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Ever since the glorious Titanic struck an iceberg and sank into the Atlantic Ocean in 1912 it has been one of the most talked about tales for over a century now. The disaster affected several people.

Over thirty films and TV shows exist of the Titanic. These films showcase the utter horror passengers and victims of the Titanic suffered that long April night. Honestly, Titanic films are tough to watch.

Each film has a different approach or follows the lives of different characters from the three different classes. The Titanic always strikes the iceberg and sinks. There is no changing time.

How many titanic movies are there? Which film adaptation of Titanic is considered the best and which are the ones to avoid? You'll find out which is the best Titanic movie and which is the worst.

From Best to Worst Titanic Films: All Titanic movies

1. A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember is considered to be the most historically accurate Titanic film of all time. Unlike how other adaptations play out the entire journey, A Night To Remember only focuses on an eventful evening and does not create fictional characters. Passengers, the iceberg, and everything to its heart-pounding conclusion is spot on.

The only historical inaccuracy is that the ship does not break in two. The split was not discovered until the Titanic was found in 1985. However, this mistake does not ruin the film. It’s memorable and powerful. I greatly recommend it!

2. Titanic (1997)

Titanic 1997 movie

Starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio and many other notable actors, Titanic (1997) is a dazzling, powerful, and enthralling film based on the famous wreck. It’s a story told in flashback about a forbidden romance.

A romantic and dramatic picture topped off with an overwhelming, yet amazingly directed scene of the Titanic sinking into the Atlantic Ocean. Your cheeks will not be dry once the credits are rolling. Considered to be the most epic film of its time. You do not want to skip this version of the Titanic.

3. Titanic (1953)

Although historically inaccurate, Titanic (1953) is another fictional tale of the famous ship. Starring Clifton Webb and Barbara Stanwyck portraying an unhappy couple, this version of the famous sinking will immediately hook viewers in. The film won an Oscar in 1954 for Best Writing.

The ending of the film is beautiful with all the remaining passengers singing ‘Nearer My God to Thee’ during the final plunge. In all actuality, everyone was running away screaming trying to figure out how to get off the dangerously tilting boat deck. And there are a few other historical inaccuracies. No film is ever perfect.

4. Titanic (2012)

Premiering on the exact 100 anniversary from when the great ship sank, Titanic (2012) focuses on a multitude of stories harvesting a deeper investigation into the journey. It’s stunning and impressive for a film shown on TV splitting into four different episodes.

Costumes and decor are beautiful to study. The mini-series was met with mixed criticism. The use of perspective is used quite well. Following one story would make the film boring. Go ahead and enjoy a night watching this adaption of Titanic unfold.

5. Saved From the Titanic (1912)

You must be surprised that the first Titanic film was released a month after the ocean liner sank. Starring one of the ships actual survivors, Dorothy Gibson reenacts her evening the night of the sinking.

Filming may have been too soon due to all the grieving Titanic survivors. Unfortunately, no existing prints exist of the film. Still, the 1912 film will always hold as a legacy for being the first film to exist of the great Titanic.

6. Titanic (1943)

One of the first fictional tales ever told of the Titanic, Titanic (1943) was controversial for its time. Filmed during the events of WW2, the director was arrested by the Gestapo, scenes depicting propaganda have since been deleted, and awful production. Having gone through several cuts and edits, Titanic (1943) can be found on DVD, but not the full version.

7. Titanic (1996)

This TV miniseries is so inaccurate that it is hard to watch. Titanic is such a fascinated tale to watch that you cannot help being dragged into the characters, scenery, but the awful sinking scene is not worth the watch.

Viewers have also disliked the cardboard actors, scenes that felt out of place, and a disheveled set that was said to have been falling apart that actors had to hold up the set pieces. However, opinions may differ.

8. Raise the Titanic (1980)

RaiseTheTitanic 1980

Raise the Titanic is considered to be a great flop. The film is released five years before the ship was discovered underneath the Atlantic Ocean. Since nobody has yet discovered the Titanic, the film gives it a makeover.

It starts over in interesting concepts, but the film is dissatisfying. Honestly, the most memorable scene is the ship breaking out of the ocean and setting sail. If you’d like to give it a watch, I won’t stand in your way.

9 and 10. Titanic: The Legend Goes On (1999) and The Legend of the Titanic (2000)

The Legend Goes On( 1999) and The Legend of the Titanic

These two animated films tie in as the worst Titanic adaptions known to the world. Not only are they tasteless, but they mock the great disaster. One film has a rapping dog while in the other film a gigantic octopus saves the great ship saving all the lives. Unless you need a good laugh, I would not waste your time on these films.


Titanic has been presented in a multitude of expressive, beautiful, and heart-pounding adaptations. I would honestly watch every version being the crazed fanatic that I am. These films are only to experiment and capture stories on what it was like to be on this ship.

Get out the tissue and go have a marathon. Although the story is the same each time the films make an effort to be different. Now you know which of these films to watch or to cross off the list.

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