Top 9 Remote Work Tools for Remote Teams

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If you are keen on converting voice to text then you have many reasons to find this article interesting and informative. There are obviously a number of advantages using the right technology and transcribe audio to text.

We will spend some time having a look at eight remote work tools that could be used for remote teams. We are sure it will help interested readers and other stakeholders to have the right information and knowledge on the subject matter.

Top 9 Remote Work Tools for Remote Teams

1. Dragon Professional

Dragon Professional

If you are looking for a business-grade voice to text application that can be operated remotely, Dragon Professional could be a good choice. It has multiple capabilities and can also help with dictation and also in editing documents. You can create documents using your own voice and also allows the import of custom word lists. It also comes with a mobile app that allows transcription of audio files and then sends the same back to the computer.

2. Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere

This is basically a mobile-based app that is compatible with Android and IoS devices. It is considered to be a complete dictation and conversion capabilities. It can be powered using the cloud. It allows the inserting of chunks of text into a document or video using simple commands. It, however, may not be as flexible as some popular desktop applications.

3. Weje


This is a digital online canvas that one may utilize for different purposes – from simultaneous file editing to project planning and managing. Weje has much to offer remote teams: limitless online workspaces, pre-designed templates, including Kanbans, online sticky notes, mind map-making tools, named cursors, documents preview, and more.

The interaction with Weje is easy. Work on any shared whiteboard with teammates by uploading information on the canvas. This may be text, links, tables, media files, PDFs, etc. Consequently, all participants can contribute to the board – add, group, edit information, and leave comments. After the work is done, outcomes can be downloaded or shared via email to all interested parties.

4. Otter


This is another popular cloud-based speech to text software that is suitable for mobile use but also can be used on laptops. It is capable of providing real-time transcription apart from offering edit, search, edit, play, and other related functions. It is suitable for meetings, interviews, and lectures in a remote environment.

5. Verbit


Verbit claims that they can offer a smarter option when it comes to speech to text conversions. It makes use of AI for captioning as well as for transcription. It is commonly being used in educational establishments and other such enterprises. It makes use of mix of different types of speech models and also uses algorithms and neural networks. This helps in reducing background noise and also helps to focus on various terms even if the accent is different. It also has a live version for captioning and transcription, but it is not perhaps the best in the market in this aspect.

6. Speechmatics


If you are looking for a machine learning solution that is comparable to the best for converting speech to text, then Speechmatics could be a good choice. Speechmatics apart from having the capability to operate in a remote environment also has other advantages. It also is capable of transcribing call center recordings and then converting them into the relevant texts or even word documents.

7. Braina Pro

This is much more than soft recognition software because it performs well as an all-round digital assistant. It also has other important takeaways such as playing of MP3 file, reading ebook aloud, and other such capabilities. It also comes with a free version but with limited facilities and features. It works only when you have a Google browser installed for speech recognition and other such vital functions.

8. Amazon Transcribe

Amazon Transcribe

This is an audio to text application that bears the stamp of Amazon. It is capable of offering a number of functions ranging from vocabulary editing to audio for apps. Further, it can also be used for recognizing speakers and channels. The make use a deep learning process that helps in adding formatting and punctuation and also for transcribing speech.

9. Audext


According to many users and experts, Audext is perhaps the best audio to text software. It comes with a number of attractive features and capabilities. It is perfectly suited for journalists and they can use it for working remotely and transcribe audio to text. It has one of the best audio to text conversion features. Here are some of the main reasons why it continues to be the favorite amongst a host of professionals.

Is could be a wonderful tool for transcription of interviews by journalists. It is also used regularly in press conferences, podcasts, and other such events. Students use it for lecture notes. Further, it also could come in handy for voice recordings and voice memos using mobile phones. Psychologists and other medical professionals also make use of it for their medical purposes.


We strongly believe that that the above would have given our readers a reasonably good insight about the various remote audio to text tools in the market today. While each one is unique and has some positives attached to it, there are many who believe that Audext could be one of the best choices for the reasons mentioned above.

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