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If you are a fan of sci-fi and action flicks, this is for you. The movie revolves around mysterious forces that knock the moon out of its orbit. It is a mission to save the humans from the onslaught or collision, whatever you choose to call it.

The audience finds astronauts and NASA staff collaborating on the same, to save the race. You can watch this sci-fi flick without the internet. Yes, it is true. Released In January end of 2022, this is a true-blue adventure. You will never find a dull moment while watching this flick.

You can download the mystream amazon video downloader to watch this movie. In this movie, humanity faces the dark side of the benevolent moon. With weeks left before the impact with the earth, everyone is scurrying around trying to find a solution to it.

You will be able to watch the show uninhibited once you know how to download movies from amazon prime. Unlikely heroes will take on the responsibility to give a new lease of life to one and all.

Movie Name… Moonfall


Ratings: 5.2/10

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure

Directed by: Roland Emmerich

Written by: Roland Emmerich/ Harald Kloser, Spenser Cohen

Casts: Halle Berry, John Bradley, Patrick Wilson


The central theme of the movie Moonfall, revolves around forces that have knocked the moon off its pathway. So, now it is hurtling down towards the earth. NASA executive Jo Fowler, played by eminent actress Halle Berry, thinks she has it all to save the humans and the earth.

Only two people believe that she can do what she believes in. They are K.C. Houseman and Brian Harper. The heroes start embarking on this difficult mission, leaving all their family and friends behind. In their pursuit, they realize the stark reality of the moon.

It is not your everyday rom-com or adventure trail movie, where you know where you are headed. You will have some really nail-biting moments while watching this flick.

It basically depicts the horror that would occur if the moon veered away from its path. It is not until three very smart and outgoing people find out exactly what is going on behind all the drama.

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You will come across Conspiracy Theorist KC, played by John Bradley, who teams up with Halle Berry from NASA, and another astronaut played by Patrick Wilson, who thinks that the moon is much more than what it appears to the humans on earth. KC comes to know about the change of course and tells it to the media. With a few weeks left for the collision to take place all three of them take off on a shuttle to find out the way to stop the accident.

While the protagonists are on a mission to save the earth, the audience also gets to know about the backstories. You will get to know about the estranged family members of Patrick Wilson, who plays Brian Harper. Jo also has a foreign exchange student taking care of her baby. And, finally there is KC who has a mother and a cat, for company.

The movie is an amalgamation of various secrets, conspiracy theories, and most importantly, terrible consequences. Moreover, it is about the test for survival. Ronald Emmerich has done his very best to make such a nice disaster-based movie. It is going to be one of the strangest movies that released in 2022. The amazon prime download movies feature helps movie buffs discover the darkest secrets of the moon.

Twists In the Story

From the very beginning, there are two endings that the audience might think of. However, there is more to it, than just meets the eye. One of the two things will eventually happen in the movie. Either the moon bypasses the earth while moving at high speed, or it collides with earth, and destroys humanity.

However, here is the spoiler of what actually happens at the end of the movie. When the trio travels to the moon unattended, they discover a bigger technological conspiracy behind it. When the three enter the moon, they find that the moon, is not the planetary body, everyone believes it to be.

Brian Harper communicates with the technology inside the moon. He finds out that it is a mechanical structure, that was built billions of years ago. The body consists of AI that has turned rogue and is trying to destroy humans. KC destroys the AI system inside the moon to make it return to its path. In the meanwhile, all the AI information downloads into Harper’s system.

And he is left to complete the remaining part of the task. The final part of the movie hints at a sequel. So, you can keep your fingers crossed on that part. Get the mystream amazon video downloader to enjoy this flick. It is a good stress-buster from your work.

Final Verdict

According to the audience, it is a silly sci-fi flick with too many stars in it. Moreover, it is over-stuffed with gimmicks. The expectations from the movies are somewhat thwarted. Some have said that it is a blend of stories picked up from the movies in the 90s.

The movie was made on a huge budget, but managed to clock one-fourth of the amount in the first week, in comparison to the other movies released during the time. If you are bored and need to loosen up a bit, this should work.

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