Top 5 Social Media Pages from the Major Football Leagues

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Athletes enjoy a type of celebrity that’s truly unique. Not only do followers root for their favorite athlete or team, but they also admire the technical skill and endurance of their chosen hero.

Still, fans look at athletes for more than just entertainment value or inspiration. Through social media engagement, celebrity athletes are closer to their fans than ever. Followers get to see glimpses of their personal life, as well as the products they use, and a sense of their personal style.

Worldwide, follower count is the easiest way to gauge how popular an athlete is. However, not all accounts are created equally. Though they may not have as many followers as Cristian Ronaldo or Tom Brady, read below to see some of the sporting world’s top athlete social media pages.

1. Hilary Knight, NHL 

Compared to some other names on this list, Hilary Knight’s 155k followers may seem a bit little league. However, for the national and Olympic champion hockey player, Knight has one of the most visible accounts of any female athlete.

As with other big names, Knight makes a big check based on her endorsements, which include brands like Visa and Red Bull. Fans are also treated to a closer look at her dog, Winston, and her daily workout regime.

2. Tiger Woods

As golf’s resident bad boy, there should be little surprise that Tiger Woods tops off the list of golf celebrity follower counts with just over 4.4 million. While other big names like Rory McIlroy and Phil Mickelson aren’t far behind, Woods has his illustrious career (and downfall) to thank for his success with ‘likes’.

Not only has Woods taken 15 major titles to make him the PGA Tour’s premier threat on the greens, but his exploits in the mid-2010s helped make him a household name around North America.

3. Odell Beckham Jr. (OBJ)

Though Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is a few followers ahead, Odell Beckham Jr. of the Cleveland Browns has far more fan engagement with 66.4 million interactions total.

The wide receiver got his start playing for the New York Giants, but now the Browns are hoping he’ll be able to help them in the AFC North. At the moment, expert American football betting tips focus on the Browns’ rivals in the division: the Baltimore Ravens.

Given their defensive team, OBJ will have to do a lot more than garner likes to help his team’s odds. Still, should his career in the NFL go AWOL, he’s likely got a promising future in fashion and content branding.

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4. Mo Salah

Despite having 40 million followers and 152.2 million average interactions on his Instagram page, Mo Salah ranks behind other powerhouse football (or soccer) names like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe.

Though he may not top out on a list of fastest footballers, Salah earns respect from his fans for his performance with Premier League champions Liverpool. He’s also gained a lot of exposure for his family-oriented lifestyle, which is visible on his social media pages.

The striker often posts pictures of himself with loved ones, as well as uplifting messages designed to unite people and bring attention to those in need. He is currently a UNHCR and Vodafone Foundation Instant Network Schools Ambassador.

5. Steph Curry

As an integral member of one of the NBA’s most dynamic basketball teams in recent history, Steph Curry isn’t short on diehard fans. However, he’s become a beloved staple in the American sports realm based on his relationship with his wife, Ayesha Curry.

Ayesha gained popularity by opening up about her time in the kitchen. As a foodie, she shared her journey to feed her family through social media and became synonymous with her husband—though for a different reason.

Over time, the Curry’s became a power couple who could win championships on the court and then slam dunk comfort food in the kitchen. Steph currently has 14 million Twitter followers, while Ayesha has 7.4 million Instagram followers.


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