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In a world dominated by some prominent names in the proxy industry, can the newer players reach the same levels? Today we’re looking at ProxyEmpire, a relatively young company that aims to be as good as its competitors.

The constant evolution of the internet meant certain services became needed. Among the plethora of tools we use daily, proxies are near the top, at least in some niches. There were days when proxies were used for business, but today, they are much more available, so people use them even for personal use cases.

Having a massive need for proxies means that the need for providers increases. There are many services that we refer to as veterans. They’ve been on the market for a long time, so they have a proven record of being excellent providers. Where does this put the newcomers?

ProxyEmpire Review

ProxyEmpire Overview

One of the many new-ish proxy providers on the market is ProxyEmpire. The company is backed by people with plenty of experience in the area, so we shouldn’t be disappointed by the offering.

With that said, the most important question here is how good is ProxyEmpire and whether it can compete with the big players in the field. Most importantly, is it a good alternative to 911 Proxy?

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ProxyEmpire Review

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Pros and Cons of ProxyEmpire


  • The list of locations includes over 170 countries
  • Almost 10 million proxies
  • Multiple types of proxies are available
  • 5G US mobile proxies


  • To use the IP whitelist, you’ll need to ask your account manager to activate it
  • Not all proxy types offer a pre-paid or a custom package


ProxyEmpire Feature

With any service, it’s important to offer an excellent set of features. This ensures that you’re getting an excellent product. It’s a similar situation with ProxyEmpire. The company offers excellent features, meaning that you won’t be getting just proxies.

Plenty of locations to choose from

Whenever we talk about proxy providers, one of the main things we usually mention is flexibility in terms of locations. With ProxyEmpire, we’re looking at a very flexible provider giving you access to over 170 countries worldwide. This is almost as good as the rest of the big players in the industry, including some of the prominent names we praise often.

Multiple proxy types

Being able to get multiple products from a single company is one of the many things that we like about many of the providers we usually review. When looking at ProxyEmpire’s lineup, we see multiple types of products, including datacenter, residential, and mobile proxies.

Plenty of use cases

When it comes to use cases, it’s important to mention that this results from having multiple proxy types. Considering that ProxyEmpire offers 3 types of proxies, some of which come in different flavors, like rotating or static, it becomes clear that the list of use cases will be extensive. This means that this provider is a good option for anything from managing social media accounts, posting ads, scraping, anonymous browsing, bypassing geo-restrictions, and more.

Advanced Geo-Targeting

Having a long list of countries to choose from is worthless if the geo-targeting isn’t good. Luckily, Soax has this covered. The advanced geo-targeting feature of this provider allows you to choose proxies based on country, region, city, and provider. Keep in mind they aren’t available in all countries.

A large pool of proxies

A proxy provider can offer a lot, as long as it can back that up with a large enough pool of proxies. This is especially crucial for large use cases like scraping, which is where having more proxies is a massive advantage. ProxyEmpire offers a pool of almost 10 million proxies, which includes all 3 types. To be fair, it’s not the largest network on the market, but it’s more than enough even for enterprise use cases.


No one wants to pay for a service that isn’t sure how it works, which is where trials come into play. Unfortunately, ProxyEmpire doesn’t offer a free trial. The only option here is a paid trial package that costs $1.97. With it, you’ll get 100 MB of residential bandwidth and 50 MB of mobile traffic. It’s not a lot, but should be enough to test out and determine which option is the best for your need.

4G and 5G proxies

ProxyEmpire isn’t the first proxy provider to offer mobile proxies. The thing that distinguishes it from some of its rivals is the fact that all the mobile IP addresses are 4G, meaning that you’re getting better speeds when compared with the 3G proxies.

If you go for the US dedicated mobile proxies, you can get 5G speeds, which is a rare sight in this niche.

IP whitelist or username and password authentication

In the long list of flexible features that ProxyEmpire offers, we also have authentication methods. Having both available is a very nice thing because it makes this a good option for people that use proxies in a single location or those that are constantly on the move. One thing to note, the IP whitelist isn’t activated by default, so you’ll need to reach out to your account manager to get that sorted out.

Rollover bandwidth

With most proxy providers that have limited bandwidth, once the month is over, any traffic that you didn’t use goes away. ProxyEmpire does things differently and offers rollover bandwidth, meaning that any traffic that you don’t use this month will be added to the balance for the next.


ProxyEmpire Pricing

ProxyEmpire has 5 different products, so let’s take a look at each one individually.

In the rotating residential lineup, you have 5 predefined packages, ranging from $40 per month for 3 GB of traffic going up to $1250 for the 250 GB one. There is also a pay-as-you-go package, which will cost you $15 and you’re paying as much as you spend. On the other side of the spectrum, if you need a bigger package, usually for the enterprise use case you can reach out to the sales department to ask for a quote.

Things are pretty similar with the rotating mobile proxies, meaning you’re getting an identical pricing plan setup. The 5 predefined packages range from $60 for 2 GB to $1530 for 85 GB of traffic. With these proxies, you also have the option to get a pay-as-you package, which is like a pre-paid plan. For the larger scale options, you can reach out to the sales department to get a quote on a custom package.

If you’re after static residential proxies, the number of packages is the same as with the other two types. You can choose between 5 predefined plans, starting from $40 for 3 GB of traffic up to $1250 for 250 GB. You also have the option to purchase based on the number of IP addresses, which cost $2 per IP. Unfortunately, you don’t have the option to ask for a custom package.

ProxyEmpire also offers rotating datacenter proxies and things are a bit different here. There are 6 pre-made packages, starting from 40 GB for $25 per month, up to 5000GB for $1750. With these proxies, you don’t have the option for a pre-paid plan or to ask for a custom one.

The last type of proxy you can get from ProxyEmpire is the dedicated mobile one. There are two options here. You can get 5G proxies from the US for $250 per month or the multi-country package for $125. With each package, you can use only 1 IP address at a time, but get unlimited bandwidth.


Q. What can I use ProxyEmpire proxies for?

Being able to choose between multiple types of proxies means you can use ProxyEmpire for several use cases. You can use this provider for scraping, brand protection, SEO, marketing, and plenty of other applications.

Q. Is ProxyEmpire legal?

The legality of proxies isn’t something that applies globally. In most countries, the use of proxies is allowed, meaning that you shouldn’t have any issues with ProxyEmpire. With that said, some countries or ISPs may prohibit this, so it’s best to check before buying a package.

Q. Can I test ProxyEmpire before buying?

Yes, ProxyEmpire offers you the option to test its services, but it’s not free. Unlike some of its rivals, with this provider, you’ll need to pay a small fee to get a test package. It will cost you $1.97 and you’ll get 100 MB of residential and 50 MB of mobile traffic.

Q. Which ProxyEmpire proxies are the best?

The answer to this question depends on what you need the proxies for. Regardless of what kind of proxies we’re talking about, each has its strengths and weaknesses. For the most part, you’d be going for the datacenter proxies if you need to scrape, while the residential and mobile ones are for some of the other use cases.

Q. What is the maximum rollover traffic I can get with ProxyEmpire?

There are two positive things about ProxyEmpire. The first one is that the provider offers rollover, meaning that the unused traffic from this month will be transferred over to the next. The second one is that the rollover is unlimited, meaning that there isn’t a limit how much traffic you can have on your account after several months of rollovers.

Q. What is the refund policy of ProxyEmpire?

Considering that ProxyEmpire offers a trial package, the provider doesn’t have a refund policy. This means that all purchases are final and your only option is to cancel your subscription before the billing cycle is over.

Our Verdict

Among the proxy newcomers, ProxyEmpire stands out. They offer various proxy types and features, including multiple authentication methods, 4G/5G mobile proxies, and city-level geo-targeting.

While they lack a free trial, a $1.97 test package is available, providing sufficient data to gauge the service. With 911 Proxy no longer operational, we see ProxyEmpire as a top-tier alternative, bringing value to both individuals and enterprises. Give them a go!

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