The Reason Behind Many Arab Countries Restricted Online Casinos

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Gambling or betting is still an illegal subject in many countries, including the Arab world. Read more to find out why gambling is still prohibited in many Arab countries.

After studying and researching gambling laws in different countries across the world, the experts at have found that the underlying reasons are often related to religion or morality. Many Arab countries look upon all forms of gambling as crime or sin. On the other hand, there are some countries that think gambling has many socio-economic repercussions that are unhealthy for society.

From underage gambling to increased criminal activities, there are many reasons why countries like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have banned it in their jurisdictions. Even though the Arab countries are filled with abundant wealth, popular for oil and natural gas export, and well-known for the luxury lifestyle, they consider gambling a grave sin.

Here we are going to talk about the reasons why many Arab countries have restricted online casinos and gambling sites. We will find out the gambling rules in different Arab countries and why the government still considers it inappropriate to regulate gambling. Let us take a look at the reasons that will clear all your doubts regarding gambling in the Arab world.

1. Religious Beliefs

The majority of the Arab countries are Muslim states and firmly believe in the teachings of the Quran. Countries like the United Arab Emirates have even followed the principles of the Quran and included them in the country’s laws. According to Islamic Sharia Law, gambling is an indecent activity and hence is considered a sin for society.

Many Arab countries that follow this law have prohibited gambling and set strict restrictions and punishments over it. According to the law, gambling is “ the work of Satan.” Aside from the steps taken by the government, the majority of the residents of these countries are devoted Muslims and hence honor the preventive measures by the governments.

2. Tourism Industry

Arab countries like the United Arab Emirates generate a huge amount of revenue from their tourism sectors. UAE has cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi that welcome tourists from all over the world. To maintain authenticity and respect for its culture, the country has launched strict gambling regulations.

Whether it’s a resident or tourist, anyone found gambling in the country will be subjected to the punishments set by the government. On the other hand, Arab countries like Egypt use gambling as a way to promote their tourism industry. Egypt has legalized gambling for tourists. However, residents are not allowed to visit any casinos in Egypt.

3. Prevent Invasion of Privacy

Another reason to restrict gambling activities is the invasion of privacy. Online gambling is now a huge industry in the world. There are many top-notch regulatory authorities that provide licenses to online casinos and betting sites. Even though many Arab countries have banned casino sites, there are many offshore gambling operators that accept players from these regions.

It might be possible that the information that players provide to the offshore casino operators can be used for different purposes. To avoid the misuse of players’ information, many Arab countries prohibit players from visiting such casino sites.

4. Prevent Gambling Addiction

Prevent Gambling Addiction

Online gambling and betting often lead to social repercussions that are not healthy for the development of society. Many Arab countries have made it illegal to avoid underage gambling and prevent gambling addiction in the country. In fact, the UAE government has even set up an authority to block access to offshore casino sites.

There is a possibility that children may get access to gambling sites and can exploit their future. Moreover, gambling can make people lose track of time and forget that they are spending too much money on casino sites. To avoid all of these possibilities, the majority of Arab countries have banned gambling under their jurisdictions.

5. Lack of Regulatory Framework

Even though the government in some Arab countries does not want to regulate gambling, we can consider the lack of framework as one of the many reasons. Usually, a legal framework is needed to regulate gambling in any country. Many countries across the world have established authority in order to oversee gambling regulations within their territories.

For example, countries like Malta or Great Britain have established a licensing authority that regulates online gambling and betting activities throughout the country. If we talk about Arab countries, there is no push to regulate online gambling in these regions. This is why there is no regulatory framework that ensures the safety of players while playing at online casino sites.

6. Current Gambling Restrictions in Arab Countries

Current Gambling Restrictions in Arab Countries

Different Arab countries have different sets of regulations for online gambling and betting. However, in the majority of parts, gambling is illegal and is considered against the religious beliefs of Islamic culture.

Even though you find an Arab country where gambling is legal, either it is for only tourists or is heavily regulated. If we talk about brick-and-mortar casinos, then there are quite a few places in Arab countries that allow gambling enthusiasts to wager online. Check below the legal status of gambling in different Arab countries.

  • United Arab Emirates: Illegal
  • Saudi Arabia: Illegal
  • Egypt: Legal (only for tourists)
  • Algeria: Illegal (Except some forms of lotteries)
  • Iran: Illegal
  • Jordan: Illegal
  • Lebanon: Legal
  • Qatar: Illegal

7. To Conclude

If you are a gambling enthusiast wishing to play at online casinos in any of these Arab countries, then there are certain things we recommend to take care of. First and foremost, it is important to understand the rules and regulations before you indulge in such activities.

Having no trouble or worry can enhance your gambling experience. Currently, in the Arab countries where online gambling is illegal, a large number of players prefer visiting offshore casino sites. Players often use a virtual private network (VPN) to avoid any issues while playing.

Using a VPN helps them to mask their actual location and make their location untraceable. Another important factor to consider is the payment method at online casino sites. You may land up at an online casino that does not accept any payment method that is convenient for you.

Many offshore casino sites do not accept Arab currencies or Arab-friendly payment options, which might bring obstacles while depositing or withdrawing funds. This is why Arab players should check all this information before they start playing at any foreign online casino.

Many experts suggest that gambling can be regulated in some Arab countries in the near future. However, considering the respect for their culture and laws, it is quite uncertain that Arab countries like UAE or Saudi Arabia will legalize gambling for several years.

Overall, we can say that online gambling and betting are surely unregulated in the Arab world. Now, this does not mean that residents from these countries cannot get access to casino sites.

From respecting religious beliefs to combating gambling addiction, Arab countries are majorly focussing on removing the effects of gambling from society.

While experts suggest that legalizing online gambling can help these countries generate a huge amount of revenue, Arab nations with abundant wealth certainly are not going to consider the revenue above their religious teachings and cultural heritage.

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