6 Promo Gifts to Boost Your Party Store’s Brand in 2024

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Free gifts are a great way to make your brand have more inherent value to your consumer base. Giving out promo items can also help you attract brand-new customers to your business. If you’re running a party store, and are looking to boost your success in 2024, here are six promo gifts that are perfect for boosting your brand:

1. Koozies


If you want the word to be spread far and wide about your party store brand in 2024, you need to give out promotional gifts that will actually be seen (and used) at a real-life party. For our money, it’s hard to beat branded promotional koozies. These koozies are fun to give out and are easy to slap your brand on in a creative, attractive fashion.

As your giftees use their branded koozies during a party or cookout, people will be immediately exposed to your brand. Since they will see your brand in a positive, organic light, they will be much more likely to actually seek out your store next time they need party favors.

2. Balloons

Do you want to make people see your brand from the curb? If so, handing out inflatable balloons with your brand on them is the way to go. You can even offer customers a discount on their next purchase if they make an online post that shows off the branded balloons. After all, every post you can generate using this strategy will get your brand in front of thousands of potential new eyes.

The positive rep it will build for your store will make your brand that much hipper. When running a party store, you need to look as hip as humanly possible, so make sure you don’t sleep on this extra awesome promotional tip!

3. Coolers

Everyone loves to keep their drinks cool and plentiful during a party. Especially if you’re known for serving customers who love to throw massive parties, handing out branded coolers to your best and most loyal customers is a fantastic idea.

Since you know they party all the time, you’ll get that much more bang for your advertising buck by giving them a cooler that will make people see your brand every time they go to grab their next beer. This type of exposure is especially important for local party stores that want to go toe-to-toe with the mega-chain party stores that are in seemingly every town nowadays.

By using premium promo gifts, you’ll be increasing your loyal customers’ loyalty to your brand even further, and you’ll be doing so in a budget-friendly manner as well.

4. Hats

Alongside gifts that will be seen and used at parties regarding drinks, you can get a lot of value with branded wearable promo merch. Hats are a go-to item when using this strategy, as you’ll make your brand appear organically in the public sphere during parties and during day-to-day life (especially during errand running) at the same time.

The more attractive you make your hat look, the more likely the customers you give them to are to wear them out and about. You’ll want to think long and hard about the styles and fits that are most popular in the community you’re doing business in. If you can make it trendy to wear your branded hats, you’ll make your business soar to new heights of success in no time.

5. Napkins


Not all parties are based around drinks or even adults. If you’re looking to appeal to more family-centric or family-friendly crowds, you should be giving out promo gifts that will give inherent value to your customer next time they throw a party for their kids. Branded napkins can be a great option for this particular strategy.

You’ll have your brand exposed to everyone who needs to wipe their face, and at a kid’s party, this ends up being practically everyone. Give these branded napkins out for free with orders, and you’ll impress parents by saving them money and showing them that you care about their patronage.

6. Plastic Cups

In a similar vein, it can be incredibly useful to hand out branded plastic cups during your next promo campaign. Everyone can use an extra cup in their house, after all. Restaurants, party stores, and gyms have been using this strategy for decades, and the practice has stayed around for a reason.

If you want to invest in a promotional product that has a tried-and-true past reputation, you can’t do much better than ordering a bulk set of branded plastic cups to give out during your next promotional marketing campaign.

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