it a strenuous effort to choose a trustworthy streaming platform. You may watch live episodes from the comfort of your home, thanks to the list of top UFC streaming sites that we have put together in this article.

Even though many online streaming services exist, just a few are trustworthy and have helpful information. But, because most of these free websites may feature advertisements or have speed problems. For a smooth streaming experience, you must be cautious and use a dependable VPN and ad blocker.

Continue reading to find out which websites are the greatest for watching sports and UFC events, as well as the VPNs that can assist you in getting this done.

The top UFC streaming websites guarantee a top-notch viewing experience and are trustworthy. See which website is the finest by reading these brief reviews of each one.

1. YouTube UFC channel

YouTube UFC channel for Free Streaming Websites

One of the most significant streaming services is YouTube, which provides a massive selection of TV series, music selections, films, sports, documentaries, and news. It includes different channels for every category. You don't need to search for related videos if you subscribe to that channel. It features a UFC channel where you can watch the big fights between superstars in martial arts at any major sports event.

Take a look at the following few features provided by the YouTube UFC channel:


  • Easy sign-up
  • Subscribe to UFC channels
  • Save playlists
  • Fast speeds

Pros and Cons of YouTube UFC channel


  • You will enjoy the quickest servers
  • Enjoy the content that comes straight from the UFC.
  • You will also enjoy the best streaming quality.


  • You might be unable to watch full-feature matches on YouTube if you want to watch UFC streaming sites. For most events, you can only see replays and feuds.

2. First Row Sports

FirstRow Sports for Free Streaming Websites

You can get free streaming services on First Row Sports, a well-known destination for streaming collections. Sports enthusiasts favor it since it frequently refreshes the links to ensure they work.

Without registering or creating a membership, you can watch free streaming of football, soccer, basketball, tennis, and select racing events online. Every gadget with a browser that is compatible can access it.


  • It consists of websites, live scores, and high-definition streaming.
  • It gives you the choice to become a FirstRowSports website subscriber.
  • It displays the latest and forthcoming free UFC streams.
  • You have the option to adjust the timezone for the FirstRowSports clock.

Pros and Cons of First Row Sports


  • There are various streaming links accessible.
  • There is free sports content available in a wide range of sports categories.
  • Permits you to access earlier feeds
  • Provides game schedules.


  • There are advertisements.
  • Specific URLs can only be accessed within the United States.

3. Crackstreams

Crackstreams for Free Streaming Websites

Crackstreams offers a free UFC live-stream website. No membership is required to use the links on the website, and its user interface is simple and intuitive for new users. Among other sports, you may watch live events from the NBA, MLB, NFL, football, and F1.

Crackstreams offers links to all fights and tournaments a day before the event, giving you time to consider other possibilities and see if the match you're interested in viewing is available.


  • All of the TMNT episodes are available on the internet.
  • The NBA and NFL are two of the sports that are being streamed.
  • The most recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles initiative just debuted.

Pros and Cons of Crackstreams


  • You can watch WWE, MLB, UFC, MMA, and boxing feeds.
  • Save $20 on your first membership month.


  • Google has blocked many URLs from Crackstreams.
  • Unauthorized online streaming.

4. CricFree (BT Sport 1)

CricFree (BT Sport 1) for Free Streaming Websites

You may watch the UFC live stream on the official CricFree website. BT is a well-known platform that offers coverage of rugby, UFC, football, and soccer tournaments. You can watch MMA matches on BT Sport 1, one of the four BT channels available to you with CricFree.

The site is not directly related to any particular sports or games. One drawback of the service is that it is commercial-filled and does not offer HD-quality programming.


  • When it comes to online sports streaming, CricFree has grown to be one of the most respected brands.
  • Viewers can access their favorite sports through connections from across the internet.
  • Learn about everything, such as premium programming, pay-per-view, and free-to-air networks.
  • It is possible to watch the English Premier League.

Pros and Cons of CricFree (BT Sport 1)


  • Locating channels on the internet is simple.
  • Besides Serie A and La Liga, it also broadcasts the NBA, NFL, and MLB.
  • You might save at least $30 every month with CricFree.


  • Geographical limitations in many parts of the world

5. StreamGoTo

StreamGoTo for Free Streaming Websites

StreamGoTo offers users access to various sports by broadcasting events from multiple sources. Links to free streaming of MMA and UFC, football, handball, basketball, darts, F1, Moto GP, and winter sports are available on the website.

Specific competitions include pre- and post-match events, gatherings, talks, and extra features. You can browse the website and look for sporting events by category.


  • The live-streaming service StreamGoTo offers an array of noteworthy features.
  • A broad audience can watch the events live online thanks to user broadcasting.
  • StreamGoTo offers reliable privacy measures.
  • Market research and analytics tools

Pros and Cons of StreamGoTo


  • Original audio and video
  • A richly equipped platform for live broadcasting
  • Participatory conversation


  • Limited customizability choices;
  • Depends on a reliable internet connection.

6. UFC Streams

UFC Streams for Free Streaming Websites

The primary focus of the streaming platform UFC Streams is combat sports. Most of the streams are in high definition, and even some 4K broadcasts are available. It has separate connections to boxing matches, MMA, and the UFC.

While it is an excellent way to watch live mixed martial arts matches, this site does not offer any past fight footage, unlike several of its rivals. You will have to look elsewhere if you hope to catch up on everything you missed immediately.


  • Better sound and visual quality
  • Different camera angles for dynamic viewing
  • Real-time communication via an interactive chat window
  • On-demand access to previous data

Pros and Cons of UFC Streams


  • Revenue-generating options include subscription services and pay-per-view
  • Fighter profiles and data to enhance the fan experience
  • Compatible with multiple devices and optimized for mobile use.


  • UFC events typically have a high pay-per-view price.
  • Constraints due to location

7. FromHOT's

FromHOT's for Free Streaming Websites

FromHOT offers a massive selection of TV series. There are links to free UFC online streaming and racing games like basketball and football. It keeps a running schedule of upcoming games and competitions that you may find on FromHOT and provides sports search by category.

The drawback is that FromHOT does not provide a dedicated section for combat sports, so you will need to search the other tab for an MMA match.


  • Accessible and compatible with a variety of devices
  • Easy access to well-known sporting events and leagues
  • Reliable and consistent streaming service
  • Up-to-date schedule of forthcoming games

Pros and Cons of FromHOT's


  • Several sports coverage options
  • Free entry to sporting events live
  • Real-time streaming of top-notch video updates and scores


  • Watching could be ruined by advertisements.
  • Limited ability to influence stream quality

8. SportLemon

SportLemon for Free Streaming Websites

Because of SportLemon's user-friendly design, sports enthusiasts may easily find the information they seek. Connectivity to live sports streaming, such as American football, ice hockey, and wrestling, may be found on SportLemon.

The website keeps tabs on the most significant sports leagues' upcoming and popular games, but not the UFC. You can find links to UFC fight broadcasts on SportLemon, but like with FromHOT, you have to check in addition to another tab.


  • A lot of sports coverage
  • Event broadcasting in real time
  • Pleasant user interface
  • A variety of viewing choices

Pros and Cons of SportLemon


  • Replays And Highlights
  • Cellular Compatibility
  • Social Engagement
  • Updated Events Calendar


  • Popup windows may make it difficult for you to stream.
  • Need for more timely video performance or issues with buffering.

9. 720pStream

720pStream for Free Streaming Websites

Many free live streaming choices for UFC events are available on 720pStream, along with live streaming for NFL, NCAAM, NHL, boxing, and mixed martial arts events. The best thing about all of their streams is that they are all available in high HD. On the homepage, there are a few advertisements. However, this is the only kind of advertisement on the internet. In the MMA area of the homepage, there is a link to watch UFC matches. This website is a good option for free UFC watching because it provides various cage fighting events from organizations like Fight Night, One World MMA, SuperFight, Fight Pass Glory, etc.


  • Without registering, you can watch UFC fights on your computer, iPad, or phone.
  • Users can access high-definition links on the website, ensuring the greatest possible streaming experience.
  • While streaming, you can communicate with other viewers and talk about the match.
  • For the best possible watching experience, the website provides HD streaming connections.

Pros and Cons of 720pStream


  • It provides content in HD.
  • Massive library
  • It provides a selection of additional well-liked leagues.


  • Do not host live videos
  • High frequency of unwanted advertisements

10. MamaHD

MamaHD for Free Streaming Websites

With a wide range of entertainment options, MamaHD offers a selection of events and programs to suit various tastes and interests. Video highlights and more are available, along with a variety of sports streaming options, including WWE, Formula 1, UFC, boxing, and more. They further make it simple to locate the streaming possibilities you desire by offering a user-friendly search function that lets you enter the names of the fighters. Consequently, you may identify a backup if a stream isn't malfunctioning.


  • It has a variety of content categories.
  • To view UFC live streaming for free, a user must register.
  • There are dedicated sections and browse sections for each class.
  • Messages can be sent with ease during live UFC events.

Pros and Cons of MamaHD


  • The website is easy to use and has a basic style.
  • During live matches, there is also an option for personalized commentary.
  • Watching desired stuff is made simple by the distinctive categorized display.


  • Malicious redirection is provided.
  • A phishing attack is quite likely.

11. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch for Free Streaming Websites

Users of the web platform Stream2watch can access various media content, such as news, sports, and entertainment. Along with foreign news programs like CNBC, CNN, and A&E, it provides over 150 channels from various sports networks, including ESPN, BT, and Sky Sports. It has a search option that lets users hunt for particular sports events to broadcast, such as free UFC live matches. It also features a specific MMA page that allows you to search for games and tournaments by team or date.


  • It provides streaming sports events and live TV networks like ESPN and Fox TV.
  • Installing software or making an account is not required to watch live matches streamed online.
  • Only UFC events are permitted to use this platform.
  • Highlights and live games are also available.

Pros and Cons of Stream2Watch


  • The design of the website is streamlined, uncomplicated, and user-friendly.
  • Upcoming match popups are displayed on the website.
  • HD streaming is accessible


  • Some security problems.
  • A lot of popup advertisements

12. FirstRow Sports

First Row Sports for Free Streaming Websites

One of the most excellent streaming websites we came across after our thorough investigation is FirstRow Sports. It also has one of this list's easiest-to-use interfaces. You can tap to view “BOXING-WWE-UFC,” one of the athletic events featured on the landing page.

You can immediately browse a list of currently running live stream matches on the homepage. It should be noted that FirstRowSports does not broadcast live games. You can find what you want in external sources using the website's links.

FirstRow offers excellent streaming choices and some respectable UFC streaming websites and connections. The following functionalities are also accessible, as you will discover:


  • Multiple options for UFC, boxing, and more
  • Quick stream submission
  • No registration required
  • Reliable sources

Pros and Cons of FirstRow Sports


  • There are lots of alternatives for combat fighting and sports in FirstRow. The majority of streams are regularly updated since individuals upload them.


  • FirstRow Sports has a lot of advertisements, which slows down the website and makes it harder to click on the links. This is one of its fundamental problems.

13. LiveTV

LiveTV for Free Streaming Websites

One of the most varied UFC streaming platforms is LiveTV. Although there is only a few UFC content on the website, there is content for almost every other sport in the world. Among the characteristics that are offered are:


  • Live broadcasts
  • Result options
  • Streams for dozens of sports
  • Video archive options

Pros and Cons of LiveTV


  • With a more extended history than other possibilities, LiveTV is a dependable source of material even though they have fewer extensive links to UFC streaming sites.


  • Although it is a terrific place to watch streams, the website can occasionally load slowly. While composing this, we had to refresh the website several times to ensure optimal functionality.

14. VIPRow

VIPRow for Free Streaming Websites

VIPRow offers a good assortment of UFC streams, a slick interface, and a wide range of viewing choices. The following list contains the site's salient features:


  • Dozens of sports streams
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • No registration requirement
  • Multiple stream options

Pros and Cons of VIPRow


  • A user-friendly interface
  • A wide selection of sports
  • Good stream links


  • It would help if you used an ad blocker to attempt and prevent sporadic popups when navigating the navigation links because ads are overpowering.

Safety tips for UFC free stream

The majority of consumers like free items since they can save money. However, nothing is truly free; expenses are usually involved. This is true for UFC free streaming websites, which frequently have security issues.

Here are some safety measures to assist you in staying safe when watching UFC fights online if you must utilize these free websites:

Install a VPN

This article talked about VPNs frequently because they protect your online privacy. Strong streaming VPNs not only assist you in unblocking geo-blocked content but also mask your IP address and data flow, making it impossible for anyone to see what you are doing online.

Install an ad-blocker

This article highlighted a recurring trend of excessive popup advertisements on free streaming websites. These adverts have the potential to be harmful in addition to being bothersome.

We advise using an ad-blocker to eliminate the advertisements on your device. This will provide a safe streaming experience by removing the possibility of malware and spyware.

Install Antivirus Software

Malicious popup ads can occasionally be prevented by using a VPN alone; antivirus software is necessary in these cases. The likelihood of malware infecting your device is decreased when you avoid clicking on dubious links thanks to a reliable antivirus program.

Final Thoughts

It is only possible to watch UFC events if you live in the US. Although viewers can watch UFC fights on local cable networks and online services, they regrettably need a monthly price. Users can still watch UFC matches no matter where they live without signing up for subscription services. Users can watch live broadcasts of UFC matches on the most significant free UFC streaming websites. As their name suggests, these websites are free to use and have no additional fees. Go to the streaming website, register, and view the live feeds if necessary.

The top free UFC streaming websites listed above are reliable and guarantee a seamless viewing experience. Unfortunately, due to their accessibility, these websites frequently display advertisements or take you to harmful websites. Furthermore, some may experience geo-blocks. Consequently, using an ad-blocker and a reputable VPN provider is essential.

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