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Virtual gambling entertainment is just as exciting and rewarding as mechanical one-armed bandits and table games in an offline casino.

Among the key advantages of online gambling for real cash are the following:

  • A wide betting range from 0.01 coins in club currency;
  • Availability of progressive and fixed jackpots;
  • The ability to bet with real money or chips;
  • Availability at any time of day or night;
  • Run from any device – from computers to smartphones.

The downside of online casinos can only be considered the fact that they do not convey the whole atmosphere of land-based gambling halls. However, even this drawback has already been eliminated. You can see for yourself, looking at the live casino with live croupiers.

Types of real money games at online casinos

If you want to run paid versions of machines, choose institutions with a license. In such a guaranteed reliable and honest casino games can be very diverse:

Single-armed bandits

Single-armed bandits

Machines with 3, 5 or other number of spinning reels, on which you need to collect combos of the same pictures. The value of the paying combinations varies. Slots with expanded prize functionality – stacked icons, random Wilds, increasing multipliers – are particularly generous.

When choosing a slot, consider its bonus potential, volatility level and percentage return (RTP). All these parameters are laid by developers, and can not be changed by the players or casino staff.


A coupon is displayed on the screen with the numbers in the grid. Croupier announces falling out numbers. If a match occurs, the customer of the gambling hall crosses off the corresponding numbers from their ticket. In virtual bingo, unlike real entertainment, winners are determined automatically.


One of the dice games. The casino's visitor is given different colored chips to place his or her bets on. After this, the game dice are rolled. The different modifications of the board game – High-Dice, Pig, Zonk, and others, have their own rules. In these games of chance for free should be played for sure. Only thoroughly acquainted with all the nuances, you can start betting for real money.


Wheel, run by a dealer or a slot machine system. Participants in the entertainment need to guess at what sector will stop the ball running. Online casinos have all the classic types of roulette – European, French, American. Plus – exotic variants with additional sectors and changed the rules.


The key objective is to score more points than your opponent. You can't go over the 21-point limit. Variations of the table game are VIP, No Limit, and European. Each case will have its own rules on the possibility of backing, the allowed number of participants, the value of bets.


Rules are similar to those mentioned above. Players also collect points, but the limit is 9 points. As opponents may be other guests of the casino or the dealer. Beginners are advised to play free gambling games like baccarat. The entertainment has many nuances that need to be familiarized with in advance – before betting for real money.

Poker and video poker

Poker and video poker

You can either deal the cards from the slot machine itself, or from a live dealer in a live casino. In both cases, you need the highest hand to win. A key feature of the poker simulators and how they differ from live casino entertainment is the possibility of doubling your winnings in the risk tour. The most popular varieties of poker are Razz, Texas Hold'em and Omaha.

Here we have told only about the most common gambling games online. On virtual sites you can also find:

  • Scratch cards with instant winnings;
  • Keno and other lottery-type table games;
  • TV-game with live croupiers.

The main difference between any slot machine and a live game is that in the former the results of the draws are predetermined. Whether a bet wins or loses depends on the MSG. The random number generator itself “decides” based on two basic settings – the percentage of payout RTP and volatility. Volatility is the ratio of payout frequency to payout size.

In the live game, the gameplay is managed by an experienced dealer. A real dealer rolls the dice, shuffles the deck, and deals the cards. Live casino guests place bets at their PCs and laptops, using tablets and phones. They watch the studio staff at work thanks to cameras installed in the halls.

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