Modern Competitive Games to Play with Friends

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1. The Silly Olympics

The Silly Olympics

The recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics have enthralled and inspired hundreds of millions of people all around the globe.

Whether it’s the story of Charlotte Worthington who was working as a chef during the last Olympics before winning gold in Tokyo or the story of Rikako Ikee, the Japanese swimmer diagnosed with Leukaemia just two years ago.

If these real life stories of overcoming adversity haven’t inspired you to start pounding the track or hit the pool, your best shot at Olympic glory may be through hosting your own ‘Silly Olympics’. Invite as many of your friends and family around to your house one Saturday and organise events such as:

  • 5m String Eating: Place couples 5m apart from each other and place an end of string in both of their mouths. The winning couple will be the team that manages to ‘eat’ their string the fastest without using their hands.
  • Paper Plate Discuss: It really is as simple as it sounds, each competitor will receive 3 paper plates and attempt to throw them the farthest distance. Make sure you have a tape measure to settle contentious calls.
  • Standing Jump: Like the high jump with none of the fanfare. Get contestants to jump onto a raised surface and award the gold to the person who can jump the highest.

For more ideas check out a full list of Silly Olympic games HERE.

2. Warzone

If geography is a barrier to organising a fun get together with all of your friends or if you’re more at home gaming than playing bizarre Olympic inspired games, a Warzone tournament could be just the thing for you.

Released in March 2020, Warzone is the number 1 Battle Royale game on the planet and has been credited by many as having helped them get through the long, boring days of lockdown. Fortunately the game has a custom lobby mode where you can make your own, custom game.

Invite your friends to play, get them to ask their friends and those friends to ask their friends too and you could have an amazing evening of gaming fun. To play the mini-royale mode you’ll need a minimum of 24 players and 50 to play the classic battle royale.

To entice people to play or add an extra bit of spice, get everyone to chip in £5 and divvy out the cash to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams/players after a full on night of gaming fun.

(Maybe try adding in some crazy conditions like ‘TheseKnivesOnly’ did in this video.)

3. Geoguessr

It might not sound like a barrel of laughs from the outset so you’ll have to trust us on this one…

Geoguessr which was originally released in 2013 is a geography based game that has risen in popularity in recent years. On the game you will be placed at a randomly generated place on Google Earth.

You must then guess/work out whereabouts on the planet you are by navigating your locale in the designated time. See a red phone box? Maybe you’re in the UK. Signs in Cyrillic script? Maybe you’re in Russia.

If you’re not overly sold on the idea, just download the game and give it a moment of your time. Trust us, within a couple of rounds you’ll be instantly hooked and eager to beat your friends.

(Watch The Sidemen take on the GeoGuessr Battle Royale.)

4. Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports

There’s nothing quite as depressing as seeing a talented youth player coming through the ranks at your favourite sports team and realising they’re half your age. As the realisation begins to hit you that your sporting ‘glory’ days are behind you it can be easy to spiral into negativity.

Just because you’re a little too old or out of shape to play elite level sport, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have competitive fun. Across the USA and Canada there were an estimated 59.3 million sports fans playing fantasy sports to get their competitive thrills.

Fantasy sports could be just the thing to fill that void in your life! Drafts, Next Gen Stats and custom leagues mean there is plenty of thought that go into it, so you can show your competitive side.

5. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Some people are just naturally better at video games than others and unfortunately, there’s not a lot that can be done about that. If you’re one of those unlucky players that just cannot react as quick as others Fall Guys could be the game for you.

It’s a crazy, weird and bizarre free to play game that defies the conventional wisdom of gaming physics that completely levels the playing field. In fact, the worse you are at traditional video games the better you may be at this one.

You’ll compete against friends and other players to complete a series of ever changing and weird obstacle courses with the aim of being the last person standing. Unlike Warzone you don’t need all your friends to play, you can jump in with 2, 3 or 4 players and take on 55+ other players on the various rounds.

If you love kooky, strange fun you just have to give this game a shot!

(A look at the madness of Fall Guys.)

Have any great game ideas that you’d like to share? Let us know about them in the comments section below.

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