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Are you looking for a good and reliable residential proxy provider for your projects? Today, we’re taking a look at Soax to determine if it’s a service that you should consider or avoid.

In recent years, proxies have become a key player in many online businesses. Considering how much we do on the internet, having more tools at your disposal can greatly make your life easier. Regardless if we’re talking about personal use or business, proxies are one of those key tools that help us a lot.

There are different types of proxies, depending on their abilities to get a job done. In many situations these days, the residential ones seem to be the best option for most people. They offer excellent anonymity, which can help if you want to run multiple social media accounts, post ads, get access to geo-restricted content, and a lot more.

Soax Review

Soax Overview

In this niche, there are plenty of prominent names that we praise as being the best. With that said, where does that leave the “smaller” providers? To answer that question, we’re looking at Soax, a proxy provider that offers multiple products.

As part of its arsenal, Soax offers residential, mobile, and ISP proxies, but for today’s review, we’ll cover the residential ones. Are they good enough, or should you look elsewhere?

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Soax Review

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Pros and Cons of Soax


  • Over 195 countries to choose from
  • Individual and enterprise packages
  • Advanced geo-targeting
  • Testing package available


  • Not the most affordable option on the market
  • No custom package for individual use


Soax Feature

A good provider isn’t one that will just sell you the proxies, it should also have a list of features that can improve your experience. Looking at Soax, we see a lot of things that we like, meaning that so far, we have no complaints.

Wide Range of Locations

We’ll cover this in one of the following sections, but it’s worth mentioning here. Having a long list of countries is an excellent feature we don’t see with many providers. Soax offers residential proxies from over 195 countries worldwide, meaning that flexibility won’t be an issue for anyone.

Proxy Pool

A wide range of countries to choose from is pointless if there aren’t a lot of proxies to choose from. Unfortunately, this is where Soax isn’t as strong as some of its contenders. The service has over 5 million residential IP addresses, which is far from the worst we’ve seen, but it would be nice to see the pool grow a bit.

Multiple Proxy Types

Even though we’ll be focusing on the residential proxies, it’s important to mention that Soax offers more than that. Apart from the residential IP address, with this provider, you also have the option to get mobile and ISP proxies.

Advanced Geo-Targeting

Having a long list of countries to choose from is worthless if the geo-targeting isn’t good. Luckily, Soax has this covered. The advanced geo-targeting feature of this provider allows you to choose proxies based on country, region, city, and provider. Keep in mind they aren’t available in all countries.

Multiple Authentication Methods

We mentioned that there are multiple use cases for proxies and having a flexible option for authentication is a very nice feature that Soax offers. You can choose between an IP whitelist or username and password, depending if you’re using them in the same location or you’re on the move constantly.

Trial Available

The key thing to note here is that it’s not a free trial. Soax offers you an option to test its services for $1.99. This gives you access to a test account that you can use for 3 days with 100 MB of included bandwidth.

A wide range of use cases

One of the many selling points of Soax is the fact that it offers residential proxies, which can be used for a plethora of situations. In most cases, you’ll be looking at social media management, ads, accessing geo-restricted content, and many more use cases.


Soax Pricing

Looking at the prices, Soax isn’t the most affordable provider on the market. The good news here is that there’s more than enough flexibility in the packages. As a bonus, there are two pricing structures, depending on what you plan to use the service for.

Individual users have 4 packages to choose from, each one differing in terms of size. Regardless of which package you choose, you get access to the entire pool of proxies and a list of countries. The main difference between them is how much traffic is included and the price per GB. Among the other differences are the number of IPs you can whitelist, the number of ports, and the Customer Success Manager that you don’t get with the smallest package.

Things start from $99 per month for a package that comes with 8 GB of traffic, 2 whitelisted IP addresses, and 300 ports. You can take it all the way up to $700 for a package with 100 GB of traffic, 600 ports, and 5 whitelisted IPs. Even though most people would be perfectly happy with this, I think that a custom package in the individual plans would be a nice touch. Some people may need more traffic or more ports than the ones Soax offers.

On the enterprise side of things, Soax has 3 predefined packages for companies to choose from. These are larger than the ones you can get as an individual and you’re also getting a distinct set of features.

The smallest one is $2,500, which includes 500 GB of traffic and unlimited concurrent sessions. You can go all the way up to 2000 GB of traffic, which will cost you $6,000. One thing that’s good with the enterprise packages is that there is a custom one. Companies that need over 2 TB of traffic can reach out to support and get a quote on a package tailored to their needs.


Q. Is Soax legal to use?

Using proxies in most countries isn’t prohibited by law, meaning that you’re free to use Soax with no issues. With that said, there are a handful of countries that impose these kinds of restrictions, so you should double-check before buying.

Q. What are the use cases of the residential proxies from Soax?

Residential proxies are a very popular choice because they are IP addresses of existing customers. As a result, the services you access won’t be able to tell you’re using a proxy. With Soax’s residential IP addresses, you have tons of use-case scenarios. They range from managing social media accounts, streaming, gaming, accessing geo-restricted content, anonymous browsing, and more.

Q. Does Soax offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, Soax offers a trial, but it’s not free. There is a testing package that will cost you $1.99 that you can use for 3 days and it comes with 100 MB of included bandwidth.

Q. What are the speeds that Soax’s residential proxies have?

Determining the exact speeds of residential proxies is problematic, and it’s no different with Soax. Considering that these proxies are from existing users, there will be some limitations. Not all customers have the same internet package, meaning that there is a difference in speeds. Some may still use older connections, while others may have optic internet.

Our Verdict

Soax is a noteworthy proxy provider with around 5 million proxies spanning over 150 countries, offering remarkable location flexibility. While its IP pool could be larger and it isn't the cheapest, its packages, both individual and enterprise, come with a fair feature set, including advanced geo-targeting. A $1.99 test run gives you 100 MB of traffic for three days, ample for assessing the service.

Whether you need residential, ISP, or mobile IPs, Soax presents itself as a balanced, reliable choice in the proxy market.

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