Will Mobile Gaming Really Replace Browser Based Fun?

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Today, we have several fantastic options when it comes to gaming. Console gaming, PC gaming, mobile gaming, and handheld gaming are all examples of how we consume games in the modern age. Browser-based games have long been a favourite for people, especially those who are sat at computer regularly for work. A quick break from daily tasks to play a browser-based game is often welcome but is mobile gaming going to replace browser-based fun?

There is no doubt browser-based gaming remains popular. For those who want easy access to a game, without the commitment of having a long-term investment and saving progress, a browser-based game is perfect. The casual gamer can enjoy playing  browser-based games and simply close the window when they are done, that is the beauty of a browser-based game.

However, we have recently witnessed the demise of Flash technology, which was the tech behind thousands of online games. Flash has proved to have security flaws and as with anything that can cause issues online, especially when it comes to personal information, people stopped using it for browser-based games. Thankfully, there is an alternative and HTML5 has emerged as being the most viable option.

When playing HTML5 powered based browser games, whether it be using a PC or a mobile device, the game operates seamlessly between the two. You could start playing on a PC and switch to a tablet later in the day and not notice any difference in the gameplay. However, if your device does not have the specification to power the game, it quickly becomes apparent when playing HTML5 based browser games. In addition, although there are many highly rated browser-based games available to play, the choice is minimal compared to mobile games.

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Moving on to mobile games and these have been created to operate on a specific device, either Android or iOS. As a result, mobile app-based games are often superior to their browser-based counterparts due to the nature of their graphics and quality of gameplay. Mobile app games also feature more options that would be impossible to include in browser-based games. When you download and install a mobile app game on your phone, you can do so knowing the game is designed to run smoothly on your device and you will encounter no issues.

Looking at a specific example and casino games can be played both as a browser-based game and as a mobile app. Reading the Leo Vegas review, it becomes apparent the brand offer both browser-based casino gaming and dedicated mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. You can choose to play games at Leo Vegas using your browser on a mobile phone and the website will be optimised for the smaller screen, which is great. However, it does not match the experience of downloading the mobile application and playing games using the app. When playing games on a mobile device using an app, the games are designed specifically for use on a touch screen, meaning you can play games of blackjack and roulette using touch screen technology. However, installing gaming apps on your mobile phone can take up a lot of storage space and you will need to ensure you have enough free space before you try and install the app.

So, in terms of which is the best option, it remains a personal preference. There are benefits to both browser-based gaming and using mobile apps but, when looking at the figures, it is fair to say online mobile gaming is becoming big business. The mobile gaming industry was one of the best performing industries in the world in 2020 and welcomed 12% more players from 2019.

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In total, the mobile gaming industry recorded revenues of $77.2 billion in 2020, with over 2.5 billion people around the world choosing to play an online mobile game. In 2020, over 20% of the total apps installed from the Google Play store were mobile games and if we look at more recent figures for the App store, 66% of all apps installed were games. Predictions have been made regarding the future of mobile gaming and by 2030, experts believe the mobile gaming industry will be worth a staggering £272 billion.

Another bonus of mobile app gaming from the developers’ point of view is money. Whether it be an in-game advertisement or the purchase of in-game currency, there are several ways to make additional funds from a mobile app game. This makes them extremely attractive from a game developers’ perspective and is why we are likely to see plenty of new additions to the mobile gaming catalogue.

Judging by the statistics, the mobile gaming industry is going from strength to strength and could replace browser-based gaming soon but it is always good to have a choice.

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