Why You Need To Hire React Native App Development Company

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Hello to everyone who is interested in web development! When it comes to the question Do we need to make a mobile application or can we get by with a high-quality mobile version of the site?

Then some doubts may arise because choosing a company to create it may seem like a difficult process.

Nevertheless, if you think that a mobile application can become a qualitatively new addition to your business, and perhaps even become your business itself, you should definitely create an application.

In this article which is called ‘Why You Need To Hire React Native App Development Company’, you will read about several reasons why you should invest in React Native application development and how to find the best company in this IT area. Let’s start from the beginning!

The mobile application market is constantly moving up, so many customers are thinking about investing in application development because such an addition to your business will undoubtedly bring a lot of profit.

If you analyze the latest developments in the IT world, you will notice that in April 2020 the TikTok app earned more than YouTube, Netflix, and Tinder, and this is a good example of using a mobile app to make money.

Almost any phone app can be successfully monetized, giving a company that has developed its own app for an Android or iOS smartphone an advantage.

The reasons for choosing React Native for development are as follows:

React Native development company

  • React Native applications are written in JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages. The developer writes the main part of the code in JavaScript, a common language for all platforms, and this code interacts with the native components of operating systems. As a result, you will get mobile applications that work on all existing platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Platform).
  • You can automate your business with the help of a mobile application. Unlike the site, the application was originally designed to work on a smartphone, therefore it does not overload the phone system and loads quickly. This increases customer loyalty and makes sales automation affordable. To do this, you will need to think over the step-by-step path of the user from the first opening of the program on the phone to buying or ordering your services.
  • The React Native platform has many similarities and specificities, so the risk of confusion in the development process is low. In other words, React Native is simple and convenient if the developer understands what he is doing and what needs to be achieved in the end.
  • Mobile application development allows the company to be flexible in its relationship with customers. Depending on the market situation, it is easy to add new functions and special offers for customers to the smartphone program. For example, the restaurant business had to refocus on food delivery during quarantine. They have solved this problem by mobile apps where people can make orders. In the Domino’s Pizza app, you can order pizza and drinks in a couple of clicks. Once having specified the delivery address, bank card number for payment and phone number, a person selects them from the drop-down list in one click. As a result, it takes 3 to 5 minutes to place an order. Add to that a 30-minute hot pizza delivery and you have a loyal fan of the company who uses its services regularly.
  • Cross-platform and ease of development reduce the time required to implement the project (when compared with native development) and this is a huge advantage of development with React Native.
  • In business, it is difficult to maintain constant contact with the target audience and even collect analytics data but the application solves this problem. After the user installs the application on a mobile phone, you can send him push messages, or notifications within the program. It will become easier to tell about promotions, discounts and special offers, and the user will receive pleasant bonuses. You can also leave a feedback window in the application, and get real feedback on the work of the company and the application. Use them to optimize your app and increase user loyalty by quickly resolving issues reported by customers.
  • Applications developed in React Native are close to native ones in terms of efficiency and interface. These are real mobile apps, and they meet the expectations of a user who is used to using Android or iOS.
  • You can reach a larger target audience and increase profits through the mobile app. Your success depends on the promotion of the mobile application and proper communication with the target audience. By increasing the number of users of your program, you will increase your earnings. Track trends and add new features and the number of users will grow.
  • React Native provides another major benefit: the app is automatically updated, and there is no need to go through the standard manual installation process through the App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (for Android). The ability to automatically update all applications eliminates the possibility of problems with earlier versions.


The reasons that were described in the article ‘Why You Need To Hire React Native App Development Company’ are enough to get an idea of React Native and understand how it is suitable for developing an application in your particular case.

Always remember that the market of mobile applications is growing and in the modern IT world there are many solutions for their creation. Therefore, choose the best development company and implement your idea with the help of specialists. Good luck!

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