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Are you looking for any reliable source from where you can track all of your parcels? Then ordertracker is what you need.

You can simply relax and sit on your couch while leaving all the worries about your parcels on ordertracker, as they will give you the most recent tracking information.

You can quickly check the status of your package with their straightforward parcel tracking tool if you've shipped anything using one of their parcel delivery services or are waiting for a package to be delivered.

No matter if your parcel is being delivered from eBay, Amazon, Shopify, or any other leading marketplace you can rely on them for your services.

Let's take a look at some of the tracking slang you look out for when placing an order.

What is each tracking Status defined as?

When you submit your tracking number, there are a variety of reaction situations you can get on the ordertracker website. We will examine each of them to understand better what they are defined as:

1. Unable to track your parcel

Unable to track your parcel

If this appears on your screen when you put your tracking number, then there are several reasons for this:

  • The tracking number you provided was not correct
  • Contact the carrier for further tracking alternatives as there is no online tracking available on ordertracker from the carrier for this exact shipment type
  • You can contact the supplier for assistance by visiting their official website and finding the contact us page

2. Your parcel is not found

This usually occurs when your tracking number is currently unavailable. There are chances that your carrier does not have your parcel. There are the following reasons for this:

  • The carrier has not yet acknowledged receipt from the item
  • The tracking number is either invalid or incorrect
  • The carrier’s computer system does not yet contain the item
  • The information is no longer available as the item was posted a long time ago

Your carrier will typically process the item after it has been sent. These scanning events and the carrier’s systems' ability to track availability could be separated by a delay. The processing usually takes a few days, so the tracking information might not be available online immediately.

3. Regular Tracking

If this occurs on the ordertracker website, then this means you have entered the correct tracking number and there is tracking data available on the website for your given tracking number. In such cases, you have to wait patiently as this indicates that the carrier has acknowledged your package and the item has now been processed.

What does each package's status mean?

The tracking status of your parcel displays the package's current status while it is being transported. When your tracking is in the process, the following status is shown. Let’s look at what each of them means:

Data Received

Data Received

The delivery company has been notified of the shipment and is ready to grab the package.

On the Move

This delivery status means that your package has left the country of origin and is on the way to its destination. It might also mean that:

  • The package has been given to the delivery person
  • The package has arrived in the country it was intended for and is awaiting customs inspection
  • The package has landed in the nation to which it was headed during domestic travel
  • Your package has left the country of origin, or it has been dispatched
  • Your package is currently in a different transportation phase. For instance, it might be in another nation as a transit location before being sent from there to the final destination nation

Please pay close attention to the detailed tracking information. If your item has already arrived in its intended country, it is recommended that you should check it once more within 1-2 days and keep an eye out for any updates to guarantee smooth delivery.

Pick Up Your Parcel

This means that a nearby pickup location has received your package. To avoid having it returned, kindly pick it up right away. The carrier has a deadline for package collection; if you don't pick up your package right away, it could be sent back to the sender. Please disregard this notice if you are certain that your package has been successfully delivered.

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