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The demands in our daily lives vary from personal and work-related, and in this modern generation, the use of advanced technology devices are at the topmost requirements. Whether it is a personal file or confidential company data, the digital era advises you to operate and transmit your files online.

Most devices, including laptops, desktops, and even smartphones, can view and operate these famous files known as the portable document format or PDFs. In that case, we must have a converter tool for other file formats for smoother, more convenient transactions. PDFBear is the free online PDF converter tool that you can utilize for daily convenience.

Convert PowerPoint to PDF

PowerPoints are generally larger files as it comprises loads of images, graphs, and other graphic materials. Sending these files via webmail could be troublesome since webmails have limitations in uploading and sending files. Converting your PowerPoint presentations to the portable document format with PDFBear is ideal for sending them online easier.

Does it come with a high price? Do you have to undergo again the long process of downloading and installing the program for these conversions? No, PDFBear is for free, and you can convert your PPT to PDF online as long as you have an internet connection. Works on most devices, too. See below the steps on converting your presentations to PDF:

  • Browse your PowerPoint file, and drag it to the free PDF converter tool.
  • PDFBear will start converting your file, and it will only take a few seconds.
  • You can also make slight modifications after uploading the file.
  • Once done with the conversion process, you can now download your file.


Fast, free, and easy, that is how PDFBear works. This PDF converter is essential in transmitting and sharing your files online without significantly affecting their actual content. You can now upload and email your files to your clients or employers. While in PDF, your files are now less editable and safer for transmission.

Convert Excel to PDF

Excel spreadsheets are widely used in almost all corporate entities, even in small to medium businesses. The vast functions and formulas that these spreadsheets can offer are perfectly convenient for both parties; employers and employees. One of the common problems in these files is the printing part. Excel files are complicated to print most of the time.

Your best solution to comfortably share and print your Excel file is to convert them to the portable document format. The conversion process is similar to that of PowerPoint, and it also does not affect the data. Keeping your files intact and now more compact, PDFBear is the perfect tool for your daily dilemmas!

Other File Conversions in PDFBear

PowerPoint and Excels are naturally more complex than other file formats, but PDFBear can easily convert them without compromising their quality. Imagine converting them to other file formats? PDFBear can do it with more ease; it can also convert Word, HTML, JPG, BMP, PBM, PNG, GIF, JPG, TIFF, or JPEG.

PDF Bear File Security

If you are worried about uploading your files online and compromising its privacy or confidentiality, then PDFBear is your best pick. PDFBear has a sophisticated security system wherein it uses 256-bit encryption and a secure SSL connection to ensure your files’ safety and security. You can also use their feature to protect your PDFs with personalized passwords.


There are not many free online converter tools as efficient as PDFBear. It is an all-in-one tool wherein you can convert various file formats, properly organize your PDF files, and protect them with personalized passwords with its extra security features.


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