10 Free Music Downloader for SoundCloud (PC & Android & iPhone)

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Do you listen to podcasts and music a lot on SoundCloud? Chances are, there are some audio clips you would like to download so you either have them offline or send them to someone else.

Sadly, SoundCloud does not permit that; you can only share links of the audio files but not download them. This is restrictive and not so good for people that have limited internet access.

It is because of the restrictive nature of SoundCloud that software developers developed SoundCloud music downloaders that can download audio clips from SoundCloud.

In this article, we intend to discuss the top 10 SoundCloud music downloaders. The list contains web-based applications, Android applications, and iOS apps.

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Soundcloud Music Downloaders For PC (URL)


KlickAud is one of the best SoundCloud music downloaders online. It is free and does not require any form of registration or downloading. You can access it using any browser of your choice such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera web browser, and Safari, among others. This downloader requires only the URL of the audio clip you would like to download. By entering the URL of the music file and clicking the download button, the download should be initiated in a few seconds.

This SoundCloud music downloader does not only download music, you can also download a whole Playlist if you want to. The quality of the music downloaded is a high quality MP3 320kbps that could be over three hours long. This website also has an alternative tool in case you try using their de facto music converter and you’re experience issues.


SoundCloud is an online tool that can help you download your favorite music on SoundCloud. This music downloader is free to use and accessible online with any browser of your choice. The quality of downloads is very high and depends on what you want. You can download music and convert them into MP3 320kbps, MP3 128kbps, OGG, WAV, and FLAC.

You can also download a whole playlist and a particular user uploaded music by entering the URL. One interesting feature SoundTake bring to the table is its SoundTake Userscript. Their Userscript is a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera which adds a download button to every music on SoundCloud website. This will make it easier than copying and pasting a link.


SoundCloud MP3 is also one of the best music downloaders for SoundCloud music and podcasts. With just a browser, internet access, and memory space, you can always download any music you want. The downloading speed of SoundCloud MP3 is very fast and its audio quality is superb and in an MP3 format.

However, you are limited to downloading only audio clips less than two hours long. This service does not also download playlist, only single audio clips. You should also prepare your minds to deal with advertisements. You should expect at least three advert placements above the fold.


Unlike the 3 SoundCloud music downloaders discussed above that are specialized and meant to download only SoundCloud contents, Free Online Video Downloader is a general downloader for video and audio files on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, and many more. This service can download music from SoundCloud with the best audio quality possible and in the different audio formats. All that’s needed is the link to the music file.

The only problem associated with this online music download service provider is the aggressive and obstructive placement of advertisements. However, considering that the web-based tool is free, this should be a problem.

Soundcloud Downloader

SoundCloud downloader is an online service that provide SoundCloud music downloading service to SoundCloud users. This online tool is free and accessible online using your favorite browser. You only need to enter the URL of the music you want to download from SoundCloud and the system will pull the audio, convert into MP3, and make it accessible for you to download.

Besides their web interface, this tool also has a browser extension that makes it easier for SoundCloud users to download music without visiting the website.


Sclouddownloader is a popular tool among internet users. The tool is used for downloading videos and music from popular music and video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and their likes.

Downloading multimedia files using Sclouddownloader is very easy. The only requirement is the URL of the file you want to download.

Soundcloud Music Downloaders For Android (Apk)

Soundloader for SoundCloud is arguably the best Android app for downloading SoundCloud music and podcasts. With Soundloader, you can download any audio file you want from SoundCloud.

This application is very popular among SoundCloud users on the Google Play Store. It has been downloaded more than 50 million times, reviewed by over 150 thousand people, and has a rating of 4.5.

To download a music paste the link to the music in the app. The audio quality downloaded is of high quality and has its own integrated music player to give you an enjoyable experience. The tool also comes with an MP3 tag editor and a clean user interface design.

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Spotify is a service that seem to many as just a player for SoundCloud music files. However, aside from playing music, it has the capability of downloading SoundCloud music and podcasts.

This application have been downloaded more than 1 million times, reviewed by close to 20 thousand people, and has a rating of 4.2.

One place My Cloud Player triumph is a low battery consumption. This application can help you manage your playlist well. Be ready to be advertised to though.

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Soundcloud Music Downloaders For iPhone

Soundflake app

Soundflake is a great option for iPhone users who want to download SoundCloud music. The design of the application is sleek and easy to use. Aside from downloading music from SoundCloud, this tool also comes with a music player. However, you need to create an account for the app before you can use it.

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cloud music app pro

Cloud Music Pro is also very popular about iOS users who want to download SoundCloud music. This SoundCloud music downloader is free to download and use and also comes with many interesting features that music lovers will love.

The application user interface is intuitive and sleek, making it easy to use even for first-time users.

This application also comes with its own music player integrated into it. This means you have both a downloader and a player in a single app.

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Technology is a great thing.

While some big companies develop software products and introduce some restrictions because of their business model and other reasons, software programmers are not relenting in finding out ways to remove those restrictions. Such is the case of SoundCloud and SoundCloud music downloaders’ developers.

The activities of programmers have made music downloading from SoundCloud possible. However, be mindful of copyright.

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