I Will Never: 10 Things You Should Never Try In Your Life

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Life without risk would be boring and unfulfilling. Your body probably has a fight or flight reaction whenever you talk to people you find attractive. But if you always yielded to that base instinct, then you would never meet your soulmate. In short, it’s good to do things you’re afraid of.

But that line of thinking does not trail off indefinitely. Some risks are not really risks at all. You should be willing to be adventurous. But there is a difference between adventurous and foolish.

Tragically, spotting that difference is not always easy. But that is what we are here to talk about today. Because as hard as it can be to separate adventure from foolishness, there are at least 10 things you can be sure should be avoided at all costs.

Never Try Meth

Let’s start with an easy one. Meth is bad. Why do people do it? Because it gets them high, and they have no other option for getting high. But meth has a few quirks that other drugs do not have. For one, it redefines the meaning of the phrase “habit forming”. It can get you hooked fast.

Aside from that, it ruins your teeth, your muscle mass, and even your brain. Don’t try it.

Never Pay for Sex

Never Pay for Sex

The reasons behind this one are layered. If a person imagines the sex they get from a prostitute to be the same as the sex they would get from their romantic partner, then they might be confused as to why it is a thing to be avoided. But most sex workers are trafficked.

That means they are not doing what they are doing of their own free will. Not only is it likely that you will get a sexually transmitted disease, but you are also paying into a wretched crime.

Never Take Out a Credit Card for Fun

There is a right way to use credit cards. Taking them out in order to cover emergencies or expenses that you know you can pay off is fine. Taking them out when you have no need for them and no plan to pay them back is not fine.

Always remember that credit cards are designed to keep you paying them off forever.

Never Trust Your Employer

Of all the things we will tell you to never do, this one is the most common for people to do by far. But why not trust your employer? Well, remember that they want labor from you. They will do anything to get that labor. Most of the time, that begins and ends with paying you.

But they would pay you less for the same work if they could. They would make you work more for the same amount of money if they knew you had no other option. Don’t rely on them to be a confidant, because they will say anything to find leverage on you to get an advantage.

Never Talk to the Police

Never Talk to the Police

On a related note, do not talk to the police. Police are not motivated by a desire to help the community. They get their money from making arrests and charging people for crimes. The reality of whether or not a person actually committed those crimes is irrelevant to their pay.

If the police ask you a question, do not answer it. If they arrest you, ask for a lawyer. Record everything you can get away with recording. And do not try to run. They will kill you.

Never Let Someone Tell You What You Can’t Do

There are a lot of ways of relating to people. People can talk down to you. People can urge you to do things that would be good for you. People can do all sorts of things that are a little iffy, but ultimately harmless, especially if they come from a good place. But not this.

If someone tells you that you can’t have certain friends, can’t do certain things, or can’t have what is rightfully yours, then that person should be subject to heavy scrutiny. It’s okay for someone to tell you why you shouldn’t do those things, but making rules is not okay.

Never Put a Substance in Your Body at Another’s Insistence

This is mostly a safety tip. If someone is trying to get you to try drugs or alcohol, then you should know as much about what they are telling you to put in your body as possible.

It is pointless for us to tell you to never drink or do drugs. Those that will do it will do it. But you should be sure that you are in control of the situation. Do not do it out of pressure.

Never Mix Alcohol and Sleeping Pills

Alcohol mixes poorly with lots of things, but sleeping pills is by far the deadliest. It does not matter if it is a beer and a light sleeping pill, it can kill you. If it is heavy sleep aids with something like whiskey, then it will definitely kill you.

Never Gamble with Non-Discretionary Income

You might think our advice is rather obvious here. But here is the real thing you should avoid: Making the decision to keep gambling after discretionary income has run out.

Because while losing that money is part of the problem, making that choice is another problem entirely.

Never Delay Seeking Mental Health Help

Originally, we were going to say, “Never commit suicide”, but everyone knows that. Even people who commit suicide know they shouldn’t. The problem is not that people who do it are misinformed.

The problem is that they need help and have not gotten it.


Some of these are small risks, some of these are related to how you go about your life, but all of them are essential to keeping yourself safe. Just always be thinking about what risks you should take and what risks are not worth it.

And if you have anything you want to talk about, remember that we are always willing to help here: https://www.ascendantny.com/why-choose-ascendant/

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