MovPilot HBO Video Downloader Review: The Easiest Way to Download HBO Videos

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HBO Max attracts a significant number of fans for its acclaimed original series, movies, and documentaries. However, it poses some limitations on its offline viewing: only 30 downloads could be kept on HBO Max simultaneously, meaning that you have to delete some of the previous downloads if you want to download new HBO Max videos when reaching the limit.

What's worse, those downloads have a period of validity ranging from 48 hours to 30 days, which is a significant problem for those who want to download HBO Max movies to watch offline, especially on a move or under network outages.

Don't worry, you can still turn to MovPilot HBO Video Downloader, a powerful third-party tool to help you download and forever keep HBO Max movies/TV shows most easily. Now, please scroll down to know more about MovPilot HBO Video Downloader.

Main Features of MovPilot HBO Video Downloader

Main Features of MovPilot HBO Video Downloader

MovPilot HBO Video Downloader distinguishes itself from others through a range of acclaimed characteristics, which include but not limited to:

Download Any Videos to MP4 in Full HD 1080P

Whether you opt for the ad-free subscription or the version with ads on HBO, the MovPilot HBO Video Downloader enables you to easily save any Max (HBO) video to your computer. The best HBO Max video downloader, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader, supports MP4 and MKV formats and ensures a delightful viewing experience by downloading the videos in full HD 1080P quality.

Without Download Limitations

MovPilot HBO Video Downloader eliminates the 30-video download limit and the video validity for playback. With the help of it, you can download whatever you want on HBO Max without the limit of downloadable quantity, and enjoy them with no need to worry about the term of validity. You can then forever keep those downloads on any device and enjoy them anytime and anywhere.

5X Faster Speed to Download Videos in Batch

MovPilot HBO Video Downloader offers an efficient batch download function, enabling you to choose and download various movies or TV shows at once. Moreover, this tool includes a hardware acceleration option, which helps you to download HBO Max videos at a remarkable download speed up to five times faster.

How to Use MovPilot HBO Video Downloader

Now that we have a basic grasp of MovPilot HBO Video Downloader, let's delve into the process of utilizing it to download your favorite HBO Max videos on Mac, for example.

Step 1. Complete the Download of MovPilot HBO Video Downloader

On your Mac, download the MovPilot HBO Video Downloader and launch the program. Then sign in to your HBO account when the log-in window pops up.

Complete the Download of MovPilot HBO Video Downloader

Step 2. Copy & Paste the URL to Search for HBO Videos

On the search bar, copy and paste the URL of your desired videos, or directly type the name of them. Then hit the search button on the right.

Copy & Paste the URL to Search for HBO Videos

Step 3. Complete Customized Settings

Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to complete your customized settings. You can choose the output format, video codec, audio language, subtitle language, etc. You can also customize specific episodes by clicking on the download icon on the right of each episode, then selecting the episode you need to start the customized settings.

Complete Customized Settings

Step 4. Download the Video for Offline Playing

When the customized settings are finished, turn back to the main screen and tap on the download icon on the right of the video to start downloading. After this process, you can tap the “History” module to check and enjoy your cinema-like downloads.

Download the Video for Offline Playing

Tips: MovPilot HBO Video Downloader offers a free trial version with a 6-minute download limitation. For full access, please subscribe to become its premium member.

Pricing Plans

Now MovPilot HBO Video Downloader provides 3 options related to the pricing plan, and you can choose one according to your needs:

  • 1-Month Plan:US$15.95
  • 1-Year Plan:US$59.95
  • Lifetime Plan:US$128.95

Pricing Plans


To sum up, due to the substantial restrictions imposed by HBO Max on offline viewing, it becomes challenging for enthusiasts of HBO Max movies and TV shows to fully enjoy downloaded content at their convenience. To cope with this problem, MovPilot HBO Video Downloader is committed to streamlining the HBO Max downloading procedure through its robust technological assistance, ensuring you an optimal offline HBO Max viewing experience anytime and anywhere.

Featuring a reasonable price, it's certainly worthwhile to consider trying out MovPilot HBO Video Downloader to initiate the conversion of your desired HBO videos.

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