8 Best Ways To Make More OSRS Gold For P2P

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If you're looking to make more money in Old School RuneScape, then this guide is for you. We'll show you the best ways to make OSRS gold.

We highly recommend PVM for new and veteran players alike, but there are plenty of other ways to make money in Old School RuneScape. Since OSRS gold is such a valuable item in the game, it's always an advantage to know several ways to make more of it as you progress in your OSRS journey.

We've made this guide for RuneScape members who are looking for more ways to earn OSRS gold. Here are the best P2P money-making methods ranked in order of difficulty and requirements.

1. Blast Furnace (Smithing)

Blast Furnace (Smithing)

The Blast Furnace minigame not only offers one of the best money-to-experience rates in OSRS, but it’s also actually fun to do. When running the blast furnace in one of the 15 official worlds, you often see players converse with each other.

This takes me back to days when skilling wasn't just mindless grinding and people still enjoyed playing a game that requires you to work or interact with other players.

Doing this task can earn you anywhere from 60,000 to 900,000 OSRS gold per hour depending on your Smithing level.

You should always run the Blast Furnace in Official worlds as those are the only ones where this machine will be working all day long. If you're unsure of which world has an active one or don't know how to use them, then you can refer to many Blast Furnace tutorials found online.

Recommended Items:

  • Ice Gloves

2. Stringing Bows (Fletching)

Stringing Bows (Fletching)

Fletching can make you tons of money quickly. Fletching is a skill that becomes profitable right from the start because leveling it up doesn't take too much time, and in as little as 2.5 hours your character will be able to reach level 55 Fletching.

We recommend stringing the following bow types:

  • Levels 55 – 85: Maple longbow (u)
  • Levels 85 – 99: Magic longbow (u)

Doing so will net you about 200,000 OSRS gold or more, depending on your Fletching level.

3. Cooking Karambwans (Cooking)

Cooking Karambwans (Cooking)

Cooking is one of the most lucrative skills in RuneScape, and it's also quick to train. By regularly cooking Karambwans you make about 200K per hour but by using tick-manipulation you can make up to 500K!

One thing that makes Cooking so great for new players is how fast they can level up; with 1-tick karambwan cooks, leveling from 50 all the way to 99 takes only a few weeks if played right.

Reaching level 99 cooking will allow you to earn more or less 1 million OSRS GP per hour doing this task.

Recommended Skill

  • At least level 30 cooking (the higher your cooking level, the better)

4. Herb Runs (Farming)

Herb Runs (Farming)

Herb runs are a great way to make passive money in OSRS. One can rake in over 1M per day doing this method if they do at least 5 herb runs every 24 hours, with all patches unlocked. Herb running is profitable for players of any level when ranarr seeds are available – it only takes 32 farming levels to unlock them.

Players on a budget should aim for level 38 farming as that’s where you get access to popular herbs like Toadflax – which sell for about 18K each seed and have an average yield of 40-90k profit depending on how many patches you have already unlocked by then.

Recommended Items:

  • Magic secateurs

5. Fishing Sacred Eels (Fishing)

Fishing Sacred Eels (Fishing)

People come from all over the world to catch these sacred eels that are good AFK money. The best part about it is you can do other things while catching them and bank on your own time! It's really easy, all you have to do is use a knife to turn them into Zulrah’s scales.

Recommended Level:

  • At least level 72 Cooking
  • At least level 87 Fishing

6. Astral Runes (Runecrafting)

Astral Runes (Runecrafting)

The money-making methods for runecrafting are pretty varied, but one of the best ways is running Astral Runes. This method can make you about 1.5M per hour while still giving 35K experience points – a very good rate in comparison to other skills like woodcutting or mining.

Runecrafting isn't fast when it comes to leveling up (or making money), so you might want to invest in some OSRS gold to make that possible and check this OSRS Runecrafting guide.

Recommended Level:

  • At least level 82 Magic
  • At least level 82 Runecrafting

7. Catching Black Chinchompas (Hunter)

Catching Black Chinchompas (Hunter)

Hunter Level Required: 80

Other requirements:

  • High magic defence gear such as black d’hide
  • Eagles Peak (to set up box traps)

The hunter skill is one of the most profitable skills in RuneScape at higher levels, but hunting black chinchompas is by far the best way to make money. However, this requires you to hunt in a dangerous area and can be stressful if not done correctly.

If you're looking for an alternative method that doesn't require as much risk or stress then hunting red chinchompa will net about half the amount of profit from what it would have been with the black ones.

Recommended Items:

  • Eagles Peak to put some box traps
  • Black d’hide

8. Pickpocketing Elves (Thieving)

Pickpocketing Elves (Thieving)

The best way to make money in OSRS is currently through pickpocketing elves, but you need a high thieving level and the Ardougne Hard Diaries completed. The song of the Elves master-level quest will also increase your success rate by 10%.

If you wear a Thieving Skillcape too then this 20% success rate boost should mean that failing at these quests won't happen anymore.

Recommended Level:

  • At least level 50 Agility
  • At least level 97 Herblore
  • At least level 85 Thieving

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