15 Best Movie Rating Apps for Android & iOS (2024)

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For those individuals who like to watch movies but on the other hand, they have the problem of selecting the best movies to watch. It usually becomes very challenging to determine if a movie is terrible or good unless you watch it. But thanks to these best movie rating apps, now you can easily pick a movie of your choice.

Below we have come up with a list of the movie rating app that will help you to choose the best movie wisely. In addition, these apps are available on both iOS and Android devices. Therefore, try any apps below to get more information about any movie you choose.

They are as follows;

1. Letterboxd

Letterboxd Download From Play Store

If you are a movie lover, then Letterboxd is the right choice. The movie rating app works like a social network for film lovers and movies worldwide. You must sign up for your new account and enjoy the best interface.

Suppose you want to share your feelings and thoughts about a particular movie, then Letterboxd allows you to post any comment on the lists and reviews. In addition, if you are anxious about the crew profiles, then Letterboxd gives you member filmographies so that you may know more about them.


  • Deep movie database
  • Rich social elements
  • Curated collections, podcasts, blogs, and newsletters.
  • Free tier and wallet-friendly paid tier
  • You can browse highly rated movies starring your favorite actress and actors from different genres.

2. Likewise

Likewise Download From Play Store

Likewise is designed to recommend apps for TV shows, podcasts, books, and movies. The app helps people identify what to watch and where to find it. The app is also free and has no hidden charges or subscriptions.

The app is power-driven by AI technology; therefore, it quickly detects what someone likes and thus provides the best recommendation. Likewise, it also contains human suggestions to assist you in quickly getting a good series or movie.

In addition, if you want to obtain daily recommendations based on your tastes, set filters by year of release or genre. Likewise also allows you to join specific conversations and also receive suggestions.


  • You can get personalized recommendations for podcasts, movies, books, TV shows, and more based on your likes, dislikes, and interests.
  • It currently supports the top 15 streaming services ranging from Crunchyroll and HBO to Netflix and Prime Video.
  • Likewise, robust search and discovery tools let you find new content depending on categories, keywords, etc.
  • It features a curated selection of lists made by experts and influencers, thus offering you high-quality recommendations.
  • Personalized feed shows content that is customized to your interest and preferences.

3. Flixster

Flixster Download From Play Store

Flixster is a movie rating app that Fandango powers and partners with Rotten Tomatoes. Even though it is not a Rotten Tomatoes app, you can still be updated with the latest movies and discover Rotten Tomatoes scores.

Flixster enables you to find the latest showtimes for nearby cinemas, and the exciting part is that it's guaranteed to get the right movies of your choice and at the right time.

If you need help going to the cinema, this app enables you to find movies the best of your choice in the comfort of your house. What you need to do is pick your movie choice on the list. In addition, the app is supported on PC, TVs, and even smartphones, so you can decide which device to watch.

If you have this app on your phone, you don't need to watch poorly rated movies. What to do is, on the Rotten Tomatoes app; check out the scores if it is the best for you.


  • Easy navigation and interface through the screens.
  • There are movie trailers within the app.
  • It’s free.
  • Rating sections from both Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster.
  • ShowTime schedule at nearby theatres.

4. Moviebase

Moviebase Download From Play Store

Moviebase is a type of movie rating app that allows access and the use of content from apps like IMDb and TMDb. With this app's control and flexibility, you can customize the home screen.

Moviebase has what you need when it comes to entertainment, for example, movie reviews, movie comments, and movie ratings. You can find a good TV show and movie with all this information.

Usually, a movie trailer tells us if a particular movie is good or bad, Moviebase, in this case, allows you to watch any movie trailer and hence pick on the best film on the list.

Besides reading ratings and reviews of a particular movie, Moviebase allows you to rate movies after you have seen them. So kindly give reviews and ratings that are very honest.


  • Filtering movies and TV shows by genre, year, and rating are possible.
  • Get personalized movie suggestions based on your tastes.
  • Add the videos you want to watch to your Watchlist and mark them as watched.
  • Make a collection of your favorite movies in a movie guide.
  • Create personalized lists with movie recommendations, ratings, reviews, trailers, and more.

5. IMDb

IMDb Download From Play Store

Most people around the globe use IMDb to find good TV shows and good movies based on reviews and ratings. In addition, also people use IMDb movie rating apps to get recommendations for TV shows and films.

IMDb is designed with an in-built interface and is very easy to use. Some of the things you can do with this app are buy tickets, get showtimes, create a personal list of movies, and track your Watchlist. In addition, you can even watch any movie trailers on this app before making any purchase.

On IMDb, you can find programs from different genres, and in addition, you are updated with the hottest information about crew members or even celebrities of specific movies.

You can also find things on IMDb: save favorite cinemas, compare watches, and sort movie showtimes. To avoid being in a long queue inside any cinema, you are advised to buy a ticket from the IMDb app on your phone.


  • View the most recent trailers, IMDb Originals, and clips.
  • Get personalized show and movie recommendations.
  • With your Watchlist, you can track what you want to watch.
  • Rate and comment on what you’ve seen.
  • Save your favorite movie theaters.
  • Make and share movies, TV shows, and celebrity lists.

6. Movieguide

Movieguide Download From Play Store

Movieguide is one of the best apps to help you pick the best movies. The app is also free to download on any of your smartphones, which is either an iOS or Android device. You will enjoy this app since it has no in-app purchases or hidden charges.

Using the Movieguide app, you can browse information about a particular movie, such as a movie summary. The app typically reviews the overall ratings and context in various categories, such as sex, nudity, language, and violence. Movieguide, therefore, is very safe for your family.

Intuitive experience also improves your experience since you can watch the movie poster. Its ratings are in four categories below. If you scroll further, you will come across a summary that will assist you in understanding the movie very well.


  • Quick and easy mobile access to movie reviews lets you decide if it suits your taste.
  • It provides you with movie reviews for movies in cinemas and on streaming.
  • Mobile access to current movie reviews!
  • View movie reviews for movies in theaters and new on DVD!
  • Quickly browse the summary and movie details.
  • Review overall movie content and detailed ratings in four categories (language, violence, nudity, sex)

7. Cinematics

Cinematics Download From Play Store

Do you want to discover the latest movies and TV shows on your smartphone? Then you should install the Cinematics movie rating app on your phone. This app is one of the best moving rating apps that enables you to rate TV shows and movies.

Apart from providing the rating of Rotten Tomatoes, it enables you to find the reviews of movies and films to get the outline before you choose one. In addition, the app has suggestions and trailers for similar movies.

The advantage of Cinematics is that you can find more information about TV shows and films. You can as well add them to your Watchlist. Furthermore, Cinematics enables you to search the movies of your desires by their categories such as popular, now playing, top box office, and many more.

The exciting part of Cinematics is that you can search for the actors you love to get their biography, filmography, images, and more. Also, there are no hidden charges, but on the other hand, it has in-app purchases just for instances you require more items.


  • View Now Playing, Upcoming, Popular, and Top Rated Movies
  • View movie descriptions, cast, and similar movies
  • View movie trailers
  • Get up-to-date filmography and cast bios
  • Discover movies by filtering

8. Taste

Taste Download From Play Store

Taste movie rating app is regarded as the best app to find the latest and best movies. The best recommendation comes from people with similar tastes to you. This app assists those people with unique and matching tastes to give them movie recommendations.

Taste not only does it boast its beautiful designs but also has much to offer. For example, it does the calculation of your preference by rating TV shows and movies as well. In addition, the app also gives personal recommendations that come from people who share the taste of these movies.

The exciting part of the taste is that you can look at the match percentage for TV shows and movies across the streaming services. If the match percentage is high, people will enjoy the entertainment and vice versa.

You can even connect with your friend on the Taste movie rating app. What you need to do is to find a partner and hence connect with them. If you find this app good, you can download it for free on your smartphone.


  • A practical algorithm for recommending movies and TV shows
  • Multiple rating options to reflect personal enjoyment and objective quality
  • Opportunity to find movies to watch with friends and family
  • Great UI and elegant interface
  • It covers a broad range of shows and movies, not just popular ones
  • Can recommend films based on streaming services and personality

9. Reelgood

Reelgood Download From Play Store

The Reelgood movie rating app lets you get information about any movie you want, such as trailers, summaries, ratings, and cast & crews. Reelgood is a streaming app that was designed to assist people in discovering films and movies to watch.

It doesn't matter which is your best streaming service; it can be Hulu, Netflix, HBO, or even Prime Video; this app is accessible to browse, search and even watch movies in the streaming services. You even have the option of tracking them using your smartphone.

If you want to know how to use Reelgood and select the streaming services, browse through curated collections, or even get recommendations based on the IMDb scores and make sure you find a good one. To be updated every time, Reelgood has an alert notification feature to keep you updated in case new episodes are launched.

Reelgood app supports over 90 streaming services, emerging as one of the best powerful movie rating apps today.


  • Reelgood doesn't contain any form of external advertising.
  • Reelgood supports dark mode for comfortable usage in low-light conditions.
  • Reelgood can recommend content you like, whether it's something you already know or not.
  • Reelgood supports user ratings and reviews to help you make up your mind.

10. JustWatch

JustWatch Download From Play Store

You will find good movie recommendations on the JustWatch movie rating app. The app recommends which movie is better, and at the same time, it offers the idea of where to watch it. If you search for a particular movie, then you will be given the information regarding the film, and you will also be directed to where to find it.

The app has a list of outstanding movies which are inaccurate and detailed categories. You should search for movies that your mood prefers, for example, thriller, horror, drama, and action.

The app gives information about a newly released movie on the streaming app. However, checking YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, or even Viu is optional when searching for any film.


  • All the top streaming services are available on the app
  • Personalized recommendations are made depending on your taste in films and television series.
  • The timelines feature displays new releases so you don't miss new episodes of your favorite shows.
  • Great variety of ‘sort by' options, including ‘IMDB score' to find critically acclaimed films.

11. Movie Mate

Movie Mate Download From Play Store

I suggest you choose Movie Mate if you rely on substantial website sources like TMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and Metacritic to search for good movie reviews.

Movie Mate lists various movies ranging from old to new reviews. In addition, it provides more information concerning a movie, for example, celebrity news, upcoming series, and many more.


  • You can easily find movies arranged by genre.
  • You can find out which movies are currently trending.
  • You can create a list of movies that you want to watch.
  • You can add movies to your list of favorites.
  • Streaming films is of a High-quality.
  • A built-in player on the app.

12. Redbox

Redbox Download From Play Store

Redbox is a rent-and-buy movie app that provides the most trustworthy scales of movie ratings. It usually allows people to stream movies based on their own top choices.

Users of the Redbox app can swap movies right and left to categorize movies into “I don't want to watch,” “I want to watch,” and “I have not decided.” The app typically allows users to rate the movies quickly on a scale of 1 to 10.

In addition, the app gives you most of the critical information concerning a movie and has reviews that experts provide.


  • Redbox offers some 4K Ultra HD movies.
  • The software is easy to use.
  • There is a notification that alerts you.
  • The app has a Self Service Portal

13. Friendspire

Friendspire Download From Play Store

For those struggling with TV shows, movies, podcasts, and many more, consider the Friendspire movie rating app.

If you choose Friendspire as your best app, you first have to create an account. There are various steps one needs to take so that the app can give out recommendations, for example, selecting the movie you desire and friends that use similar services and genres you like.

The best part of Friendspire is that you may opt out of particular reviewers, which the app uses as standard. For instance, if you have trust issues with Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes, you can erase the ratings based on those sites.

The moment all is set up, this app will begin showing you all the movie recommendations based on your interest.


  • Users can get movies, TV shows, podcasts, books, restaurants & bars recommendations.
  • The recommendations can be received from friends, specially curated lists for the platform.
  • Users can share their recommendations, save things for later, and more
  • Items you have saved and rated with some fun gamification elements can be found on your profile.

14. Watcha Pedia

Watcha Pedia Download From Play Store

If you are looking for a system that is very simple to use and also contains a lot of recommendations, then the Watcha Pedia movie rating app is the best app for you.

Watcha Pedia begins when you create an account and then followed by rating the movies. This app needs a minimum of 15, but it's advised to use more than 15. The moment you have placed the film, then the app starts shining.

Watcha Pedia has movies that resemble other movies you like, a current box office of hits, actors you want, films based on ratings, directors you like, and many more.

You will be able to find other people's recommendations that are chosen based on people's tastes and the taste analyzed on your suggestions. The application also works for TV recommendations.


  • Explore all contents at a glance
  • Watcha Pedia suggests titles that are perfect for me
  • Keep a personal list of movies and TV shows you have seen and liked
  • Share your appreciation with your friends and others

15. Mubi

Mubi Download From Play Store

Unlike other movie apps for rating movies, Mubi does not recommend any film based on preferences or algorithms. But instead, Mubi is the collection of cinemas that are hand –chosen that are available to you inside this app. Some other movies make up great cinema, which is very difficult to find anywhere else.

The collection here is widespread, with new movies being added daily. You can have a look at them either online or download the film so that you can watch them later on. If you are a true movie lover but need help getting the best movies, then Mubi is what you need.


  • Mubi Offers a Platform for Fans and Filmmakers to Share Their Thoughts
  • The Mubi Releases Section Gives Subscribers Access to an Exclusive Collection of Movies
  • Mubi Makes Daily Additions to the ‘Film of the Day Section
  • Mubi Is a Platform for Streaming Cinema
  • Mubi Is available on Multiple Devices

Final Thoughts

Movie rating is not an accessory but rather essential to any movie experience. Movie rating provides typically crucial information, which in turn helps the viewers to gear up for the movie experience hence. On the other hand, parents can avoid those movies with scenes unsuitable for underage kids. Such films are so sensitive to children and might trigger mental issues. This kind of damage can be avoided thanks to movie rating apps, which are available on devices like smartphones.

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