10 Best Twitch Viewer Bots in 2024 [Get Live Views]

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Do you want to gain more views for your Twitch content? Only the best Twitch viewer bots can earn you a massive number of viewers. This article provides you with the best Twitch viewer bots to boost your viewership.

Twitch has become one of the most popular live video-streaming platforms. This has made many people take to the platform for social and commercial uses.

However, gaining views could be problematic if you’re new to the platform. This is why so many users often utilize the service of Twitch viewer bots.

Twitch Viewer Bot is a piece of software created by a group or a person to automate your Twitch viewers.

It will provide credibility to your channel by making it seem like your videos are popular with viewers.

People like being capable of following and watching successful channels on Twitch; thus, this feature may enable you to attract more viewers.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best Twitch viewer bots to serve your viewership needs.

1. Media Mister — Prioritizes your convenience

Media Mister Buy Twitch Views

  • Price: 100 channel views (1-2 days) cost 2 USD

Visit Media Mister if you are looking for a trustworthy business that will assist you in expanding your Twitch viewership.

The longevity of this firm makes it a possible leader in the market. This indicates they have been around for a while and have spent much effort honing their characteristics.

One of the best things regarding Media Mister is that they can assist you in expanding your audience across other platforms, not just Twitch.

The average influencer who also streams on Twitch will benefit significantly from this. As no social media network exists in a vacuum, integrated service providers are essential.

2. UseViral — Buy Twitch live viewers with fast delivery

UseViral Buy Twitch Views

  • Price: 100 live viewers cost 10 USD

Need convincing that UseViral is a top-tier Twitch viewer bot? Said they value their customers’ satisfaction.

In addition to aiding you in expanding your Twitch channel, they can also assist you in expanding your YouTube channel or any other network on which you are actively working.

Nonetheless, I like that they can assist you with Twitch viewers and followers. This ensures that you’re able to cover all your grounds.

After deciding on your best plan and filling out the necessary information, you will immediately begin to enjoy the benefits.

With their bot, they can identify the specific kind of viewers who will like your Twitch channel’s content and keep returning for more.

3. GetAFollower — Effective for Twitch channel growing

Getafollower Buy Twitch Views

  • Price: 100 channel views (1-2 days) cost 2 USD

Regarding Twitch viewer bots, GetAFollower is at the top of my recommendations because of how well it understands the platform and how well it can cater to its users’ unique needs.

Benefit from a firm like this if you’re always on the go and don’t have time to research your ideal viewer demographic for your Twitch broadcasts.

Someone with their view service prefers to see the underrated succeed than the large businesses that can afford to spend millions on social media advertising.

4. FollowersUp — Provides the right viewers in real-time

FollowersUp Buy Twitch Views

  • Price: 100 channel views cost 2 USD

FollowersUp shares similarities with Media Mister. To be more specific, I would suggest Switching to FollowersUp if you’ve been employing the services of Media Mister for a long and are searching for a new platform.

They’re interchangeable, and the two have collaborated for many years to provide superior functionality and outstanding service to their growing network of satisfied customers.

Choosing the best service for your development is among the initial points FollowersUp prompts you to accomplish. Naturally, you can locate such information on their website if you still need assistance with Twitch viewers.

One of its best features is that FollowersUp offers several payment tiers.

This implies that the number of people that watch your broadcasts is entirely up to you and your spending plan.

5. SlidesMedia — Easy and delivers fast

SlidesMedia Buy Twitch Views

  • Price: 2000 channel views cost 10 USD

My fifth top pick for a reliable Twitch viewer bot is SlidesMedia, which places a premium on providing its customers with transparency and honesty.

Even if they are giving you a decent offer, most businesses in this field are just thinking about how to make a profit and income for themselves.

On the plus side, SlidesMedia’s priority is the well-being and safety of your business, and this makes them launch their engagement with no problems so long as they are always open and truthful with their clientele.

6. TwitchBooster — Provides you with live viewers

Twitchbooster Buy Twitch Views

  • Price: 20 daily live views cost 15 USD

To help your Twitch channel succeed, you need to contact a provider specializing in that.

Whatever you want in the way of followers, channel viewers, and live viewers is available with TwitchBooster.

The method is easy to understand, quick to execute, and risk-free. All you have to do is choose a plan, fill in some information, then sit back and watch the magic unfold.

One advantage of this service not all of its competitors have is the option to purchase a single bundle and never have to worry about it again.

If you pick the proper package on TwitchBooster, you won’t have to worry about your subscription being renewed the next month automatically, as it is with most of the competition.

7. Viewer Boss — The most efficient service for Twitch boosting

Viewer Boss Buy Twitch Views

  • Price: All-in-one package (25 Twitch views/chatbot and 250 followers) begins from 22 EURO

If you’re just getting started with your Twitch channel and are interested in having over 15 viewers at once, Viewer Boss is an excellent option for you to try.

Instead of simply getting views, with Viewer Boss, you gain views, subscribers, and a conversation bot to boot.

The website’s slowness and bugs were the major drawbacks I encountered, albeit these issues may be short-lived.

8. Streambot — Skyrocket your Twitch in minutes

Streambot Buy Twitch Views

  • Price: Basic plan (25 live views) begins from 15 USD weekly

Streambot is one of the best Twitch viewer bots in terms of value for money.

The platform’s eye-catching design is the initial thing that strikes you. After the mayhem of Stream Chaos, this was a welcome relief. The ease of usage is another plus.

You can select the number of live viewers and followers you want and the time between when they join your broadcast and where they are located from the respective service menus.

9. Stream Chaos Bot — Great for watching live streams and boosting viewers

Stream Chaos Bot Buy Twitch Views

  • Price: Bronze package (75 views) begins from 9.99 USD monthly

To help you develop your Twitch channels, the Stream Chaos bot provides tools, including a follower, chat, and viewer bot.

While it has a somewhat retro design, navigating the website was a breeze.

There is no need to waste time searching for relevant information since it is conveniently available on the homepage.

To start, scroll down and choose a plan that suits your needs.

10. Views4Twitch — Boost your stream views and rank on Twitch

Views4Twitch Buy Twitch Views

  • Price: Basic plan (20 viewers for 3 hours) costs 1.99 USD for 3 hours

If you’re not interested in expanding your social media presence beyond Twitch, you may want to check out this specialist service.

The platform has a low learning curve, and the cheapest bundle (which includes 20 watchers for 3 hours) only costs $1.99.

The pricing for the premium package is dynamic, depending on the combination of your desired audience size (above 20 people) and viewing duration (over 3 hours).

One drawback is that there is no way to prepay for a certain number of views; let’s say that you need 20 views daily for one week; it isn’t possible to pay for that number of views and have them automatically added to your account; instead, you must come to the site and purchase those views individually for each day.

With the exclusion of this drawback, I can testify that the service is otherwise pristine in its simplicity, security, and ease of use.


Q. Does Twitch permit viewer bots?

While Twitch considers viewer bots a kind of fraudulent interaction, the platform takes action against them by suspending and dismissing users. If you are willing to take the chance of being caught, you can begin utilizing them immediately. Stick with the Twitch viewer bots I specified in this article if you value your anonymity and want to avoid being caught.

Q. Will I be caught for using Twitch viewer bots?

Unfortunately, no foolproof method detects whether you’re using Twitch viewer bots. The only way to do this is if you admit to using it.

On the other hand, if someone’s channel has a suspiciously high amount subscribers, comments, or views, the person is likely suing Twitch viewer bots.

Q. Will Twitch ban my account for using viewer bots?

If you use or are suspected of utilizing a Twitch viewer bot, Twitch may permanently ban your account. As a result, you may kiss any possible monetary gain goodbye since all your efforts would have been in vain.


Now you have access to what I consider to be the best Twitch viewer bots available. Because I care about you and what happens to your channels, I had only to recommend the finest Twitch bots. Making use of the wrong one might get you banned from Twitch.

Verify that you are getting the most out of your money by using free trials. If you’re willing to pay a reasonable price, you can get the highest-quality Twitch viewer bot.

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