6 Tips to Make Your Computer More Secure

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With all of working from home nowadays, our computers surely are doing more than ever. For most of us, one computer might not only be our streaming and social media device of choice but also where we actually write a few emails and are productive.

For that reason, now’s a good time to think about the ways you can improve your security. It’s truly one of those areas where minimal effort can pay off immensely in keeping everything you do more private and secure.

Here are five easy tips to get you started now.

1. Use a VPN

Most of us have heard of VPNs by now. But still, only about a quarter of all people use them despite how many benefits they have.

What is a VPN? A VPN or virtual private network is a powerful network security tool. Effectively, they allow you to create a private network over a public connection. But we’re not going to get too technical.

Put simply, they safeguard your internet connection, making it difficult for people to intercept what you do. They also hide your IP address, creating more privacy.

VPNs are super easy to use. Just turn them on and enjoy immediately enhanced safety. As an added perk, you can also use them to unlock streaming content worldwide to watch after the workday is over. That’s why they are a total win-win!

2.  Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Similar to VPNs, this is another security tool that has growing awareness nowadays. But weirdly enough, many people are more likely to complain about it than sing its praises.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) creates an immensely important second line of defense by sending one-time passcodes via SMS or email after any login attempt.

The result is that even if someone should have access to your password, they will need this code to get in.

Even better is using an authenticator app that is directly connected to your smartphone for even higher security levels.

3. Get a More Secure Browser

Most of us have come to accept Chrome as the de-facto browser of our lives. But security experts have been advocating for a while to ditch the world’s most popular browser. It’s not only vulnerable to attack, but it’s full of trackers and other privacy intrusions.

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We’ve all seen ads on social media based on our search history. That’s just one example of Chrome creating issues for you.

That’s why it’s time to move to a privacy-centric browser like Brave or Epic Browser. These are built-around security, privacy and have built-in protection against browser hijacking. And they are built on Chromium source code, so they’ll look and feel extremely familiar.

4. Make Updates Your Best Friend

Similar to 2FA, updates are another thing that gets an unnecessarily bad reputation. It’s funny because you trade minimal time for so much more safety.

Most of us don’t realize that updates aren’t just for cosmetic or functional improvements. The majority of them are to fix security vulnerabilities that developers have discovered. That’s because hackers are constantly trying to exploit weaknesses to get at your data.

The good news is that Microsoft, Apple, and software developers all fix these problems for you for free.

And if you’re sick of updates happening while you’re busy, just schedule them for your break time or after hours. Then you can stay safe without any annoying interruptions!

5. Use a Password Manager

Most of us are guilty of recycling our passwords. It’s just so easy. The problem with this is that should a hacker get access to one of your accounts, it puts all your other ones at risk.

And this is easier to do than you realize. Hackers can attack vulnerable servers to gain access to lists of user credentials. Or they can just buy them on the dark web for less than a dollar!

With a password manager, you can create unique, complex, and lengthy passwords that are almost impossible to crack. This alone will give you more security. But you can also store all the different ones in your password manager’s encrypted digital vault. This means that should a cybercriminal get access to one of your passwords, it doesn’t put any of your other accounts at risk.

6. Easy Ways You Can Enhance Your Security Now

We get it that security isn’t the most fun topic. But it’s something that everybody needs to invest in. You don’t want somebody stealing your identity or leaking your private photos and videos. Stay secure and use these proven tools and strategies now.

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