6 Tips For Planning a Wedding During The Pandemic

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Even these days you can plan a perfect wedding? Check out these top wedding planning tips for couples planning to tie the knot during the pandemic.

With the current restrictions around the pandemic period, couples have had to become creative in planning their weddings. Hiring a wedding planner can also be challenging in these times, so couples tend to seek expert advice or wedding planning tips that can make it all easier.

The restrictions continue to change and adjust, so each wedding planning tip needs to take the changing landscape into account.

Wedding planners and organizers need to continually update their information on what is allowed and what isn’t; what is possible and what is not. With the right tools and information, couples on a budget can also efficiently plan their weddings during this period.

With access to the right wedding planning ideas, you wouldn’t need to wonder how to plan my wedding. This is why we have put together a list of tips for wedding planning during covid, to help couples during these uncertain times

1. Prioritize what’s most important

Due to recent and current events, a lot of people have had to make financial adjustments. Couples are not left out of this. And if you wish to stay on budget, it is wise to prioritize what’s most important and have it at the top of your list.

When planning your wedding, there will be your dream, alongside what is possible and what is affordable. Considering the current circumstances, the realistic thing to do would be what is possible and affordable at the time.

While discussing your budget with vendors or your venue can be a tad difficult, it is very necessary and can help you put everything in perspective. It is normal to find additional costs you never planned for when planning a wedding.

Prioritizing will help you set your expectations realistically throughout the planning process, especially during such an uncertain time.

2. Forget about special dates and venues

While it is a beautiful thing to get married on a particularly special date or time, these things do not count during such a time as this.

Most activities that could not hold in 2020 are being pushed to 2021, and so all normality is out of the window. Most people take what they can get at this point in time, and you should perhaps consider doing the same.

Demand is on an all high, and venue availability with all the restrictions, is at an all-time low. This is the time to consider a wedding in your back garden if your dream venue is unavailable.

3. Check the small print for cancellation fees

Planning a Wedding

While some couples are wondering how to start planning a wedding during a pandemic, some others are choosing to cancel until all of this is over. If you fall in the latter group, you run the risk of losing your money.

It is always important to check the small print of any contract for the cancellation fees so you do not part with money you never intended to, or get charged unfairly.

4. Be prepared to lose some deposits if rebooking

If you are caught wondering, should I postpone my wedding? Be sure to keep in mind that you would potentially lose some of your supplier deposits if you choose to rebook. Therefore, it is necessary to speak to each of your suppliers as soon as you make this decision.

Confirm that they would be available on your new chosen date and that they would be willing to adjust their schedule for free. Any vendor who would be unavailable for the new date might be unwilling to part with the deposit.

5. There is more risk with overseas weddings

This may not be the time for an elopement or destination wedding. The current restrictions in the movement set by most governments are for the safety of everyone.

Therefore, traveling for a wedding will no doubt add a layer of risk to your whole event. For you, and for your guests and vendors as well. Simple wedding planning tips for couples who want an overseas wedding is to move the wedding a year ahead if possible.

6. An intimate ceremony is best

Large gatherings are discouraged during this time of the pandemic. Therefore, it is wise to consider an intimate ceremony over a party.

A bigger celebration can always hold at a later date when it is safer and most restrictions have been relaxed. Couples can be creative with intimate weddings. They can hold at home or at a restaurant, even at a conservatory.

There is an added layer of stress when trying to tie the knot during a pandemic. This is why these wedding planning tips are pretty important and can be helpful for couples faced with this challenge. These can be useful for couples looking to wed within the year or postpone for another year.

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