Some DApps That Are Compatible With iOS As Well As On Android

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We'll talk about several decentralised applications to make it easier for you to easily connect crypto services with your mobile phone because DApps have emerged as the newest hot topic in the digital industry.

The majority of these DApps are compatible on a computer as well, but because of their user-friendly layout and adaptability, anyone who prefers using their phones for everything in cryptocurrency may utilise them. Land on this page to get the best knowledge of trading strategies.

Brave (Private Web Browser)

Brave (Private Web Browser)

Brave is a Chromium-based as well as an open-source web browser that was created for internet users who place a high emphasis on data security and privacy. According to Brave, the browser utilises an ad and tracker-blocking system while maintaining a quick surfing experience. By doing so, users may manage cookies, disable scripts, and stop websites from tracking their online activity. The browser is compatible with several operating systems.

Users of Brave can choose to see non-intrusive adverts and earn awards by using the reward feature. These benefits are provided in the form of a Basic Attention Token, a native asset (BAT).

Peachfolio (DeFi Crypto Tracker)

By providing a mechanism to maintain DeFi tokens across various wallets, Peach Folio is a digital asset management app as well as an analytical tool intended to help users maintain tabs on their decentralised finance (DeFi) portfolio. Important token prices, daily percentage movements, market trends, and real-time statistics are all displayed on Peachfolio's user interface. To use Peachfolio's services, users must own the native token, PCHF.

Through features like price updates, thorough P&L reports, as well as interface customization which empowers essential personalization options users with mobile (DApp), can also improve their trading strategies.

MetaMask (Blockchain Wallet)

One of the most popular Web3 wallets on the market, MetaMask, allows users to transfer cryptocurrency as well as conduct transactions on Web3 platforms including DeFi platforms and NFT markets. It supports a variety of blockchains that are EVM-compatible, including  Fantom, Ethereum, BNB Chain etc. For android and iPhone devices, the wallet also offers a mobile edition.

The mobile version of MetaMask enables users to engage in a variety of crypto activities on their phones, including playing blockchain games, staking their assets, trading tokens on exchanges and DEXs, and more.

Unstoppable Domains (Crypto Domain Platform)

Unstoppable Domain is a decentralised platform for domain name registration that makes use of a crypto name service (CNS) solution.

The ownership of a domain is transferred to the buyer when an NFT is produced to secure its exclusivity after it has been acquired. There are no renewal costs and domain owners can keep their registration indefinitely.

Unstoppable Domains also serve as wallet addresses, enabling users to carry out operations like signing into other DApps, trading on DEXs, and transferring cryptocurrency payments. Users have the option of connecting their domains to a different wallet address.

Sweatcoin (Fitness Dapp)

Sweatcoin (Fitness Dapp)

A blockchain-based fitness DApp called Sweatcoin tracks the daily steps of its users and pays them in the currency of the same name. Users of this step-counting software can also benefit from discounts on approved goods and other special benefits. Sweatcoin prizes may be exchanged for goods, PayPal gift cards, and other items. Cryptocurrencies will soon be included in the platform's reward areas.

The software is available for both Android and iOS users, who may download it and use it while going about their regular lives. Users of Sweatcoin can elect to become referrers, earning prizes by encouraging others to use the programme.


These are a few examples of decentralised applications that work with both iPhone and Android mobile devices. I hope you find this list useful.

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