TOP 10 TikTokers with OnlyFans to Follow! (With Links!)

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TikTok has been getting much attention for several years, and many owners have tried combining it with OnlyFans. With this in mind, today, we'll look at TikTokers with OnlyFans accounts.

Living in a world dominated by social media platforms, it's natural to see many people having accounts on multiple websites. For us plain folks, this is an activity we use for fun, meeting new people, or getting in touch with our family abroad. Unlike us, celebrities use these platforms for other kinds of activities.

Many of the popular people these days have social media accounts with millions of followers. Considering that these platforms are a good place for people to make money, they utilize that for additional income. The rise of TikTok showed us how little it takes for a celebrity to rise and get a lot of followers easily. A common combination we see nowadays is for people with TikTok accounts also to have OnlyFans.

Yes, we know OnlyFans as a platform for explicit content, but some accounts don't take that route. Remember, OnlyFans is a platform designed for people who are willing to pay for a certain type of exclusive content. Despite this platform's adult-rated tag, that's not the only kind of content you'll see.

The way most people use these two platforms is by using one to promote the other. TikTok is generally a content-safe platform where you won't see any X-rated or explicit videos. People use this as a way to promote themselves, usually going for something safe but still seductive and sexy. Once you find something you like, you can check out OnlyFans and see if that account offers more explicit and exclusive content. Many do, and you can usually find that information in their bio.

Considering how closely related these two platforms are, and how well celebrities use them in tandem, today we'll look at popular TikTokers with OnlyFans accounts.

1. Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa

There are a handful of people that don't know how Mia Khalifa is. The former pornstar left that industry and quickly became a social media influencer. Considering the popularity she had, it didn't take long for her to gain a lot of followers.

She has over 32 million followers on TikTok, which is quite a massive number. The content you'll find has nothing to do with her former life, and she's more into work and business.

Things aren't too different on OnlyFans, but there is a slight twist. Subscribers will access similar types of content, but they'll also get some explicit ones. The exclusive content isn't like the one most people are expecting, but her fans seem to enjoy it.

In terms of fees, Mia's subscription fee on OnlyFans is $11.99 per month. It may seem a lot, but considering how many subscribers there are, it's evident that there is some interest.

2. Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf

Next up, we have another social media influencer and icon, Corinna Kopf. She's a model turned into a social media person, which seems to work well in her favor. Considering that she's still in her 20s, it becomes evident that this kind of life is working well for her.

Initially, her journey began on TikTok, posting some sexy content. It wasn't anything X-rated, but the seductive moves combined with Corinna's looks made her an instant star. With almost 5 million followers on TikTok, you can clearly see a lot of interest in her content.

This showed Corinna that she could aim for OnlyFans, which she did. With almost 400 photos and 27 videos, she has almost 2 million likes on the platform. The content isn't the most explicit, meaning you'll get access to semi-nude photos and videos.

Corinna's monthly subscription starts from $19.99, which seems like a lot. For loyal fans, she offers a discount for a multi-month option. You can go up to a yearly package with a 25% discount.

3. Paige Bauer

Paige Bauer

Next up, we have an account that may not have millions of followers but is still one of the more popular ones you'll find. Paige Bauer is a country girl from Alabama pushing content that most girls on these platforms don't even consider.

Paige has almost 100 thousand followers on TikTok, where she posts relatively safe content. The twist here is that the content usually revolves around fishing and hunting. She spices that up with some bikini shots making it a combination that some people like.

It's a similar story on OnlyFans, but considering we're talking about exclusive content, you'll see more of Paige. She still maintains the content style as on TikTok, but it's a bit more spicy here. In terms of amount, she has over 1,200 photos and 230 videos on the platform.

The pricing structure is simple, and you can get access to the content for $10 per month. Some may say it's not cheap, but you are getting a different kind of content, so it's worth it for some people.

4. Lauren Elizabeth

Lauren Elizabeth

There are many blond beauties on the internet, and one of those is Lauren Elizabeth. She is a 5″ 4 British blonde with an hourglass figure that's relatively popular on TikTok and OnlyFans. Unlike some of the other accounts here, she does things differently.

On TikTok, she has over 300 thousand followers totaling to almost 2 million likes. The content she posts there is sexy, but it's nothing X-rated. For the most part, Lauren is emphasizing her figure and attracting people that want to see that.

When it comes to OnlyFans, Lauren offers an entirely different kind of content. Even though there isn't as much content as some of the other accounts here, having 2.5 million likes on 150 photos and 115 videos is impressive.

The thing that Lauren does differently is the pricing. She offers a 7-day trial period to see if you like the content and want to continue supporting her. If you do, then the monthly subscription is $20.

5. Summer Brookes

Summer Brookes

Imagine being in your early 20s and already having very successful TikTok and OnlyFans accounts. Summer Brookes is a girl from the UK that doesn't have to imagine that. With 22 years, good looks, and a sexy body, she's slowly taking over this part of the internet.

Summer's TikTok accounts have almost 300 thousand followers and over 4 million likes, which is a nice number. The content there is generally seductive, where she shows off her figure, and the most you'll see here is her in a bikini.

The OnlyFans account is a totally different story. Summer has over 1,300 photos and 42 videos, with almost 350 thousand likes. Unlike TikTok, the content you'll see here is explicit, and considering how Summer looks, it's no wonder so many people are willing to pay for it.

Speaking of paying, the regular price is $14.99 per month, but she offers a 50% discount on that. She also offers multi-month packages, with the largest one being 12 months, which you can get for half of the regular price.

6. Jacki Magno

Jacki Magno

If you're after sexy dancing in a bikini, look no further than Jacki Magno. With tons of content worldwide, this stunning TikToker will have you asking for more, so the OnlyFans account is a plus.

On TikTok, Jacki has almost 1 million followers totaling to over 6 million likes. The content there is seductive, but it's not X-rated. You'll see her mostly in bikinis on a beach, near a fancy car, or by the pool.

If you want to see more, you should check out Jacki's OnlyFans account. With almost 400 photos and 57 videos, you'll get access to more spicy content if that's what you're in for. Occasionally, she's been known to throw in some explicit content, which is what the fans want.

The best part is that this content isn't the most expensive on this list. Jacki's asking for $10 per month, and you have the option to get a larger package for multiple months. Going for the largest one of 12 months gives you a 45% discount.

7. Diana Maux

Diana Maux

There are many fitness trainers on the internet, and the one that stands out is Diana Maux. This Columbian beauty does everything from posting exercising videos, seductive dancing, and plenty of explicit content reserved for OnlyFans.

On TikTok, Diana has over 100 thousand followers totaling up to almost 350 thousand likes. She uses this platform mainly to post seductive content, and is sometimes part of her training routines. You'll get the occasional video from her in a bikini dancing for your pleasure.

If you want to see more explicit content about Diana, you'll need to head over the OnlyFans. Here, she posts all the content she's not allowed to post on other platforms. It follows the trend from TikTok, but you'll get full access to her uncensored body.

The best part about Diana is that you get full access to everything for free. Unlike some of the other entries on this list, her content isn't hiding behind a paywall, so all you'll need to do is log in and enjoy.

8. Lacey Jane

Lacey Jane

People that are fans of tattoos and curvy women will love this entry. Lacey Jane is a gorgeous inked TikToker that you can subscribe to on OnlyFans. This will give you access to more juicy content that won't be found elsewhere.

Lacey's has almost 70 thousand followers and almost 300 thousand likes. The content there is generally seductive, with her showing off her body and tattoos. She often combines this with some comic aspect, which most of her followers like.

Going over to OnlyFans is a totally different experience. Here, you'll find all the content that can't be published on TikTok. It means that Lacey publishes explicit content you can access if you're a subscriber.

Considering the type of content, the monthly subscription is affordable. The regular price is $6 per month, and there is a discount offer at the moment for 30% off. Like several other accounts on this list, you have packages for multiple months that go up to a year with a 25% discount.

9. Denise Anders

Denise Anders

Women and muscles are something that people like, which is where Denise Anders comes into play. She's one of the fittest accounts on TikTok and offers you an option to get access to some exclusive content on OnlyFans.

There was a time when Denise had a larger TikTok account, but that one doesn't exist anymore, so she has a second one. It's relatively small, with only 500 followers and 1200 likes. The content here is of her exercising or posting something funny to grab your attention.

Once she has your attention, you can head over to OnlyFans. The content there isn't the most explicit, but it is enjoyable for many people. She offers fetish-friendly content, sexting sessions and can even provide you with some custom content.

The price is $12 per month, and there is a 25% discount at the moment, so you can access Denise's OnlyFans account for $9. Another option is to pay for 6 months in advance and get a total of 50% discount.

10. Sedona Sky


Sedona Sky

Tall and attractive women aren't the most common sight on the internet, but one of them stands out. Sedona Sky is one of the rare ones offering the content you want to see. The bonus here is that you'll love this if you're a tattoo fan.

Sedona has a TikTok account with over 90 thousand followers and over 4 million likes. The content there isn't X-rated, and most of the videos are funny. Some content is seductive and sexy, but it's far from explicit or anything similar.

For that kind of content, you should head over to OnlyFans. Sedona offers you the option to see more of her in some naughty content she posts there. It's not the most X-rated content on the platform, but you can definitely find some explicit one.

If you want to become a subscriber, the fee is $10 per month, and there is a 25% discount at the moment. There are 3 additional options available for multiple months, each coming with a discount. The largest one is the yearly package with 50% off.

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