General Tips To Level Up in Lost Ark

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Are you a fan of Lost Ark and looking to take your gaming experience to the next level?

With tips and strategies from experienced gamers, your journey through the world of Lost Ark can be even more fun and rewarding. This blog post will provide general tips on leveling up in Lost Ark. From optimizing class builds to gaining XP quickly, these seven key strategies will help you rise through the ranks faster than ever!

General Tips To Level Up in Lost Ark

Lost Ark can be a challenging game to level up in, but you can make your journey smoother with some helpful tips.

Fastest Way To Level Up in Lost Ark

Killing Mobs Efficiently

Aim to group enemies together instead of attacking one enemy at a time. Some classes, such as Deadeyes, have area attacks that can finish off multiple enemies at once. Running around in circles or making enemies chase you might be necessary to gather them together, but you can quickly take them down once they are in one spot.

You can save valuable time and breeze past challenging quests by attacking multiple enemies together. Gunslingers are your best bet if you're looking for an excellent class for dealing with multiple enemies. With their ranged weapons, they can target multiple enemies simultaneously.

Avoid High Population Server

Leveling up is crucial to progress through the game when playing Lost Ark. However, leveling up requires killing enemies to get the necessary XP. This becomes challenging when you're in a server with a high population, as other players might steal your kills. This leads to waiting for the enemies to respawn, which can be frustrating.

Although playing with others can be helpful, playing in less populated servers can save time and increase your efficiency in leveling up. You can easily switch to less populated servers by clicking the dropdown menu above your minimap and selecting the desired channel.

Playing Solo

Playing solo is an effective strategy many players swear by when leveling up in Lost Ark. Although playing Dungeons on normal difficulty is recommended, playing solo can make things even more efficient. The issue with playing Dungeons with groups is that the game scales enemy heaths according to the number of party members. This scaling can make the overall dungeon slightly harder and more time-consuming than if you had just played solo without matchmaking.

Many players have reported being able to level up faster solo than in groups. When playing in groups, the game often splits up party members to do their own tasks before proceeding, which can lead to waiting around for the others to catch up. If you're looking for a good solo class, consider checking out the Berserker.

Fast Travelling

Lost Ark can be a pretty big game; sometimes, it can be difficult to get from one place to another on time. Luckily, there are several ways to make traveling quicker and more efficient. Fast travel is an obvious option that many players may already be familiar with, but did you know that you can also teleport directly to Triports from your overlay map by holding alt and clicking on them?

Additionally, using your mount or ship can be a great way to get around quickly, and picking up sea barrels along the way will give your ship's boost power a much-needed refresh. And finally, if you need to travel within a continent, teleporting to any port is a breeze with your world map. By utilizing these various methods of fast travel, you'll be able to save time and focus more on the game's exciting content.

Invest Your Skill Points

As you progress through the game, leveling up in Lost Ark becomes more challenging. It's important to invest your skill points wisely. While it seems smart to spread them across different skills, it's better to focus on maxing out one of your strongest skills for your class. It's an easy way to significantly improve your character's damage output and make quick work of enemies in your path.

If you need help deciding which skills to focus on, eXputer has some great builds, like the scrapper or Wardancer Build, to help you make the right choice. With some strategy and effort, you'll soon see yourself leveling up and taking on tougher opponents easily.

Combat Consumables

As you progress through the exciting world of Lost Ark, you will undoubtedly come across different consumables that can help during battles. These consumables are not to be taken lightly, as they can give you a variety of buffs to aid in defeating your enemies. While you may be tempted to hold onto them for fear of running out, using them during battles can reduce the time it takes to defeat each enemy.

Some popular examples of consumables include flame grenades, flash grenades, clay grenades, electric grenades, frost grenades, and many others. However, one item that you should keep in reserve is the health potion. These are much rarer and come in handy during the endgame. So use your consumables, but hold onto your health potions to ensure victory in Lost Ark.

Break Down Gear

As you journey through Lost Ark, you'll quickly realize that picking up loot and gear is common. However, not all of it will be useful in the long run. Instead of getting bogged down by an overflowing inventory, you must regularly break down any gear that you need to start using. You can manage your inventory and sell the scrap to NPCs for a tidy profit. Keep pushing yourself through the main quests and follow the Lost Ark Leveling Guide, and before you know it, you'll be at level 50 in no time.

Fastest Way To Level Up in Lost Ark

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It's exciting to start your journey in Lost Ark and watch your character and gear evolve with you. You must level up correctly and prepare for random events to progress further into the game. With all of the advice discussed in this blog post – from perfecting your class builds to focusing on certain dungeons – you can maximize your experience in the game.

Moreover, if you ever want to skip some of the fun processes and head straight through difficult phases, you can always take a boost service, which will help level up quickly. Have fun playing!

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