The Latest Trends on Twitch of 2021

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Over the past 24 months, live streaming has grown considerably. However, recently it seemed to slow down. Compared to 2020, the weekly live streaming watch has decreased.

For example, the week of June 22nd, the live streaming watch was down by 0.45% compared to the previous year. Besides, even when the watch time has decreased, the industry as a whole has increased by 49% in 2021, compared to 2020.

Streaming Platforms

Streaming Platforms

There has been a rapid and even dramatic growth in home entertainment, Twitch, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and  HBO Now platforms are gaining millions of subscribers in recent years. For example, Youtube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, and Twitch saw an increase in watched weekly hours this year.

In addition, Twitch still dominates streaming in 2021. The platform has contributed the most to the live-streaming culture, and it has become one of the leading gaming platforms. Over the past few years, the gaming stream content has flourished, bringing the video game industry into the spotlight.

Besides, other platforms have joined this trend, like Facebook with Facebook Gaming and Youtube with Youtube Gaming, and they seem to be catching up as well.

For example, in 2021, Facebook Gaming has seen incredible growth. However, Youtube Gaming still retains its second position, but the transition isn’t quite impressive. Even when Twitch still runs the show, Facebook Gaming was seen to have a sizable increase in audience.

The platform has reached the billion mark for the first time in history, hitting 1.06 billion hours watched. If Facebook Gaming continues to keep pace, it can easily surpass Youtube Gaming.

Many experts said that streaming entertainment would grow, and some of the most extensive entertainment and telecommunications conglomerates in the world say that things will continue in this direction.

According to The Verge, the research firm StreamElements, Twitch saw a 31% increase in viewership, with a total number of hours watched that jumped from 33 million on March 8 to 43 million on March 22. Twitch hosts millions of people who gather every day to have fun together, chat and interact.

The areas of Twitch are games, music, talk shows, sports, travel and outdoors, just chatting, food and drink, and special events. The platform gathers millions of people who share their passions.

Besides the trendy part of games, there are some subjects lately that streamers choose to stream, such as Music streaming, Sports streaming, and others.

Music & Sports Streaming

Music & Sports Streaming

In the case of music streaming, this trend seems to be replacing radio lately. Sometimes we might even ask ourselves, “Is Twitch the new radio?”.

In this past quarter, streaming music was one of the biggest growing trends. Music has the most significant impact on young audiences, being the most prominent of the streaming trends.

Younger age groups now prefer streaming music to radio for an excellent platform. The most important reason would be that there are no commercials, no DJs, no time checks.

Music streaming does not require requesting songs like on the radio but allows you to choose from millions of songs and play them from any device.

The first Twitch music channel in Q2 2021, Sintica, generated 1.2 million hours of viewing. The most popular Twitch music channels have 24/7 radio stations that help promote young artists of several genres, including Monstercat.

Since the appearance of the “Music” category on Twitch, the channels have generated over 230 million hours of viewing.

Twitch also becomes a perfect place where viewers can gather to watch their favorite sports leagues. The hours pursued in the “Sports” category increased by 82% because the Twitch partnership team has been striving all this time to bring major sports leagues to the platform.

The platform reached 37,000 peak spectators during the match between North Carolina and Louisville, the top league of peak spectators in Q2 2021 being the National Women’s Football League.

Using co-streaming tactics, the NBA ranked second. In partnership with Brazilian streamer Gaules, they broadcast playoff games on Twitch.

Video Game Streaming

Video Game Streaming

Twitch has emerged as a streaming platform specialised in video games, but the platform has grown and evolved since then. For example, the video game sector in the Spanish market is so strong that the platform has received a good reception.

Only a few months ago, there was Fall Guys, Among Us, and now, it is time to turn the attention to Rust. Besides, a few streamers, such as Roshtein, create live streaming videos with casino games from a casino online.

In addition, many non-gaming content creators have started to see Twitch as an opportunity to connect with their audience and become more personal and interactive. As a result, an increasing number of streamers are focusing on dissemination, politics, or news.

Twitch can offer opportunities, but where will its growth lead to? For a while, we started to see that brands that are not associated with gaming or sports, such as Vodafone, want to get involved in esports.

It is not surprising to see that brands decide to jump on board in 2021, but that doesn’t mean that they will have results in the long term. By its very nature, Twitch demands creativity, perseverance, platform, and continuous adaptation.

We learned so far from Twitch that personalised content, originality, engaging personality, and community involvement are fundamental. Each streamer embodies this in their way. It is the most attractive and also challenging aspect of the platform.



Co-streaming is another trend now in Twitch that represents the authorized rebroadcast of an event. This method offers at the same time live comments and new and exciting perspectives for the live competition.

Similar to traditional sports leagues, esports leagues have recently tried the use of co-streams to see how consumers react to this method of transmission.

Five percentage points increased Co-streaming viewing hours from year to year.

Video streaming leads the internet traffic representing 82% according to current streaming statistics. They assume that it will be the same until 2022 (Interdigital, 2020).

A role in this growing popularity of streaming is undoubtedly played by video accessibility. Streaming will become more popular among companies and in other organizations due to the improved quality of videos.

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