Integration of Artificial Intelligence into the Blockchain

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SYPWAI is a startup for the development and implementation of AI in various projects. Most recently, the company has implemented the ability to combine AI and blockchain. SYPWAI believes this integration will take the product to the next level.

Since relatively recently, blockchain and artificial intelligence have come together to modernize many areas. The result of such solutions is already bringing about many positive changes. Each technology has its degree of sophistication, but artificial intelligence and blockchain are technologies that can benefit from each other and help each other.

Because both technologies interact with data in different ways, combining them can take data use to the next level. At the same time, integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence into blockchain could improve the underlying system architecture. Artificial intelligence has the potential to significantly improve blockchain efficiency.

The possibility of integrating blockchain and artificial intelligence into the mainstream has attracted the interest of many companies. Technology start-up SYPWAI, for example, sees a lot of advantages in using the technology simultaneously.

As SYPWAI takes the development of its product as the basis for its development as a startup, the flow of data coming into the neural network must increase exponentially. Such a perspective will then lead to the error-free operation of artificial intelligence. All of this can be facilitated by blockchain.

Integration benefits


A month ago, a UK start-up announced the completion of a blockchain ecosystem. It is now in the testing phase, analyzing and fixing bugs and adding missing small details. Once enough testing has been done to make the two systems work perfectly, SYPWAI will be ready to announce the release.

Among the industries and areas that will benefit from the joint application of artificial intelligence and blockchain, SYPWAI highlights the following: Medicine with its traditionally high-performance artificial intelligence-based diagnostic techniques combined with careful record-keeping and information-sharing, of which there is still a shortage today. All patients who have ever sought care expect a high degree of confidentiality of data relating to their health;

Copyright protection, where blockchain ‘protects' exclusive material, as if sealing it and providing a temporary stamp. In addition, artificial intelligence identifies copyright infringers by comparing and analyzing the content they offer with samples of the originals stored in the blockchain;

Cybersecurity systems based on real-time threat detection using artificial intelligence, which can be further augmented by the function of protecting that critical information, which in normal circumstances could easily be discreetly tampered with;

Decentralized, autonomous organizations where blockchain supports their self-management system and AI methods that facilitate decision-making and adaptation to changing external conditions;

The purchase and redistribution of energy (and other resources) in smart cities using blockchain and artificial intelligence that uses residents' behavioral patterns to manage energy flows and predict future needs.

In addition, sharing and transparency will facilitate access to training datasets, real data, and models by different, including remote, artificial intelligence actors. This will allow SYPWAI to monitor the work activities of its users who are involved in training the neural network.

The company believes that the use of blockchain will help the startup become more ‘green' towards the users who train the neural network and will also take SYPWAI's product to the next level.

Growing interest in the practical application of AI

The past few years have seen a new wave of interest in artificial intelligence and its wider practical use in real-world projects. This fits in well with the rapidly growing wave of blockchain technology development, and such an effective combination is extremely promising today.

SYPWAI constantly monitors trends and keeps up with the times. Thanks to its innovative approach, the company can guarantee consistently high growth rates and the privacy of its users' data, thus ensuring strong demand among corporations that want to partner with SYPWAI.

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