10 Best Stephen King Film Adaptations – IT by stephen king is the Best?

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Stephen King is one of the best writers of all time. He is the king of horror in his prolific writing style and thinking up the most ingenious ideas mixed with twists even readers never see coming.

King has written quite a pile of stories. Even I agree that it is tough to choose which book to pick up and read. Horror and fantasy draw its readers in.

Stephen King is forever the king of horror. If you are looking for a good Stephen King book that will make you stay up all night then this is the right list for you. Let’s get started.

Top 10 stephen king movies adaptations

1. The Shining

The Shining is one of Stephen King’s best novels. Literally, you won’ want to put this novel down. A family of three agree to look after the Overlook Hotel for the winter. However, they are not alone. Each page is a spine-tingly image.

No reader will be dissatisfied with this powerful and terrifying tale. The characters also make the story rich and engrossing, especially five-year-old Danny when he discovers his power for the shining.

2. The Stand

The StandThe Stand is one of King’s longest novels. That doesn’t mean it’s a terribly long read. It’s filled with excitement and riveting characters who have survived an apocalypse after many have horribly taken ill and died from a plague.

That’s not all that The Stand is about. It’s a battle between angels and the devils. It’s up to you which side you’re on. Every detail, character, and twist will have you hooked in an instant.

3. It

“It” by Stephen King is my most favorite!

ItOne of King’s most disturbing stories. In over 1000 pages to read about friendship, an evil demonic clown, bullies, and other important facts about the kids lives as they grow into adults. It is a powerful story. And it’s relatable. We’re all afraid of something.

Pennywise the Dancing the Clown will never let you live it down. Readers are warned of one particularly cringe-worthy scene. As the reader, you even feel like a member of the kid's band tagging along in all the horrors.

4. Carrie

CarrieCarrie was Stephen King’s first published book about an awkward outcast constantly bullied by her peers and torn apart by her overly religious mother.

This is King’s first step at taking risks as a writer. Readers can easily feel the emotion and a bond to Carrie White.  Finding out that she has telekinesis powers Carrie is invited out to the prom for a night nobody will ever forget. And sadly, it’s not the evening Carrie was hoping for. Revenge never felt so good.

5. Salem’s Lot

Salem’s LotSalem’s Lot covers a story about a vampire uproar causing an epidemic around a once quiet town. The story follows the jounrey’s of many memorable characters and even a riveting climax that will have you on the edge of you seat. King’s novels may appear long, but they prove to be quick reads.

6. Misery

MiseryIf you ever hear someone tell you that you are their #1 fan, run away. After he is in a fatal car crash, Paul Sheldon only believes Annie Wilkes to be his life savior who nurses him back to health.

That is not the half of it. Now, Paul must do everything he is told even going so far as to burn one of his manuscripts. Nothing says terror like being confined to bed in the house of your manical #1 fan.

7. Pet Semetary

Pet SemetaryPet Semetary is so scary that it even scared King! He put this book on a shelf before publishing it into the world. After a family moves to a new state they find a pet semetary.

King does a wonderful job of trying to connect readers to his characters situations and even their internal fears. Especially death. In an absolutely terrifying story where it’s discovered that the dead can be brought back to life, the question is: would you?

8. The Dark Tower Series

The Dark Tower SeriesThe Dark Tower series are a series of eight stories that take place in the scientific fantasy world. The series has many epic stories and memorable characters allowing its readers to follow as if they were actual characters.

the story tells about the final quest of the last gunslinger known to man. The just need to reach the dark towers and their quest is complete. Don’t worry, all eight books will most likely be finished in a week.

9. The Dead Zone

The Dead ZoneWhat if you were to remain in a coma for five years?

And during that time your girlfriend falls in love with someone else, a new invention is discovered, and you lose your job. But, you can gain power where you discover how a person dies.

King knows how to connect with his reader's inner terrors. Readers will not be dissatisfied by this stories epic ending and its main character, Jonny, who saves the world from inevitable doom.

10. The Green Mile

The Green MileThe Green Mile is known as King’s most successful novel. Taking place in a prison cell, a black man, named John Coffey, arrives on death row.

The officers in charge are only doing their job.It is their own faults when they converse with their prisoners seeing that they are remorseful for their actions? King writes incredible emotion. The Green Mile will easily tug at your heartstrings.


Stephen King is one of the most prolific writers of his time. He is not afraid to take a risk. King’s stories have inspired others to pick up and pencil and test their own creative skills.

King’s stories will make you stay up to the early hours of the morning trying to figure out what happens next. Don’t worry, there are more of King’s stories beyond this list. Enjoy the read.

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