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Living in the golden age of proxies means that there are plenty of providers to choose from. Among the many options on the market, we have Proxy-Seller, a service that we’ll be looking into today. Is it a good option, or should you look for another one?

The digital age that we live in today relies heavily on certain services to get a certain task done. Depending on the task at hand, you may need more than one service. Among the more popular tools we use today are proxies. Their use case ranges from monitoring prices, SEO, anonymity, running multiple social media accounts, and a lot more.

Whenever we talk about proxies, there are some services that we mention as the golden standard in the industry. Sure, they are good and will proxies excellent performance, but the problem is that they are among the more expensive options. What about the lesser-known providers like Proxy-Seller that don’t cost as much but may cover your needs perfectly?

Proxy-Seller Review

Proxy-Seller Overview

The company was founded in 2014, meaning that with almost a decade of experience, we should see an excellent product, right? Proxy-Seller seems promising, at least based on what we can see on the website, so let’s dive in and see what’s what and if you should consider this provider.

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Proxy-Seller Review

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Pros and Cons of Proxy-Seller


  • Wide range of locations to choose from
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Multiple types of proxies are available
  • Flexible pricing structure


  • No free trial


Proxy-Seller Feature

The main thing most people are after is the proxies, which many providers offer. With that said, having a good set of features can make your experience using them better because it will be a part of the package you’re already paying for. Let’s look at what Proxy-Seller offers.

Multiple types of proxies

Being able to go to a single provider and get multiple types of products is an advantage that some companies offer. Proxy-Seller is one of those, meaning that it can cover multiple needs. The provider offers IPv4, IPv6, ISP, residential, and mobile proxies. Having this kind of flexibility is excellent because you won’t need to go to other providers if you need multiple types of IP addresses.

Proxies for multiple use cases

I talked about the generic part of all of this, meaning that with Proxy-Seller you have different types of IP addresses. With that said, the company also offers additional packages for specific use cases. These cases cover social media, scraping, gaming, and a few more. The provider also offers special packages for certain websites like Instagram, sneaker sites, and more.

Unlimited bandwidth

This is a trend with most datacenter proxy providers, but it’s a nice feature to mention. Proxy-Seller offers unlimited bandwidth across the board with most proxy types. The thing that sets this company apart from some of its rivals is that this feature is also available for mobile proxies.

Plenty of locations to choose from

Having flexibility in terms of geo-targeting is something that not all proxy providers achieve, which isn’t the case with Proxy-Seller. This company offers plenty of countries on its list covering all continents. For the most part, the most flexible options are from Europe and Asia. For the other continents, the list of countries isn’t as extensive, but it covers the more popular choices.

Refund available

Often we see some proxy providers that don’t offer any returns where you’re not satisfied with the product. Proxy-Seller may not have a free trial option, but there is an option to ask for a refund. Naturally, like most providers with this feature, there are some conditions attached to it. Also, the window of opportunity to ask for a refund will depend on the duration of the package you’ve purchased.

Support Mobile Proxy Setup

Proxy-Seller has introduced a new service known as the Mobile Proxy Set Up service. In this package, you don’t have to depend on their infrastructure in full. They will send you a mini PC server, a USB hub, and several modems. You are responsible for adding a SIM card and then paying them monthly for a subscription. This is great for those who want to manage their infrastructure. And you get a dedicated experience and performance. Among many of the advantages, just one modem can get 1000 IPs assigned to it daily. Learn more about this service here.

Flexible packaging structure

I will dive into the pricing structure of Proxy-seller in a minute, but it’s important to mention flexibility as one of the many features we like about this provider. There are loads of options here, allowing you to go for as little as a single IP address with a minimum duration of 1 week. Keep in mind that there are some variances depending on which type of proxies you get, but in general, all of them offer excellent flexibility.

Free tools

Being a proxy provider means that you sometimes need some additional tools, something that Proxy-Seller offers. The company has a handful of free tools like proxy checker, ping, and a few more that you can use and with no limitations.


Proxy-Seller Pricing

Now we come to the pricing and since there are multiple products, we’ll need to look at each one separately.

IPv4 Proxies

The product that most people would be after is the IPv4 proxies. Your package can start from a single IP address from a location of your choice. This type of proxy is the one that will offer the most flexibility in terms of location to choose from. For certain applications, you can also go for a mixed package from Europe, Asia, or a worldwide one.

The price per IP address depends on the location. In certain countries, the price per IP address is below $1, while for some it’s well above the $2 mark. As for the duration, the packages range from 1 week to 12 months, so there are plenty of combinations.

IPv6 Proxies

Next up, we have the IPv6 proxies, where you won’t get as much flexibility in terms of location as with the IPv4, but it’s still pretty good. Most of the countries on this list are from Europe, with a few from other continents as well. In terms of package size, it’s the same as before. You can go for as little as 1 proxy, and the duration options are identical to the IPv4.

The shortest package is for 1 week and the longest one is for 12 months. In terms of pricing, the price per proxy is the same, regardless of which location you choose from. Another difference is the fact that you don’t get mixed packages, so if you want IP addresses from multiple countries, you’ll need to get multiple packages.

ISP Proxies

Moving on to the ISP proxies, we see a slightly more flexible option here, but still not on the same level as the IPv4. The list of countries is pretty decent, but again, most of them are from Europe. There are a few more from Asia, and the rest are from America. Similar to before, you can get only one IP address, and the shortest package you can get is for 1 week.

Depending on your needs, you can take up the duration up to 12 months. The price depends on the location, and with the addition of the mixed packages, there is a variety. Naturally, the more proxies you get, the longer the duration of the package, and the price per IP address will be lower.

Residential Proxies

Proxy-Seller has introduced a new residential proxies offering. With a 3-day trial at $1.99, users benefit from flexible options like User-pass/IP Whitelist authorization, city-level targeting, choice in rotation intervals, unlimited proxy lists, and unrestricted threads. Their pricing structure is tiered based on bandwidth, starting at $14 for 1GB and scaling to as low as $5 per GB for 300GB at $1500 per month.

Mobile Proxies

Finally, we have the mobile proxies. There are a good number of countries to choose from, making Proxy-Seller a very flexible option. Despite that, the biggest number of countries available are from Europe, with the rest from Asia, North America, and Australia.

Unsurprisingly, the LTE proxies are among the more expensive options on the market, so you shouldn’t expect to see prices similar to the IPv4 or the IPv6 IP addresses. In terms of the price, it will depend on the location, but unfortunately, you won’t have any of the mixed packages like with some of the other proxies.

Don’t think I forgot about the packages for specific applications or services. Considering that these are technically a part of the other proxies we mentioned, the packages will vary. They will depend on the number of proxies, the location, and the duration of the package.

What about the maximum number of IP addresses? According to the configurator on the site, you can go up to 1 million proxies, which, if it’s true, means that Proxy-Seller has a decently large pool of proxies.


Q. Are the ISP proxies the same as the mobile ones?

The basics of ISP and mobile proxies are similar, but both types are different. Mobile proxies are IP addresses that Proxy-Seller gets from existing mobile users. Similar to how you get an IP address every time you connect your phone to a mobile network, that IP address can be used by providers for other customers.

On the other hand, ISP proxies are different. With these IP addresses, the end-user is bypassed and providers like Proxy-Seller get them directly from the service provider. The advantage here is that the speed restrictions aren’t like with the mobile ones, where the speed depends on the package the user gets.

Q. Does Proxy-Seller offer individual or shared proxies?

Regardless of which type of proxy you get, Proxy-Seller gives you the exclusive right to use the proxies during the time you’re paying for the subscription. Unlike some of its rivals that offer shared proxies, with this one, the proxies are individual, and only you will use them.

Q. Which payment options are available with Proxy-Seller?

Like most of its rivals, Proxy-Seller offers the standard set of payment options, including a credit or debit card, PayPal, and a few more services. With that said, the company also accepts crypto payments and you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, and a few more currencies to pay for a subscription.

Q. Why is IPv4 more expensive than IPv6?

Proxy-Seller offers both types of proxies, but the newer protocol is cheaper than the older one we already know. The main reason for this is that the IPv6 proxies still aren’t as widespread as the IPv4, so the usage cases are limited. On top of that, the anonymity with the newer protocol isn’t as good as with the older one, which are the two reasons the IPv4 proxies are more expensive.

Q. Does Proxy-Seller offer a proxy replacement?

There are situations where the proxies you get won’t perform as you need or you may have some difficulties, and Proxy-Seller can remedy that problem with a proxy replacement. You can send out a request to get your proxies replaced, which is a good thing. Keep in mind that this is available only for those that have a subscription for more than a month.

Q. Are the proxies from Proxy-Seller virgin?

This is a tough question and even Proxy-Seller doesn’t have an answer. The provider gets the proxies from other providers that aren’t able to outline if a proxy has been used before or not. There are situations where you may get an IP address that hasn’t been used before, but there are also chances that the proxy has had a previous “owner”.

Our Verdict

With nearly a decade in the proxy industry, Proxy-Seller stands as a reliable choice. Their offerings range from various proxy types and supported countries to unlimited bandwidth with gigabit speeds. While they don't offer a free trial, the affordability of a single IP can serve as a low-cost test run. Despite minor drawbacks, Proxy-Seller's quality at its price point makes it a commendable option for proxy seekers.

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