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Are you having a hard time playing the Minecraft game on your device because it is blocked? This guide will take you through the methods of unblocking Minecraft.

Best Methods to Unblock Minecraft and Enjoy the Game on Your Device

It has become so disappointing for some students as they no longer have the chance to enjoy the Minecraft game because their school blocks it. The game is popular for its unique graphics. It has always been the most preferred game for many people. This is because it allows you to create your own world and characters. You can practically customize the game.


Many schools often block this game and restrict you from accessing it because of its popularity. The question becomes how you can access and play the game. In this article, we will discuss the various ways you can play Minecraft even though it is blocked by your school.

Playing Minecraft game in school can be very challenging if you do not have access to the internet. However, there are other alternatives to playing the game.

1. Make Use of your Hotspot

These days, many computers make use of Hotspot. In case your school does not own Wi-Fi, you don't have to worry as you can purchase it easily. It is practically cheap to get good Wi-Fi that can easily enable you to play Minecraft.

The next thing to do is make use of your phone's Hotspot and connect the network connection from your computer to the Hotspot of your mobile phone. This method might not be fully effective since it relies on your mobile phone's internet connection and speed. But it still remains a good option you can make use of without any issue.

On the other hand, if you can't afford the cost of your device's internet connection, you will have to make use of the Wi-Fi of your school. The downside to this is that it might become difficult if your school has already blocked Minecraft. In this case, what then do you do?


2. Make Use of a Virtual Private Network

If you do not wish to spend on getting Wi-Fi or making use of your phone's Hotspot, all you have to do is make use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN is a nice option and alternative to these two and has become so popular for its effectiveness.

It is quite unbelievable that no one knew about VPN in the past. However, it is now so renowned to the extent that a lot of streaming websites are now trying to block its IP. However, that's not a problem as Minecraft effectively works with a VPN and grants you full access. It is secure and safe to use VPN on Minecraft.

Another amazing feature of the VPN is that it helps you stay anonymous. This is its primary function. You can make use of it whenever you want to stay anonymous while connecting your device to the Wi-Fi device of your school. In this case, if your school has blocked Minecraft and you want to play it in school, all you have to do is make use of a VPN.

Below, we have outlined the various steps you need to take to play Minecraft in school using a Virtual Private Network (VPN):

Step 1

The first step is to take is by downloading a VPN. When downloading, ensure it is the one that provides a premium service. It is understandable that you may not want to spend on subscribing to a premium service as you are a student. You don't have to worry as many Virtual Private Networks service providers enable you to connect to many devices. With this, you can merge with your friends to purchase and subscribe to a VPN. It is not advisable to use the free VPN because it is not entirely reliable and might not provide you with complete security that is absolutely needed in this case.Virtual Private Network

Step 2

Once you are done with step 1, step 2 is all about initiating the VPN. In case you don't wish to subscribe to the VPN premium service, you don't have to worry as many VPNs provide you with trial offer either limited by days or by bandwidth. You can make use of the trial version in this sense to get what you want for a limited time. When you are initiating the VPN on the Wi-Fi connection, ensure that it is Wi-Fi-connectivity supported.

Trial version VPN

Step 3

The last step is playing the Minecraft game. Once you have successfully installed and launch the VPN, you will see it activated in your device's background. With this, you can now play the Minecraft game on the Wi-Fi of your school.

Minecraft VPN

3. Make use of your School PC

The last method of playing Minecraft when blocked is by using your school's PC. In the case that you do not own a PC or a device yet, you'll have to rely on the PC of your school. However, you are likely to face some issues when trying to make use of your school's PC.

The first of this is that you will have to settle for less-appealing graphics. This is to make sure that you are able to play the game effectively since the system requirement of your school is unlikely to match.

On the other hand, you may have to find out about the internet speed if you want to play the game online. You might face a speed cap, which can make it difficult for you when trying to play the game using your school computer. However, it is still your choice whether to play the game using your school PC.

School PC

Without Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Hotspot

In case you want other options to the ones we have discussed above, it is unfortunate to affirm that there isn't any. Minecraft's Xbox continuity has made it possible for you to be able to play with your colleagues on a cross-platform. The only alternative left after all the above is the Education Edition of Minecraft.

During the coronavirus outbreak, a new Minecraft version was introduced by Microsoft. It's aimed at offering an amazing experience for students' education. You will be able to acquire the Education Edition of Minecraft and offer it to students if you are a validated and recognized institution.

Education Edition of Minecraft

Needed Tools for the Minecraft Education Edition

To acquire the Education Edition of Minecraft, you have to be a validated and licensed institution. You can also get a Minecraft Education Edition for free if you have already subscribed to Office 365.

A Minecraft owner or admin will have to install the Minecraft game on their device, which will enable you to get an invitation option. It will be good to request students to create a professional or education email address and send the invitation links to them.

The only sets of persons who can download the Minecraft Education Edition are those who can access the emails. With this, both teachers and students will be able to get an excellent education system.



This article has successfully discussed the various ways to unblock and play Minecraft. All the methods discussed in this article are authentic and perfectly effective. You can go with any of them and enjoy your Minecraft game even if it's blocked by your school.

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