Online Persona: The Key to Succeed with Internet Dating

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Throughout your dating sites, social media pages, and any personal websites or blogs, there are mountains of revealing personal information available to any potential love interest. Yes, this information could certainly earn you a couple of extra brownie points but it could also severely affect what potential partners think of you.

Since the age of the Internet, and more and more every year, online dating has become a common and everyday occurrence. Most people know at least one person who met their significant other through the Internet, and a lot of people have ventured into online dating themselves. Before looking for love via the web, it can help to be aware of some its numerous benefits.

Pros of Internet Dating: Why We like dating online?


One advantage to Internet dating is anonymity. With dating comes a lot of potential problems, hurt and rejection. With online dating, you can get to know a person before meeting up with them. If you decide that you no longer want to speak or consider dating a person, you both are somewhat anonymous and no harm is done. With Internet dating, you get to meet people on an anonymous basis, rather than having to meet them at your local bar (where all of your friends go) or through a coworker. The anonymity of online dating eliminates all of those risks and annoyances.


Online dating opens you up to a world of many, many options. You are not restricted to the people of your hometown or even of your nation. You can date people from Sweden, Australia, China or Egypt, if you'd like. Through Internet dating, you can open yourself up to so many potentially eligible people.


It can be easy to learn about someone through reading their Internet dating profile. It eliminates the need to have to ask them these questions directly and can in many cases make determining compatibility a lot easier. An online dating profile will state everything from the person's favorite movies to their preferred weekend hobbies. In one quick glance a profile, you will usually know whether you want to pursue this romance.


If done properly, Internet dating also be safe. It is important to never give any personal details out about yourself at first, such as your full name, address, phone number and job location. Give it some time until you gain trust. Unlike dating someone in “the real world,” Internet dating allows you the time to determine whether you trust someone or not.


Online dating can be a very cheap option. You can do it all from the privacy of your own home, without having to waste money going to expensive bars and buying drinks. If you are looking for romance on a shoestring budget, many online dating websites allow people to join completely free of charge. You can also “date” someone and find out if you like them without having to meet awkwardly in person and spring for a costly dinner.

Personal Tastes

Internet dating can also be convenient if you are looking to meet a specific type of person. A wide variety of different online dating sites are out there, from those catering to Christians, Muslims, disabled individuals, elderly people and people of specific sexual orientations. If you know exactly what type of person you are looking for, the Internet can make that process significantly easier.


Rejection also isn't that much of a problem with online dating. Since you do not really know the person, it's probably not going to bother you as much if they ignore you or reject you (plus, it's not like you'll ever have to see them). The lack of fear of rejection can also help people to take more risks and approach people in a way they wouldn't otherwise.

Is Your Online Persona Killing Your Dating Online?

It would appear that the world is currently peaking in the age of digital dating which is why it’s so important that your online persona is coming across the way you want it to. Not a lot of people stop to think that an online persona on a dating site can, in fact, make or break them. With as much as 65% of heterosexual couples and 70% of gay couples now meeting online, there should be no argument when it comes to the importance of your online persona.

Throughout your dating sites, social media pages, and any personal websites or blogs, there are mountains of revealing personal information available to any potential love interest. Yes, this information could certainly earn you a couple of extra brownie points but it could also severely affect what potential partners think of you.

How Often Do You Search Yourself?

Have you conducted a Google search on yourself lately? If so, think about what’s on the first few pages… What story does it tell of you as an individual, and is it the right one? If you look at this output and think that it’s based on someone else, would you date yourself based on this information?

Although you may be old-fashioned (or maybe you didn’t think to do it at all) and think it’s weird to Google someone before meeting them, you’re in for a shock to learn that the masses are doing it; especially the younger generations who don’t think twice about it. You can be guaranteed that if you’re currently dating – and are active on online dating websites – your name will be being Google searched. Why do people undertake this activity?

Because they can. Think about dating for a moment. The activity does involve a lot of commitment, in terms of the time alloted to getting to know someone better, not to mention the degree of emotional stress involved in connecting with someone who is, after all, a complete stranger at the outset. So tapping into social media is a relatively straightforward way to gauge any prospective partner’s pros and cons. Do they have a sincere, fun-loving friendship circle? What are their hobbies and passions? Can you get handle of their employment?

If you are signed up to a professional social media platform such as LinkedIn, where potential employers are trawling through the characteristics of site users, it’s imperative to maintain the accuracy of your CV. You should consider aspects of your social life as requiring just as much attention. So when it comes to attracting date interest, ensure there’s nothing embarrassing floating around the web!

What Does the Information on Your Online Dating Profiles Say About You?

No matter what your sexual interests are, you need to be careful about what you say and how you say it on your online dating profiles. This is particularly important if you’re looking for a potential partner and not just a bit of fun. You need to consider how much information you actually want to be available. Of course, this is up to you, but be careful that you’re not providing potential partners with too much personal information.

What Picture Does Your Social Media Accounts Paint?

Facebook has been known in the past as a way for couples to meet – usually through mutual friends. But if someone was to come across your Facebook profile, would you be happy about what they saw if they were a potential partner? Of course, set your privacy settings accordingly but also consider the fact that you don’t need every aspect of your life splattered across Facebook for all to see.

Is My Online Persona Really That Important?

If you are committed to finding someone who you could potentially spend the rest of your life with then the answer is probably going to be yes. Because the online world dominates a lot of society, chances are, if someone comes across as a bit of an idiot online, they are going to be one in real life too.

However, the way you come across online is only as important as finding a partner is to you. If you’re serious about meeting someone, try treating dating like a game; a game you really want to win. With this in mind, ensure your online persona is clean, fun, and engaging; all the things a potential partner may look for.

Get To Work

Now it’s time to get to work on cleaning up that online persona. First, start with your social media accounts. Simply take a look at your profiles from a subjective view and get rid of any rude/sexy/inappropriate photos that you think are just a bit too much for the world to see. Additionally, consider changing the privacy settings on your social media accounts to ensure people can’t see things you don’t want them to.

Dating is a highly competitive activity, so you stand the best chance of your persona creating a positive impression if you take the time to edit any bio you’ve uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Ensure the images are of good quality, as this will convey the impression you care about yourself. Too many accounts are hampered by blurred photos, where the subject is certainly not depicted at their best. The optimum examples find a balance between professional-standard portraits and informal selfies.

If you’re active on a number of online dating sites, it’s important that you go through all of the information with a fine toothcomb. Start by constructing the message you want to get out there and work from that. It may be a good idea to write this information down on paper or in a separate document.

In terms of online dating site visuals, use only accurate and honest images that reflect who you really are as a person. Also, avoid using images that include a group of people. This can quite often put potential suitors off instantly as they don’t know which one you are. Alternatively, you may think that your persona is all good, and if so, happy dating!

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