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Are you actively looking for a photo editor that allows you to make edits with less effort? PhotoWorks has a combination of vibrant tools that will help change the overall look of your photos.

PhotoWorks is a popular image editor with a clean interface and powerful tools that work well to get the best from your photos. It allows you to turn average photos into spectacular ones with just a few clicks.

Overview: PhotoWorks

This photo editor for PC uses the latest technologies like face recognition to make retouch on the images and relevant modifications. It is ideal for photographers and even beginners who want to edit their images. It works as a pixel editor by converting RAW files quickly.

You can use PhotoWorks to change your background, retouch photos, remove red eyes, remove flaws, adjust levels, touch up the color balance, change colors, and make your images magical.

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PhotoWorks Review

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5.0 rating

This software is very easy to use, easy to operate, but the results are very satisfactory

Jack c

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PhotoWorks review

Pros and Cons of PhotoWorks


  • It has a simple interface, many tutorials, and features.
  • Intuitive and multifunctional software.
  • It offers a permanent license.
  • It has convenient basic and advanced editing tools.
  • It is easy to use and great for beginners or professionals.
  • It provides filters for Instagram fans.


  • No multiple photo editing tabs
  • Has no layers
  • Autocorrect can over saturate colors

Why do I use PhotoWorks?

Easy to operate user interface


PhotoWorks is easy to install, setup, and use. It has a simple user interface that allows you to navigate through the various options at ease. You just need to upload your image and edit it exhaustively. The user interface is simple even for first-time users.

The options are well illustrated in the top menu bar for different functions. There are tools for enhancement, retouch, effects, texts, cropping, changing background, and auto-correction.

The options are readily visible to ensure you don't struggle while finding a specific tool. Even if you are not sure of the tool to use, you can check the tutorials to get back on track.



PhotoWorks has various color correction features. You can use it to change saturation, vibrancy, clarity, tint, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whiteness, and black texture. This photo editing software for PC also allows you to change color sharpness. What more could you ask for?

You can easily change a normal photo and make it have a unique spark. Not only can you change the color, but also choose whether you want it to be visible in black and white or negative. PhotoWorks allows you to play around with the colors. It is enhanced to remove any flaws in the images and make them stand out.

Facial Retouch


Do you want to make any photo enhancements or retouch? PhotoWorks is the right option for you. It also offers automated portrait retouching that is simple, user-friendly and provides professional results.

The retouch function features portrait magic that helps improve faces, face sculpting for correcting the features, body sculpts to reshape body parts, healing brush, red-eye remover, clone stamp, patch, adjustment brush and graduated filter to help improve landscape photos.

All these special features help to improve the images and ensure they seem perfect. You can never go wrong with the facial retouch tools.

Light effects


You can use the PhotoWorks software to change the light effect on the photos. Users can use different halo colors to edit the images. Hence, it allows you to even add rays of sunlight to your images to add a warm glow effect.

The tone mapping feature allows you to stylize the photo with color effects and apply film grain effect. You can easily transform images with a single click. You can change the intensity of the color to ensure it is not too shiny or too shouting. This will help photos to have a simple, spectacular look. No matter what the color you need, you can get it.

Font effects


This photo editor for computer also has font effects that allow you to change the photo to suit your preference. You can choose different text styles, add a caption, signature logo, or custom settings. It supports many fonts and different color variations.

It also allows you to add stickers to the images to make them more lively and pleasing. Would you also want to enrich your photos with borders? Well, PhotoWorks allows you to modify the photo frames.

Hence, you can choose different fonts for different functions. It allows you to add special font effects and animations.

The Cost (Is it cheap or expensive)

PhotoWorks is cost-friendly as compared to other similar editing tools. It offers a free trial of five days. After the days have elapsed, you can purchase a license to activate it fully.
The standard version = $19.25

The pro version = $39.20

The ultimate version = $79.80

Considering all the great features available on this program. It is worth the price and quite cheap for the user. The result is what matters most.

How to set up and download

How to setup and install

Step 1: You can download this photo software for PC from the official website. Click on the download button and wait for the download to finish. Once, that is over, click on the setup.



Step 2:  Follow all the steps in the setup by clicking next. Read, and accept the terms of the program. Choose the destination you would want the PhotoWorks program to be installed and click Next. 



Step 3: You can also decide to choose an additional task to add the program to your taskbar, start menu, and desktop. You may then install the program.



Step 4: The PhotoWorks software will launch after installation. You can decide to order and buy a package either, the standard, pro, or ultimate version. If you are unsure you can click continue and use the trial version for five days.



Step 5: Once you input the right email address and activation key, it will unlock all the features. Restart the program and then start using it. Upload an image to make the workspace activate. It is as easy as that.

Key activation prompt

Key activation prompt

Photoworks User interface

 Photoworks User interface

Do we recommend Photoworks?

Yes, we recommend PhotoWorks highly. It is worth buying and unleashes various features that you can use to edit your photos and make other modifications. You can easily transform your photos in a flash in just a few clicks.

It allows you to retouch portraits with ease, enhance your image, change your background, restore old photos, remove unwanted details,, and apply stylish effects.

Everything is easy and quick to use. You can make fast edits with no much effort. We are impressed with PhotoWorks and would recommend it to users; both professionals and newbies. Make the best of your images.

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