15 Best Secret Messaging Apps in 2024 [Encrypt Conversations]

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Do you want to have some privacy while chatting online? With these top-secret messaging apps, you are certain to message discretely without anyone ever suspecting that they’re messaging apps, thanks to their hidden chat features.

The ease and low cost of instant messaging have contributed to its meteoric popularity. But it is not hard for others to get your personal information when you use a messaging program.

Such types of online chat are vital, but nobody wants their words read by an unauthorized third party. This explains the rise in popularity of encrypted secret messaging applications. Third parties develop the majority of confidential messaging applications for mobile devices.

If not as a standalone program, this functionality is often available as an add-on for use inside standard messaging software and serves the same purpose. Secret messaging is now widespread in 3rd-party messaging applications, which is convenient if you often exchange sensitive or private information through such platforms.

But, it could be a hassle to choose the finest private messaging software among the many available. This is due to the prevalence of stealthy privacy features and guileful disguises for hidden chat applications, such as those disguised as games. I have compiled a list of top options in this article to help you decide more quickly.

Secret Messaging Apps for Android

1. Silence Private Messenger

Silence Private Messenger Apps from Play Store

With Silence, you can send and receive voice memos, movies, photographs, and instant messages while being completely hidden.

However, its security is ensured because anybody can audit its source code.

Quiet may be used like any other messaging application, with no sign-up necessary.

The application’s intended use as a discreet messaging tool is readily apparent.

2. Messenger and Chat Lock

Messenger and Chat Lock Apps from Play Store

As compared to the above application on this list, Message Locker operates uniquely.

It doesn’t function as a tool for initiating secret messages or conversations through mobile devices. Instead, it’s Android software that will encrypt your text communications.

Protecting your correspondence from prying eyes, the software is designed to ward against inbox snoopers.

This application locker is simple and effective, requiring a PIN or password to access your Messages application.

As a bonus, it secures more than Android’s built-in messaging application. Moreover, it may protect your email, instant messaging, and social networking applications.

3. Calculator Pro+

Calculator Pro+ Apps from Play Store

Were you trying to find a creative approach to protecting the confidentiality of your communications?

Presented for your perusal is Calculator Pro+, a covert messaging program that mimics the appearance of a casual game or useful tool.

When your friends discover that the second calculator symbol on your home screen is a covert texting service, you can bet they’ll want to have some fun.

Using this cloaked messaging program, you can designate a person as a “Private Contact,” diverting all of their communications to the Calculator Pro+ inbox rather than your regular one.

Secret Messaging Apps for iOS

4. Secret Messenger

Secret Messenger Apps from Apps store

The straightforward design, robust features, and sleek aesthetic of Secret Messenger have made it a favorite among Apple device owners. There are several reasons why you may like using this software.

With this handy software, you may schedule messages to be sent at a particular time and date.

Any traces of your discussion or written exchange with the other party will be erased when the allotted period has passed, and the messages are automatically removed.

In addition to IM, the program also allows you to make audio and video chats.

5. Smiley Private Texting App

Smiley Private Texting App from Apps store

Compared to the other anonymous texting applications I have discussed, Smiley Private Messenger doesn’t provide anything particularly novel.

It ensures you can have confidential conversations without worrying about being eavesdropped on or hacked.

Differentiating it from similar apps is the need for a subscription and the provision of a personal phone number.

In addition to these features, Smiley Private Messenger enables you to encrypt conversations and see the recipients’ answers.

You can do it without even creating an account. It works only on iPhones and iPads, making it one of the most secure texting applications available.

Messaging Apps with Hidden Functionalities

6. Viber

Viber Apps from Play Store

Viber is one of several reliable and secure private messaging applications.

Another simple program that works on iOS and Android smartphones is Viber, which is free to download and use.

With over a billion users throughout the world, there’s no denying the legitimacy of this anonymous messaging software.

Although Viber has a ton of cool extras, its primary selling point is that you can use it to perform free phone texts and calls to others via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Viber further allows users to conduct phone calls and send texts across international borders.

Furthermore, Viber respects your right to anonymity. To further emphasize this point, it introduced a function named “Hidden Chats,” which are only accessible with a PIN.

To enjoy this peculiar functionality, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Viper application

Step 2: Navigate to the “Chat” tab

Step 3: Select your desired chat thread you wish to set to hidden

Step 4: Click “Info” after tapping the chat name for iPhone. For Android, tap “Info” after tapping the three dots.

Step 5: Click on “Chat Infor”

Step 6: Click on “Hide this Chat”

Step 7: This step entails keying in your PIN code

7. WhatsApp

WhatsApp from Play Store

To keep your messages and any attached files private, you can use WhatsApp, an independent third-party messaging service.

WhatsApp’s disappearing communication feature provides an alternative for those concerned about privacy.

Your communications will automatically delete themselves once a certain amount of time has passed, as promised by this function.

To use this functionality, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the chat room you wish to hide its chat

Step 2: Tap on the name of the conversation. This will enable you to see the detail of the group or contact.

Step 3: Click on the “Disappearing Messages” feature and select the timer you wish to have it stay on before disappearing.

8. Telegram

Telegram from Apps Play Store

Telegram’s end-to-end encryption is among the finest available compared to other social networking and private messaging applications.

Telegram has over 400 million users globally and has built a solid reputation for protecting their privacy.

The application’s various features include account syncing across different devices, limitless file size transfers, and hosting group chats with more than 200,000 participants.

Because of this, Telegram has become a popular option for group chats in the workplace and the classroom.

When it comes to safeguarding user data, Telegram is no amateur. Because of the system’s end-to-end encryption, users can always feel safe sending and receiving hidden messages.

To enjoy this feature, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your Telegram app

Step 2: Go to the contact you would like to chat with and click on their profile

Step 3: Tap the three dots at the top right corner

Step 4: Click on the “Start Secret Chat” option

9. Instagram

Instagram Apps from Play Store

If you want to share images of something flashy, Instagram is your best option; however, it’s not generally utilized for direct communication.

But, the disappear mode is only one of several helpful conversation options available on this app if you place a premium on discretion and privacy.

This function is quite similar to the disappear-after-reading option on Facebook.

After your intended recipient has viewed your message, it will automatically delete itself.

Instagram’s disappearing function, activated by swiping up from the bottom of your thread, is more straightforward and intuitive.

Blacking out the chat window indicates that disappear mode is active.

10. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Apps from Play Store

It is natural that Facebook Messenger, which has more than 140 million U.S. users and 1.3 billion worldwide, would provide a private chat option.

There are two different channels available for conducting private conversations.

To begin, the software supports fully secured communication between users.

With this function, Facebook cannot read your messages as they travel between devices.

Facebook’s disappearing messages are useful for the privacy-conscious who wish to go even further.

When activated, both you and the recipient will be unable to retrieve any communications that have been sent using this feature.

To enjoy this feature, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose “Go to the secret conversation” from the user’s profile. You’ll be taken to a new room where you and that individual can continue chatting.

Step 2: To access other settings in the new chat room, use the “i” (information) symbol in the top right corner.

Step 3: Click on the “Disappearing Messages” feature and select the timer you wish to have it stay on before disappearing.

Secret Messaging Apps for both Android and iOS

11. Pryvate Now Messenger

Pryvate Now Messenger Apps from Play Store

This secret messaging app is an open-source, ad-free, and NSA-4096-level-encrypted private messaging program.

This safety procedure is included in both the free and paid plans.

I will quickly go through the benefits of the premium and the free service so you can make an informed decision.

The free edition supports delivering direct messages that automatically delete after a certain amount of time and includes the core functionality of the 3rd-party messaging software.

The premium plan, however, adds a layer of security and provides access to additional capabilities like encrypted messaging and phone conversations.

12. Wickr Me

Wickr Me apps from Play Store

This good end-to-end secured private messaging tool lets you share files, clips, images, and instant chats that will all self-destruct after a certain amount of time.

You and your contacts can select the maximum amount of time for a message to be accessible before it “self-destructs” along with its geotag, time, and other information, erasing all traces of the conversation.

Because Wickr Me is so under the radar, it may be easy to assume it is a novice regarding secure communication.

Wickr Me, on the other hand, has a well-regarded reputation for safety, something the brand takes great pride in.

13. CoverMe Private Text & Call

CoverMe Private Text & Call from Play Store

Among the several anonymous messaging applications, CoverMe is notable for its use of end-to-end data encryption.

This makes it such that no hacker may intercept any communication inside the app or between users.

CoverMe provides an extra layer of security by allowing you to encrypt any conversation.

In addition, all attempts to break into the vault show a blank screen.

Compared to the other private messaging applications I have highlighted, this one has much going for it and is worth trying.

14. Dust Messenger App

Dust Messenger App from Play Store

If you’re looking for secret chat software, Dust is a top choice.

When used for private purposes, the software eliminates worries about your communications being compromised or monitored by others, including authorities.

Due to its end-to-end encryption, Dust ensures the privacy of its users’ data and the information exchanged inside the application.

15. Threema

Threema apps from Play Store

With the help of this app, cybercriminals, programmers, and even authorities are unlikely to be able to pry into your private conversations.

With Threema’s end-to-end encryption, this hidden messaging software makes it easy to keep your conversations private, whether texting or phone calls.

The safety measure guarantees that only the designated recipient will receive the message or call.

The encryption feature of the software safeguards not just individual conversations but also the files that users transfer to one another during private or public conversations.


Q. How can I ensure my messages stay private?

Using a hidden chat function in secret messaging software is the best approach to keep your text conversations confidential. Several of these encrypted chat programs have the feel of video games. Some, such as Viber and Telegram, conceal private discussions.

Q. Can I hide my chats even if I don’t want to delete them?

Of course, yes. The method for doing so differs based on the type of device and software being used. You can click the chat button for a few seconds with specific applications or appliances to dismiss it. On other devices, you’ll find the option to mute conversations by swiping to the left. Disappearing messages or a vanishing mode may be the only choice for specific users.

Q. Is it safe to use Telegram’s “Secret Chat” feature?

Yes, it is. Telegram’s “Secret Chat” feature is one of the best means of sending messages or chatting with a contact when you don’t want prying eyes to see.


Anyone could use some alone time now and again. A conversation between two individuals should remain between them and no one else. Unfortunately, there are going to be snoopers who disregard others’ privacy. Thankfully, with the advent of end-to-end encryption technologies, the highlighted applications here may provide a level of security previously unattainable. This ensures that only the intended recipients of data and communications have access to it.

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